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#1157659 - mfw plebs didn't know about it and I knew **** is gold for 3 y…  [+] (25 replies) 06/06/2015 on Anime & Manga - anime... +1
#1157695 - anon (06/06/2015) [-]
"mfw plebs didn't know about it and I knew shit is gold for 3 years already or more "
well aint you the special snowflake
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#1157692 - TheMather (06/06/2015) [-]
He's just mad because I called the romantic development ahead of time, and he refused to believe me until it happened.
Called me out on my shipper glasses being foggy, and then the very next day it was practically grinding the ship in our face.
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#1157724 - yeorgh (06/06/2015) [-]
It's unnecessary romance, it's forced as fuck.
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#1157728 - TheMather (06/06/2015) [-]
Dude. It's one of the least forced romances in the history of anime, you won't find anything else with a more realistically natural approach.
Love at first sight, ~33% of romance, is forced.
Childhood friend romance, ~33% of romance, is forced.
Rescue romance/suspension bridge romance, ~33% of romance, is forced.
This is the remaining 1%, which takes place on screen gradually progressing from a new friendship to a romance.
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#1157729 - yeorgh (06/06/2015) [-]
One episode they meet, another episode they're hanging out, third episode they already like each other, that's all in just 5-10 minutes tops of interaction, c'mon son.
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#1157730 - TheMather (06/06/2015) [-]
Yeah, no. They don't like eachother already in the third episode. MC becomes conscious of her, and they get closer through mutually confiding in the eachother, but those are just the seeds of romance, they were starting to like eachother.
Also you can tell by the actual content of each episode that the events don't happen back to back, they happen over the course of at least one week per episode, meaning they're bound to have hung out at times when we didn't see. Adding to which that they obviously hang out for more than a couple of minutes at a time, and assuming the movie they watched was a standard one, then that was at least 1 hour and 30 minutes of interaction in ep 3.
#1157731 - yeorgh (06/06/2015) [-]
"Because it's implied it's ok"
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#1157733 - TheMather (06/06/2015) [-]
Dude, you'd have to be the worst idiot on earth or completely friendless to believe that two people that call eachother friends would only rack up 15 minutes of interaction across their three allegedly sole encounters.
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#1157737 - yeorgh (06/06/2015) [-]
Did we see it? no, then it's implied, did it happen? more than likely but we still didn't see it.
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#1157738 - TheMather (06/06/2015) [-]
The word you're looking for is granted, or at the very least obvious.
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#1157739 - yeorgh (06/06/2015) [-]
Well whatever the word is, that's what I mean.
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#1157736 - TheMather (06/06/2015) [-]
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#1157676 - thekame (06/06/2015) [-]
Where did you find translated scans for kekkai sensen?
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#1157678 - kotor (06/06/2015) [-]
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#1157679 - thekame (06/06/2015) [-]
Thank you.
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#1157667 - wildikdog (06/06/2015) [-]
I agree, I love White and Black. Was actually kinda disapointed when I remebered they were anime original and won't be in the mango when I read it.
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#1157660 - yeorgh (06/06/2015) [-]
Eat dick fagget.
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#1157662 - kotor (06/06/2015) [-]
so how about you come up with an actual argument? Protip: just because the White/Black plot seems "generic" it doesn't make it bad in any way, a lot of characters in Kekkai are pretty generic anyway
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#1157723 - yeorgh (06/06/2015) [-]
Because the whole romance thing it's completely unnecessary.
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#1157783 - kotor (06/06/2015) [-]
your life's unnecessary
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#1157786 - yeorgh (06/06/2015) [-]
"Muh muh romance"

Go suck mathers dick faggot.
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#1157790 - kotor (06/06/2015) [-]
it's not only about romance though

just stay dumb, you're never paying attention to shit and then you complain. Weren't you the one who forgot who, uhh, Hinami is? Proves that your attention span is that of an autistic fuck.
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#1157793 - kotor (06/06/2015) [-]
probably also why you think P4 > P7

cause P7 actually has superior characters, character development and an endlessly better story
#1157792 - yeorgh (06/06/2015) [-]
Sure showed me by not remembering that either.
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#1157663 - kotor (06/06/2015) [-]
that's to say, I still prefer a lot of things from the manga compared to the anime, but saying the White/Black thing is bad is just being ignorant and having shit taste.
#1156847 - ye, only if you can sell the gold to someone constantly  [+] (2 replies) 06/02/2015 on Anime & Manga - anime... 0
#1156849 - jettom (06/02/2015) [-]
I can.
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#1156848 - kotor (06/02/2015) [-]
though on the other side, yea. but I'm expecting a point in time where people won't be buying the gold anymore. THat's just theoretically
#1156837 - and animeeeee pussy  [+] (2 replies) 06/02/2015 on Anime & Manga - anime... 0
#1156840 - ryujiizumi (06/02/2015) [-]
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#1156839 - kotor (06/02/2015) [-]
if you're into that kind of thing