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#11 - obviously because one of them is right. 1 hour ago on penis 0
#24 - Man. I'd have to actually count, it's that close. Thinking I … 3 hours ago on /k/ guns > underwear 0
#42 - Progressing with fat acceptance is regression you twat. Don't… 6 hours ago on Forever 21's layout is a... +2
#33 - Tarrifs and protectionism on global trade, plus DHS and expand… 7 hours ago on Politics 0
#28 - Na I'm pretty sure he was a registered Dem until like mid 2000's  [+] (2 new replies) 7 hours ago on Politics +1
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#29 - kayzl (7 hours ago) [-]
But Bush increasing government and tightening economic regulation? I know Clinton did that but never heard of Bush doing it. Especially since he's a Republican
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#33 - lean (7 hours ago) [-]
Tarrifs and protectionism on global trade, plus DHS and expanded surveillence on citizens/ warrantless wiretap, Patriot act were all Bush. My original comment isn't exactly worded well, but in understanding the politics of that mid 2000's era bush was sort of the lesser ot two evils. Clinton had an excellent fiscal policy (lean mean federal government) By Bush 2's campaign Gore was advocating overall tax cut but increases on corporations and high earners as well as hoops to jump through regarding international investment. by 2004 the dem party started a full descent into social justice reform retardation. Trillion dollar stimulus, basically hand out money to poor people without addressing the root causes of poverty etc.
#299 - touche' 7 hours ago on it really is sad 0
#272 - you are talking to about 15% of the US population buddy. Enjo…  [+] (4 new replies) 8 hours ago on it really is sad -2
#298 - Millybays (7 hours ago) [-]
You make it sound like its a one way street when this is obviously not the case, if it was our country would have collapsed decades ago.
You also sound awfully resentful for some godforsaken reason.

I have paid a around 8000$ in taxes and I'm 21, and in return I've been given extremely cheap education and healthcare.

In a few years i will have paid more in taxes than i've cost all things considered.

Our government understands that it is better to invest in the population rather than to milk them dry of cash.

Sweden has a higher wealth per capita than the US according to the Global Wealth Databook, and it is also more evenly distributed amongst our citizens.

How the fuck is getting pretty much free education and healthcare "the government determining the course of my life"?
It's merely prolonging and improving the course of my life.

It's about giving and taking, those who need help here get help and those who have much and want more have to sacrifice a bit for those who need, I'm glad my tax money goes to the less fortunate as i am happy with the way my life is right now, in addition to that i know that if i ever get in a very troubling situation my fellow countrymen have my back as i have theirs.
#300 - Millybays (7 hours ago) [-]
Not to mention that because our country is strongly opposed to ridiculous profits in welfare and has not privatized it it means that the money is being spent a LOT more efficiently than in the US.

Medicine is sold for over 50x the price of it's actual value so some greedy shitbag can line his pockets when obviously people have to buy it since they fucking die otherwise.
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#299 - lean (7 hours ago) [-]
#267 - What about if your taxes were $10,000 higher per year? That's… 8 hours ago on it really is sad 0
#262 - I'm not making a ******* comparison, nor am I looking for the … 8 hours ago on it really is sad 0
#261 - Currently we all pay an average of $10,000 per year. If one g…  [+] (1 new reply) 8 hours ago on it really is sad +1
#279 - anon (8 hours ago) [-]
As someone previously said, the main reason we can't pay lower prices is because we do not negotiate with health insurance companies as a nation, but typically as individuals. Fucking Cuba can give someone the same drugs we get in the US for 1% of the price with little to no government subsidy on it because if anyone charges them more they will say "fuck you, you won't be providing that drug for our people anymore"

In America, there are actually laws in place that assist pharmaceutical companies with charging their ridiculous prices. So yes, there are definitely things we need to address before healthcare goes universal. But it still needs to go in that direction. You might not be entirely free when your healthcare provider is picked for you by the big bad government, but you're certainly not free when you are half a million dollars in debt for falling off a ladder.