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They call me the Klabautermann,
A few have seen my face.
I come from the northern sea.
My warning do embrace,
I sail the seven seas providing your security,
remember, when the need for sauce appears, you need a man like me

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    Steel be with you Steel be with you

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#145 - Merry christmas you magnificent bastard, have sum pinkies.  [+] (1 reply) 23 hours ago on doing santa hats +1
#239 - woozuh (16 hours ago) [-]
here yo go mr skeltal
#285 - TFW you don't have a family crest and hail from a long line of…  [+] (2 replies) 12/07/2016 on britbong with the B A N T S +4
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#319 - jonandstuff (12/07/2016) [-]
Men who come from a family that has no crest, or had one that was forgotten long ago are given the rare opportunity of standing before a crest of their own making, a crest that they can be the first to proudly stand behind, starting the embers of what can become the raging fire of the torch they bare and pass to those who descend from them and continue the legacy of both you and your name.

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#317 - HashMap (12/07/2016) [-]
You should adapt the attitude of the guy from your pic.
#11 - If you can fill your bullet with air (hollow point), i see no …  [+] (1 reply) 12/05/2016 on My stand,『BIG IRON』, is... +1
#12 - lordbalkara (12/05/2016) [-]
I'll just have to get a really big gun then.
#10 - Isn't the original picture from Jack of Fables?  [+] (3 replies) 12/03/2016 on get back in the bag already +1
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#18 - psychonaut (12/03/2016) [-]
Yes, it's from Fables.
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#19 - fables (12/03/2016) [-]
is it
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#21 - psychonaut (12/04/2016) [-]
#78 - s-s-storytime?  [+] (1 reply) 12/01/2016 on Anon asks /pol/ for advice +1
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#113 - ljxjlos (12/01/2016) [-]
Short story, really. Met a girl at a bar, we flirted, we drank, she was clearly into me which was already weird enough

After quite a while of flirting and drinking, that slowly but surely went over into making out, we decided to go home, her place, because it was closer.

I said bye to my friends, she said bye to hers - but one guy of her group went home with us. I was drunk as hell and desperately horny at that point so I just figured that it was her brother or her roommate or some shit and he had to come home or he´d be stuck at the club or something. Kinda awkward, but far from being awkward enough to put me off because, yet again...drunk and horny.

Either way, outside I took out my phone to call a cab, when she fucking said:

"No, no, my boyfriend got this" Mind, at this point we have already been making out for over an hour, I was pretty much expecting to see him running towards me with a baseball-bat...until I realized that she meant the other guy.

I was completely baffled at that point and ready to just fucked off, but when I tried saying "fuck this, I´ll be going", she went at me again and turned the whole thing up a notch. - and to my regret, shitloads of shots and several months without sex and her being incredibly hot had made me weak and I let her convince me.

The short way home she was literally already rubbing my dick through my pants and making out with me to make sure I wouldn´t re-think it again, all with her boyfriend next to us.

Went to her place, fucked, while he sat there, watching....it was so fucking awkward. I couldn´t stop because she was just too hot and I was just too horny and drunk to this point, but I took me at least 4,5 times as long as normally to cum.

I´m not going to say I regret all of it - it wasn´t the best sex I´ve had, but it was up there...

But FUCK. I do regret most of it. I still feel so goddamn fucking bad for doing it, even years later...as I said, whenever I hear the word cuck being used, I just feel worse and worse and worse. I don´t even know, it probably was his fetish, too, but I just can´t help but feel bad for it.

Hell, I´ve even been talking to my therapeuth about it because it´s that kind of guilt that you just can´t get rid off...

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