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#48 - good god 04/21/2015 on FREE INSTALLATIONS +5
#12 - yup it is 04/16/2015 on MKX +2
#43 - Picture 04/14/2015 on COMPILATION OF CUTE 2D SHIT... +2
#3 - Picture 03/24/2015 on My talking angela - Vampire... 0
#13 - Holy **** I haven't seen that Mastodon comic in forever. 03/23/2015 on Various Things Comp 0
#4 - Picture 03/08/2015 on Hello Darkness +14
#89 - pony scat no thank you 02/26/2015 on Cringe Comp 7: Return of... 0
#229 - Picture 02/25/2015 on descript. 0
#11 - Well the wait walls were mainly implemented as a form of "… 02/24/2015 on Everything wrong 2: World... 0
#9 - PVP, especially at lower levels, is entirely dependent on the …  [+] (4 new replies) 02/23/2015 on Everything wrong 2: World... +2
#18 - Ken M (02/24/2015) [-]
switch to BrM at 19, for that bracket of pvp, you'll one shot everything with keg smash
#19 - Ken M (02/24/2015) [-]
no wait nevermind, that was before a nerf but still decent for melee. If you're playing WW, at higher levels you can pretty much kill someone in a FoF but for the 70-79 bracket, you can have a 30k shield in bgs/arena with BrM that no one will break. OP as shit
User avatar #10 - DeathOne (02/24/2015) [-]
Class imbalance in WoW is another thing. And quite honestly, I'm not sure how it's supposed to work, are they balanced for 1v1 with one-another? For group battles of 5v5? I really have no idea, all I know is that PvP in WoW is both imbalanced and more often than not one-sided.
Also how I once got in a battleground where the alliance had 3 healers, and the horde just 1, gg matchmaker.

It was really just you. Getting all the spells was totally afordable... well, maybe you had to skip a spell at level 5 or so, but money for skill training was plentiful after level 10. As for the professions, being able to catch up with your professions in Draenor might be a good thing I still think they could've made leveling professions as you level up faster instead , but having the wait walls? Before, you had to grind by your own powers. Now, you have to wait a crapton of time for the profession building to do its thing so you can get a manufactured regeant to use in your profession.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game, tho the Garrison issue is that it's really just an overglorified facebook game. The follower part is fun, yes, but I can't say the same for the rest of it.
User avatar #11 - llehs (02/24/2015) [-]
Well the wait walls were mainly implemented as a form of "compounding" or if you don't have an accompanying profession (like skinning and leatherworking).

For example, if you're a leatherworker and a skinner, and you had your eyes set on crafting some high level gear, chances are you'll go out and farm leather you'll need, and you'll know every 4 hours you'll get a certain amount of "bonus" leather. If you're entirely using the work orders for materials, when you could be farming some yourself, it's essentially a waste of your time. It also allows someone who has, say, leatherworking/jewelcrafting to make the same high level gear without feeling the need to change their professions to something they wouldn't want. Hardcore raiders probably wouldn't care, as long as they got their gear faster, but I can see casual players finding a problem with it.

I would say the definite downfall (in my eyes) is that everyone has access to mining/herbalism just for having a garrison. Like seriously I changed my mining cause it was pointless.

To each their own I guess. I don't see the wait wall as much of a problem, but can definitely understand why others hate it.

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#117 - gurle (02/05/2015) [-]
I don't actually know much about you, so I used your header as inspiration. I also have no clue how old you are, so you'll have to make do with three candles. So, here you go. I tried
I am not an artist >.<
User avatar #118 to #117 - llehs ONLINE (02/05/2015) [-]
Holy hell haha. Thanks so much man! I'd completely forgotten about this! Thanks man, I really, really appreciate it!
User avatar #119 to #118 - gurle (02/05/2015) [-]
No problem! Spend the day doing something you enjoy
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