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#3 - You realise that at one point, Sparta did surrender to Macedon?  [+] (3 new replies) 07/12/2013 on Favorite Comeback Ever +4
User avatar #24 - iamtheblackgoat (07/12/2013) [-]
Sparta never surrendered to Philip or Alexander....sure, eventually they surrendered to someone, but not to Macedon (which is a Greek province, I want to add...fuck that fake country Macedonia)
User avatar #81 - ksiota (07/12/2013) [-]
That's why we call it FYROM. They're in the wrong, very cheeky taking that name.
#9 - kingnicholas (07/12/2013) [-]
Actually they were never conquered by Alexander. He just sort of went around them. Figured they would fight to the death and it would be a costly battle for no real reason.
#7 - Also has an X  [+] (1 new reply) 07/09/2013 on X +117
#181 - Ken M (07/10/2013) [-]
and Y + A + B
#10 - He is. 07/09/2013 on Dammit Iron Man 0
#96 - Why does a Lithuanian hate Poland? I thought you guys had some…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/08/2013 on Description 0
User avatar #125 - matakeshi (07/08/2013) [-]
We do, but those toilet cleaning faggots think our capitol belongs to them with lots of our lands, and they are faggots in general.
User avatar #117 - adamska (07/08/2013) [-]
So do North and South Korea.
#95 - Might I ask 2 questions, my Belgian friend: -Why do y…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/08/2013 on Description 0
User avatar #951 - napalmpie (07/09/2013) [-]
Mainly because I love kilts. And their accents too, yeah. Yes, these are bullshitiform pretexts.
Also, I don't really like the English monarchy and political governance (even if they aren't really linked), but like the overall culture and past, so they aren't in yellow. And Northern Ireland is (as far as I know) really linked with England. That is all.

I'm from Mons, in Wallonia (It sounds damn epic in english)
#158 - cauhgon (07/08/2013) [-]
Don't know about the poster, but for me it's because Welsh and Scottish have such amazing accents.
#92 - Why do you love San Marino? 07/08/2013 on Description 0
#20 - Comment deleted 07/07/2013 on Capn Swidn 0
#2 - Lifetime supply of air - not valid when dead. OK. 06/26/2013 on CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! +36
#22 - I absolutely adored the book, and any time I hear someone even… 06/25/2013 on WWZ 0
#5 - They don't ship things for free. 06/20/2013 on Junk Mail 0
#9 - Tried to find that picture on google images once. Searching &q…  [+] (3 new replies) 06/19/2013 on Wait a minute..that's not... +135
#110 - moldybreadcrumb (06/19/2013) [-]
I searched "big meaty cocks" looking for this image.
It...it didn't go so well.
#26 - newforomador (06/19/2013) [-]
I dont see the problem with it.
#11 - satnaam (06/19/2013) [-]
**satnaam rolls 926**

don't act like you didn't like it.
#23 - As an Englishman, I honestly believe the Euro is better. It's …  [+] (15 new replies) 06/09/2013 on Racism -1
User avatar #58 - tealcanaan (06/09/2013) [-]
The reason Britain kept the pound is because they wanted continual control over local interest rates unlike all the other European nation who gave up buying power for stability. England wanted to keep some semblance of economic nationalism, not relying on other shit-for-brains nations to not screwing up.
User avatar #37 - dogwars (06/09/2013) [-]
The pound is stronger, can't argue against that. It's already a "better" currency, though there are some political reasons as to why we can't convert anyways. England doesn't want to convert because not only would it be difficult to change all of the currency over, but there's an extremely large portion of the population that has a strong sense of nationalistic pride. If we suddenly gave up the pound, we'd have to give up our heritage homes and update all of our buildings to glass and steel monstrosities in a lot of people's eyes and no one wants to do that. If we ever did convert it would have to be after people adjusted to all of the Pakkies and Pollacks and other foreigners. No one wants to do that.
#43 - venomthc (06/09/2013) [-]
Aye, we fix yer pipes and steal your minerals.
#29 - silasP (06/09/2013) [-]
I bet either pounds sterling or euros are better than our dollars. I don't know how it is in Europe, but here our currency has been baseless since the 70's. A dollar is worth a dollar only because we believe it to be so.
User avatar #55 - tealcanaan (06/09/2013) [-]
Do you even know how money works? Did you not take a basic Eco. class?
Value is based on availability, so basically supply and demand, the reason any money become worth less is when there is more available for more people.
The reason Britain kept the pound is because they wanted continual control over local interest rates unlike all the other European nation who gave up buying power for stability..
#60 - silasP (06/09/2013) [-]
I am aware. My point is that with nothing behind it, what's to stop the US Mint or a foreign equivalent from printing it indiscriminately? Absolutely nothing, apparently, and the problem manifests in the form of value being based on conjecture and what our respective governments decide for us. I realize that the state of the market has a direct impact on what a dollar, euro, pound, rupee, or gil is worth. My question is how did we get so steeped in this system of imaginary worth?
User avatar #72 - tealcanaan (06/10/2013) [-]
Because our welfare is directly linked to the level at which we consume in this "Brave New World" of global inter-dependency.
#76 - silasP (06/10/2013) [-]
Be that as it may, the system doesn't work. We're all playing pretend. Not that I have a better idea, mind you. I'm just sayin' baseless currency is doomed to fail, since there's nothing stopping the powers that be from making more and more. Soon, we'll be able to leave a wheelbarrow full of money at the street -- and people will dump the cash and take the wheelbarrow.
User avatar #77 - tealcanaan (06/10/2013) [-]
The mechanism that controls inflation is called the FED in the U.S., they do this through the sale and buying up of bonds to again, control inflation and the growth rate of our economy. Also the gold standard is far to archaic and tedious to be viable with the current population and the amount and speed of modern trading.
#78 - silasP (06/10/2013) [-]
As I said, I don't really have a better idea. I'm just not comfortable with having no power over what I'm worth.
User avatar #79 - tealcanaan (06/10/2013) [-]
Ya I understand, but if you are in the euro-zone or the U.S. the likelihood of hyper-inflation is next to none.
User avatar #44 - dogwars (06/09/2013) [-]
That's how almost all currencies work now.
#47 - silasP (06/09/2013) [-]
Makes me wonder how anyone can say that they're in debt. Sounds like it's ALL imaginary, then. What, do we go back to bartering, now?
User avatar #53 - dogwars (06/09/2013) [-]
The system still works, and it keeps order. in bartering, we still had "values" assigned to each item, I.E. a pig is 6 sterling, bread is 1, etc. It just lets us earn those values and use them on whatever we chose.
#26 - bezza (06/09/2013) [-]
While I think that a free and common market is a great idea a centralised power and the Euro is the worst thing to happen to Europe since WW2.
#2 - Its not just about the park, their government as becoming kind… 06/06/2013 on Protest -3
#4 - This is how you revive someone in most games. 06/06/2013 on Stop Faking It, You Cheeky... +38
#7 - "Hey, do you know what a comma is?" "N…  [+] (2 new replies) 06/01/2013 on A day in the bible belt +1
#10 - Ken M (06/02/2013) [-]
you used a comma thrice in that comment
User avatar #11 - ilovehitler (06/02/2013) [-]
he was referring to the sign.
#4 - 649$ is a steep price to pay. 06/01/2013 on Fuck you Minnesota 0
#17 - ******* casual.  [+] (1 new reply) 06/01/2013 on Rainbow Road +84
User avatar #33 - danster (06/01/2013) [-]
Did it have speed boosts?
#9 - Anyone else do the thing, where if you don't know how to spell…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/23/2013 on Spelling +1
#28 - tehphire (05/24/2013) [-]
In french, if I don't know which way the accent is supposed to point, I just make it flat so that it can go either way
#12 - These fusions look better than some of the newer pokemon.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/20/2013 on Bandwagon +2
#83 - slashendrix (05/21/2013) [-]
That is a weird way to spell all.

inb4 some new pokemon actually look cool
#26 - Oh come one, Taric was already a "sexual object". 05/20/2013 on unnecessary over sexulsation +1
#5 - Because disturbing people are the only people who browse the n… 05/16/2013 on Karthus Baby 0
#15 - I really like how the new DJ 4DM1N (or old or whatever happene…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/16/2013 on Kitchen nightmares (Read... +11
#235 - Ken M (05/17/2013) [-]
You like that he acts like an ass and a fag?
#1 - I don't really understand how laughing can be different in oth…  [+] (37 new replies) 05/16/2013 on Zach Braff on russian facebook +26
User avatar #137 - existacne (05/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #122 - Kairyuka (05/17/2013) [-]
The only thing that pisses me off is when someone posts an English comment and then follows it up with "jajajaja". Bitch, you were just speaking English a second ago, don't change the phonetics now!
User avatar #105 - exotic (05/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #104 - Naimzorz (05/17/2013) [-]
هاهاهاهاهاهاهاها يالخنيث
#75 - Ken M (05/17/2013) [-]
X is H in russian.
User avatar #52 - blademontane (05/17/2013) [-]
Watch this and ye shall understand
User avatar #55 - randomserb (05/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #39 - motherfuckingkenji (05/17/2013) [-]
Whatever the hell Mr. Krabs does (AGUHGUHGUH?)

Pretty much any repeated syllable can be interpreted as a laugh in any culture, which I think is pretty neat. Even if you don't speak the same language, there are always ways to communicate with other people. A smile, a nod, punching someone from the WBC, it makes no difference since everyone can understand at least some basic forms of communication.
This world is a multicultural rainbow of laughter.

Wow, that last sentence was incredibly gay.
User avatar #49 - sadistikal (05/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #34 - PIPExDAD (05/17/2013) [-]
i once had a chat with a Chinese girl over email she wrote out HA HA in Chinese but then wrote it in English (change Chinese characters to English ones
#26 - KievLeviathan (05/17/2013) [-]
in Russian "X" is the character for our "H" sound. "XAXAXA" is "HAHAHA"
User avatar #48 - sadistikal (05/17/2013) [-]
Not just in russian, but in all slavic languages.

The slavic equivalent of X is KC, C being the equivalent of S.
User avatar #20 - miscarriage (05/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #19 - Ruspanic (05/17/2013) [-]
Since everyone's sharing, in Chinese they write 哈哈哈 which is pronounced "hahaha".
User avatar #17 - dexorcitor (05/17/2013) [-]
You know, in Thailand they laugh with 5's. I mean what the fuck.

User avatar #44 - iamnotgoodwithname (05/17/2013) [-]
so if i was in thailand and i wanted to say i lol'd i would say i 5'd
User avatar #33 - theist (05/17/2013) [-]
thats the least fucked up thing in thailand
User avatar #13 - basicargentinian (05/17/2013) [-]
it's due to pronounciation, in in english H, spanish J and russian X make the same sound.

In brazil they are a bit retarded and they write "huehuehuehuehue", because they actually sound like that, which, as I said, is a little retarded.
#47 - adamks (05/17/2013) [-]
I'm gonna go ahead and say that Russian is more retarded than Mexican
#68 - cabbagemayhem (05/17/2013) [-]
I'm going to go ahead and say that comment is more retarded than Mexican
#103 - adamks (05/17/2013) [-]
Wait. Forget that. I see my mistake. It was early in the morning.
User avatar #135 - basicargentinian (05/17/2013) [-]
russian isn't retarded, their X is the english H and the spanish J.

Brazil on the other hand....
#144 - adamks (05/17/2013) [-]
It is comparing to most other countries the one pronouced the weirdest.
#102 - adamks has deleted their comment.
User avatar #40 - burningsmurfs (05/17/2013) [-]
Hmm really, I think all the portuguese I've known put jejejejejeje or something similar to that...........I don't know why or how I have known so many portuguese people I live in bumfuck Ohio.
User avatar #12 - stcronin (05/16/2013) [-]
#11 - TRINDADE (05/16/2013) [-]
the thing is, no one laughs exactly the same
so, no written laugh is right

in brazil you are kinda free to write how do you think you sound
and that's why HUEHUEHUE happened.
User avatar #31 - Cello (05/17/2013) [-]
Too bad they didn't stop there. "lkaskjsalkjsakjlsajklpsaljpksapjl"
#9 - iamphoenix (05/16/2013) [-]
In Russian, X or 'kh' is used in lieu of 'h'.
#4 - adzo has deleted their comment.
#8 - Ken M (05/16/2013) [-]
Why the fuck wouldn't X sound like h? What do you need to smoe to make it sound like КС?
User avatar #5 - asbrustle (05/16/2013) [-]
Xa, in the Cyrillic alphabet, which is used in Russia, sounds like ha in English
#3 - Ken M (05/16/2013) [-]
Yes, but people use different characters to mark the sounds, ya know
#109 - hairibar (05/17/2013) [-]
I'll only say one thing: in basque, it's "kar, kar, kar"
User avatar #64 - pandasarekawai (05/17/2013) [-]
In Indonesia, laughing is by writing "wkwkwkwkwkwk"
#24 - Ken M (05/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #2 - belt (05/16/2013) [-]
We all laugh relatively the same its just how we represent it thats different, like in spanish the j makes an h sound so they write jajaja but it still sounds like hahaha
#4 - I finished watching this quite a while ago, and wanted more DG… 05/12/2013 on D.Gray-man +2
#101 - I've never really liked non-pixar Disney films, except Hercule… 05/10/2013 on Disney Animated Movies,... 0
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