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lookit dem tig ol biddies.

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#56 - god i hate this show.....they need to hurry up and cancel it already.  [+] (4 replies) 04/27/2014 on Brain Phones. -4
#64 - kidink (04/27/2014) [-]
i agree
#61 - dontknowmeatall (04/27/2014) [-]
Six seasons and a movie!!!
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#79 - ismellnewfag (04/27/2014) [-]
I can't wait for the movie.
#58 - darthblam (04/27/2014) [-]
#22 - iv been smoking cigars for a year now, and this chart is a hug…  [+] (3 replies) 08/26/2013 on For all you gentlemen out... +2
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#30 - xxvampirepriestxx (08/27/2013) [-]
Please explain why you shouldn't use a zippo.
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#33 - ironsliver (08/27/2013) [-]
The reason for not using a zippo is about the chemicals that make up regular lighter fluid. See if you use a a normal lighter (LIke the iconic Zippo) you will actually ruin a good part of the flavors and characters of the cigar from the fact that a residue will be left in the tobacco itself. Now when you use a butane/torch lighter. There is no 'flavor' that is imparted from the flame. Not to mention its allot more accurate and well suited for these situations. Also! When using a match one should make sure that all the head is burned and the flame is onto the wood. As the sulfur can do similar things to the cigar as well. Unless you are using cigar/pipe specific matches.
#34 - xxvampirepriestxx (08/27/2013) [-]
#241 - sorry bud i would vote you up, but im a lvl 1 too...i cant bel…  [+] (2 replies) 08/26/2013 on Go fuck yourself, John. 0
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#286 - ilovehitler (08/27/2013) [-]
No, he should get red thumbs. You want green thumbs? Be funny.
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#337 - ImDaBoss (08/29/2013) [-]
I'm funny looking, does that count?
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