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I'm just a guy seeking pleasure in the simple things of life. Grateful for the wealth I do have, thankful for the diseases I don't.

Don't aim to outshine the stars - aim to shine among them.
Unseen and yet adding to the beauty that is the world. The best part is: You always shine, however dim it may be. So you're always part of the beauty that is the world.

If you fear that you might not be shining at all, hit me up. I'll help you see your own light.

Besides that I'm also pretty cool. Yo.

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#17 - I thought potatoes only had one additional chromosome? 05/04/2016 on Yeah! Science Bitch! +1
#15 - It's probably a 5 minute trip for him to go to the game-stop a…  [+] (2 new replies) 05/03/2016 on Gaming too hard to take off... +11
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#37 - LeroyJenkns (05/04/2016) [-]
I mean the least is put the mouth piece up? It's a little obnoxious. Unless he's on the phone..
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#17 - papersword (05/03/2016) [-]
I feel you but, I think the headset is a bit unnecessary is it really so painful to just hear the sounds of the world around you? Other than that I agree, this kid probably lives super close by and figured why waste the energy if he's just going to be back in his room in about 5-10 minutes.
#27 - AWAKEN MY MASTERS! 05/03/2016 on ZA WARUDO! +2
#597 - **logiblack used "*roll picture*"** **logiblack rolled image ** 05/02/2016 on You will wake up next to... 0
#105 - **logiblack used "*roll picture*"** **logiblack rolled image ** 05/01/2016 on What will Trump's wall look... 0
#57 - AWAKEN MY MASTERS! 05/01/2016 on Itiful Dasiv Lateslof 0
#28 - At least the first one actually tried to degrade her. 05/01/2016 on /b/ degrades a btch +4
#14 - The sound makes it better.  [+] (1 new reply) 04/27/2016 on Dink Souls +40
#30 - kwag (04/28/2016) [-]
#72 - That's why he was once punch man. 04/26/2016 on When Bruce Lee plays Dark... +2
#23 - But we could arrive to the same state through selective breedi…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/26/2016 on Majority =/= Morality +2
#24 - restfullwicked (04/26/2016) [-]
first i should say that im actually for GM crops but im against the lazy way that we do this shit. Im against businesses creating problems for us to scramble for fixes for later. figure shit out first.

thats not quite right. first we could "breed" a strain of bananas that takes longer to degrade, but that is a loosing battle because it will take a very long time and as fast as you breed them through selection bacteria also evolve at the same rate.

but actually its more than that, its similar to trees around nuclear test sites. loads of dead trees that cant be broken down because the radiation kills all the bacteria. eventually bacteria will evolve to resist it, but you know what you dont want, bacteria that cant be killed easily. we especially dont want bacteria that can evolve to break down super crops, what the hell are they going to do to wild plants and flowers. we also dont digest them properly because the bacteria in our gut cant do anything with it.

the normal process for evolution is slow so that everything can catch up. Humans are constantly fucking up ecosystems then trying to find a fix. these things take time for a reason, sometimes nature needs to do its job.