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#1075 - sirchris
(02/13/2013) [-]
Okay I know I just posted about Kaiji, but I had to say this. So far, (I've only seen 3 arcs but bear with it.) My favorite arcs as of right now are:
E-Card > Restricted Rock-Paper-Scissors > Starside Hotel

I liked E-Card a lot more than the others though. I feel like Rock-Paper-Scissors required more analysis and statistical thinking and E-Card was more of a psychological and 'reading your opponent' type of thing, but because of that I liked it more. The Starside Hotel arc was pretty cool I guess, and maybe it was a good way to set up the E-Card arc, but it just felt dragged out to me and wasn't as exciting as the other two when I compare them now. Oh, and the chairman is a dick.

What are your favorite arcs in order?