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I'm just a guy seeking pleasure in the simple things of life. Grateful for the wealth I do have, thankful for the diseases I don't.

Don't aim to outshine the stars - aim to shine among them.
Unseen and yet adding to the beauty that is the world. The best part is: You always shine, however dim it may be. So you're always part of the beauty that is the world.

If you fear that you might not be shining at all, hit me up. I'll help you see your own light.

Besides that I'm also pretty cool. Yo.

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#117 - Picture 10/02/2016 on Eatu mya Shortsu +20
#20 - Why'd one fall asleep after writing 2 sentences? Don't you…  [+] (1 reply) 09/28/2016 on true doe 0
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#26 - blueboysixnine (09/29/2016) [-]
You're assuming that the only thing they did that day was write 2 sentences
#16 - *these 3 ults at the same time  [+] (1 reply) 09/28/2016 on Embrace the Iris 0
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#18 - improbable (09/28/2016) [-]
thats part of what it counters

graviton doesnt kill anything, it sets up other ults
#12 - He was the guardian of this castle. He'll protect it, even in death.  [+] (3 replies) 09/28/2016 on Boosto! +1
#14 - skebaba (09/28/2016) [-]
Except Reinhardt was the only Crusader not present, which is why he's the only survivor.
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#17 - logiblack (09/28/2016) [-]
I was referring to Balderich, whose armor I posted. He fought his last stand there.
And died there.
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#15 - exceeding (09/28/2016) [-]
was he sick?
#242 - Yeah, I know. You talking about the fellow titans. But he …  [+] (1 reply) 09/14/2016 on Warcraft Alignment Chart 0
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#243 - logiblack (09/14/2016) [-]
I do think however that he lost his mind somewhere on the way.
So I don't want to say that this is still his conscious decision to fight at our current point, but that it was his reasoning at the very beginning. Seeing another titan might shake him out of the insanity he succumbed to and bring him back. Remind him of his original cause. Destroying worlds to stop the void from getting a corrupted titan. An once infected now cured world, birthing a healthy titan would counter counter his argument.

It would be kinda rad to fight ever and ever against this unstoppable burning legion, finally getting to sargeras who is just far too powerful for measly humans to touch.
A new titan emerges and follows you into battle against his own kin, stunning Sargeras into disbelief - still keen on destroying everything there is.
And even with that titan you struggle gravely against Sargeras until suddenly he stops and commends on your every fighting skills.
Finally seeing a way to save titans from the void. In you lots. You did it before and you can do it again.

Offering his help and a ceasefire to bring the fight to the true enemy of existence.
It would be hella interesting

But it'll probably be just "Kill Sargeras. Move on. Kill void. Move on. Peace. Yay. You did it. You a winner."