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    Uploaded: 08/16/15
    Mr. steal yo girl Mr. steal yo girl
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    pasta pasta
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    equality equality
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    kanye kanye
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    kid has a point kid has a point
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    potato potato

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    thumbing new uploads at 5am thumbing new uploads at 5am
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    Uploaded: 08/18/15
    skynet skynet
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    Uploaded: 08/18/15
    Wassermelone Wassermelone
  • Views: 6845
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    Uploaded: 08/18/15
    what dreams are made of what dreams are made of
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    my name is earl. my name is earl.
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    Uploaded: 08/18/15
    cross fit cross fit
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    Uploaded: 01/23/15
    a sea of swanson a sea of swanson
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    6200fps of bouncing jello 6200fps of bouncing jello
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    Uploaded: 01/23/15
    humpty humpty

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#76 - Picture 07/21/2016 on Taking Guns 0
#127 - no one should be forced, on that I agree. But if as an adult, …  [+] (1 new reply) 07/21/2016 on Kickass Facts Part 25 +1
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#138 - elcreepo (07/22/2016) [-]
Yeah but she was an actress struggling to break into ANY job and she was essentially told "lose weight or fuck off" and back in the 70s, fucking off was a death sentence for your career.

Today they can complain to the media, but even that's risky for an actress nobody's come to love.

In the film industry I'm under the impression that if you want to be an actress or actor for many films, you HAVE to force yourself to be a standard that's not only very difficult to achieve but also very dangerous. And this is less about 'looking the part,' a rambo needs to be well, a rambo and a barbie needs to be a barbie.

But in the case of Princess Leia and many other films, it was purely for eye candy in a single scene. It was more about sending the message that "this is attractive, not your normal, ugly 5 foot five 120 lb frame."

And the fashion industry, while I do agree that models deserve less sympathy for going into an industry that estimates your worth solely on how you look, is the primary source of this message. We can't help but be conditioned when film, television and every magazine we look at bashes the barely-noticeable belly of a medically healthy woman who isn't even fat or a man who doesn't spend 95 percent of his time in a gym on one bottle of water.

The fact of the matter is, you rarely can break out into film or the fashion industry without being a dangerous weight. And this now is true for the reverse: plus size models and actresses who are medically overweight or obese get gigs but most people who fall into a healthy BMI tend to get squat.

And there lies the shred of logic that somehow was lost in the HAES movement and other 'fat acceptance' movements. Because the message that a 5 foot 5 woman needs to be 95 pounds to be attractive is dangerous, unrealistic and sent out solely to drive up profits.

It's a good distance from healthy, and therefore normally shouldn't be attractive... but the film industry helps to condition people to think otherwise.

Marilyn Monroe was 118 lbs at the peak of her popularity and 5'5" and people still comment on her 'curves.' It's all rather disappointing to me.
#87 - in addition to your post, you can look at social clubs as … 07/21/2016 on ROBOT explains how to live... +1
#11 - George Washington, or Andrew Jackson, so they could see the de… 07/21/2016 on Anon's Brother Committed... 0
#14 - id guess the kindness of a stranger donating their heart so th… 07/20/2016 on Heart Smith +1
#15 - mushroom master race. 07/19/2016 on i do +1
#14 - I know I have to deal with our local demi God/force of nature … 07/19/2016 on Peaceful BLM Protester 0
#12 - if you cant laugh at eachother, or yourselves for that matter,… 07/19/2016 on colour +25
#14 - you forget rounds like the .338 lapua will punch right through…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/17/2016 on Another retarded idea 0
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#16 - trostell (07/18/2016) [-]
I was talking about the manufacture of APDS ammunition for small-arms and its effectiveness. It would be too expensive and difficult for such little return in small-arms firing anything less than 20 gauge shells, where a slug is cheaper and easier to manufacture with enough power to injure and incapacitate regardless of the level of armor just by the sheer force involved. As .338 Lapua magnum rounds are still standard jacketed rounds, that exempts them from anything I was talking about.
#25 - my wife is thai, so yeah i probably will. 07/07/2016 on You'll never have little... +11