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User avatar #244 - JoeTheRooster (08/13/2011) [-]
**** yeah! KoЯn!
User avatar #246 to #251 - JoeTheRooster (08/14/2011) [-]
Just wondering, your favorite song?
User avatar #247 to #252 - kornchild (08/14/2011) [-]
quite possibly make me bad..but i think a top 5 would be better :p
User avatar #248 to #253 - JoeTheRooster (08/14/2011) [-]
Ok, top 5? lol
User avatar #249 to #254 - kornchild (08/14/2011) [-]
not in this ordr, but..layla, did my time, appears, open up and falling away from me
User avatar #250 to #255 - JoeTheRooster (08/14/2011) [-]
Never heard Open up before (surprisingly), now one of my favorite songs! Thanks. What do you think about this?
Its not how korn used to be, by a long shot but I actually kind of like it.
User avatar #251 to #256 - kornchild (08/14/2011) [-]
oh, yeah, i heard that a few times..as much as korn has changed i'm still their #1 ****** fan..i've seen alot of people claiming to be a korn fan but they only like their older **** , which doesn't make a decent fan
User avatar #252 to #257 - JoeTheRooster (08/14/2011) [-]
As much as I do love KoRn i was kind of let down by the Korn 3 album. Maybe thats just me though.
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