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#114 - kangaskan= Genghis khan  [+] (3 replies) 07/08/2011 on Racist Pokemon +2
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#121 - rewday (07/08/2011) [-]

Kangaskhan is based on a kangaroo.
Name origin

Kangaskhan's name is a combination of kangaroo and Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire (possibly how its Pokédex data refers to how violently protective it is of its child). Ironically, Genghis Khan was a male, but Kangaskhan is a female-only species. Its Japanese name is derived from English words "kangaroo" (カンガルー kangarū) and "ruler" (ルーラー rūrā).


#123 - kingvegeta (07/08/2011) [-]
thank you for clearing that up. please accept this .gif in return.
#6 - Picture 07/07/2011 on Dugtrio +1