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Yeah, don't really post picture.... They don't get noticed, so I just get all my thumbs from comments....

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#5 - Dear anon, I never said it was my video and the only …  [+] (1 reply) 04/26/2012 on What drug did I just take? 0
#6 - anon (04/26/2012) [-]
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Dear kickassandchew,

I never said that you said it was your video. I said that the person who reuploaded it onto Youtube was the whore who said it was their video. Or rather, didn't give any credit to the maker, Egoraptor. I would say the best thing to do to this post is to either swap the video with the real version, or at least say that Egoraptor made the original and that this is a Youtube view-whore.


P.s. Sometimes I stick sharp chewed-on pencils up my butt. It tickles. I also enjoy walking on the beach. Of Legos. Here, have a Dickbutt.
Why is he called Dickbutt and only Dickbutt, anyways? He could just as easily be called Penisanus. Or Cockass.
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