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#65 - So i've been thinking about getting Fallout 4 for some time no…  [+] (21 replies) 11/13/2015 on FO +1
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#86 - priestoftheoldones (11/13/2015) [-]
It's got a lot smoother combat, but that is a trade-off since the actual RPG aspect is not really there. The map is really small and it's also really glitchy compared to other Bethesda games Which is saying something . An overall good, but highly over rated game. Worth the mooni I bet I'm going to get thumbed down due to saying something bad about Fallout 4.
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#113 - ferrettamer (11/13/2015) [-]
I haven't had any glitches aside from not being able to launch it (fixed with updated drivers) and a few crashes, but I've always had good luck when it came to Bethesda games.

But I agree, combat is better than other Fallouts, but the game doesn't feel like a Fallout at all. You might enjoy it more if you've never played other FO, but as a fan of the series I can't say it's what I wanted
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#107 - scorcho (11/13/2015) [-]
map doesn't seem that small to me, and i've encountered maybe 2-3 minor glitches within about 40 hours of gameplay.
to be honest, this game is much more polished than previous bethesda games were at launch.
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#98 - chuca (11/13/2015) [-]
More glitchy, seriously? I played FO3 and really did like the game but just couldn't keep playing because of all the problems Several quests did not give me xp after completion, Everyone in big town disappeared, Quests becoming impossible to finish for various reasons usually due to me not receiving an item when I'm supposed to The idea that FO4 is worse than that but people are still loving it baffles me. Like I said I did like FO3 and would probably love it if I could actually play the game without problems. This is the reason why I can't understand why everyone sucks Bethesda's dick. They released games with bugs that in any other would be unacceptable. And they're for the most part fixable, every problem I've had in their games are apparently fixed in unofficial patches. Which makes me question more why people love them if they don't even bother to fix their games when the fans can.

Sorry for the rant. TL&DR Bethesda releases broken games and everyone still loves them.
#101 - jujuface (11/13/2015) [-]
I experienced zero glitches in FO3. FO4 so far has given me one glitch where I completed a quest without doing all the steps and just skipping to the last one, but that was no big deal. Everything else has been great. Looting and building could be made better, but the looting is a matter of preference. Some prefer looting on the run instead of opening an inventory window for ever body. They do a pretty good job of putting shit you really want on the top of the list so it works out.
Biggest gripe I have is using a DS4 controller with the game. They just don't play well.

TLDR; It has its flaws, but easily in top 3 games of 2015 for me. Well worth your moneys
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#102 - chuca (11/13/2015) [-]
I find it very hard to believe you had absolutely zero glitches with 3. Even people I know who use the unofficial patch say that they still get small ones now and then. I will believe you haven't had any of the problems I've had. And not have them happen repeatedly.
#103 - jujuface (11/13/2015) [-]
Well it's possible I'm not remembering every detail since its been years since I've touched that game, but it obviously didn't ruin the experience for me if that's the case. I'm not trying to be biased towards bethesda or anything, but I think we need to think relatively when judging a game. Yeah, it has glitches. It should not have been released with this many blatant flaws. Except that goes for a huge majority of games that came out the past few years.
So taking that into account, fallout 4 won, but the bar was on the fucking ground. Kind of like winning the special olympics.
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#104 - chuca (11/13/2015) [-]
That's my point though, people praise them for every little thing they do right and gloss over every flaw they have. I'm not saying they're the worse company or whatever, and The games I've played by them are definitely great. But they're not the godly beings everyone seems to think they are.
#108 - jujuface (11/13/2015) [-]
Yeah, most people do exactly what you said, but most of them also know that's really not true. The respect bethesda earns for working on such a complex game for so long is the reason for that. They're not even close to perfect, but swimming in a sea of shit where treyarch and EA can pump out a new shooter or sports game every fall and sell it for the same price makes them look pretty damn good
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#87 - priestoftheoldones (11/13/2015) [-]
The looting system is also better, and the character creation is almost as ridiculous as Dark Souls. Forget to say this.
#92 - anon (11/13/2015) [-]
I hate the looting system, I've accidentally picked up so much shit I didn't mean to.

Also, apparently you're blocking me. Name is deviousdanish, mind telling me why?
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#122 - thetoxicketchup (11/14/2015) [-]
Hello, fellow adjectived food item.
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#110 - priestoftheoldones (11/13/2015) [-]
I've done the same in previous Fallout titles too. Accidentally tap the use button twice and suddenly I have a bunch of useless shit in my pocket.
#94 - anon (11/13/2015) [-]
My bad, it isn't you, it's the content owner.
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#79 - ImmortalBaconEater (11/13/2015) [-]
Fallout 4 honestly may be the best game I've ever played. I've generally liked but not loved bathesda's work but this game is incredible. The townbuilding questline on it's own would make a hell of a game. The shooting is improved. The looting is improved. The main quest (as least as far as I've played it) is beautiful and well developed. It may not be perfect or up to everyone's expectations (though it blew mine away) but it is certainly worth 60 dollars. I haven't enjoyed a game this much in years and I honestly didn't even expect to love this.
#93 - anon (11/13/2015) [-]
I thought much less of the main quest, having been most of the way through the Brotherhood and all the way through the Minutemen. The game expects me to care about a character we spent two minutes with at the beginning of the game and has no actual character beyond being your kid. The setpieces are alright I guess, and Kellogg and Nick are both good characters in a sea of meh ones.
#81 - xapplemanx (11/13/2015) [-]
when you come out of fort hagen and the airship flies past
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#72 - thetoxicketchup (11/13/2015) [-]
Oh, sure, it's loaded with content. And it has a hell of a lot of personality. I'd say it's worth it with all the stuff there is to do.

My only complaint is that they cut down on the dialogue options.
#118 - killingoffstars (11/14/2015) [-]
No, they didn't. (or at least not as many as people say they have) In Fallout 3 you only really have 4 or 5 options when talking to people and that is usually because of quest dialog. I can only think or maybe 2 or 3 characters that used more than 5 dialog options other than shop keepers. And to be honest most dialog options lead to the same conversions.
However in Fallout 4 ( again not including shop keepers ) you will always have 4 start options that usually lead into more to chose from, so its a conversation instead of Fallout 3's "I did your quest now what?".
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#121 - thetoxicketchup (11/14/2015) [-]
In Fallout 4, it's like, you say something, or finish a quest, and then you're never allowed to have an actual conversation with that NPC ever again. At least for most NPCs. It's like, oh, you inspired a life changing event, here's a single line of canned dialogue now go fuck off.

At least with Fallout 3 and New Vegas they had a sort of "hub" for dialogue that was repeatable (you could keep using), with more options so you could get a better idea of the personality of the character you're speaking with, and get more information.
#90 - lemoron has deleted their comment.
#388 - Picture 09/19/2015 on Melvin OC 0
#386 - This was 4 years ago :^)  [+] (2 replies) 09/19/2015 on Melvin OC 0
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#387 - naggerbatch (09/19/2015) [-]
*X-Files Theme*
#388 - llmattll (09/19/2015) [-]
#154 - So i really like console but i see a lot of people saying thin…  [+] (1 reply) 06/01/2015 on mfw PC says I dont have... 0
#156 - doctorque (06/01/2015) [-]
Pc can last you longer than a console. It also has more games.
Make sure you don't buy a premade one from a store. Get one made for you at a store like NCIX if you don't know how to. I had a friend buy a pc from NCIX for $750 and 4 years later he upgraded the Graphics card for 250 and is still using it to game at really good settings.

Though if you really like consoles why not keep playing them. I won't judge.