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#3 - Sick Stang bro! I own a muscle car myself  [+] (48 new replies) 01/01/2016 on A good uncle +17
#38 - MrMysteriousMagic (01/02/2016) [-]
i own some jap muscle myself
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#74 - kevinator (01/02/2016) [-]
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#73 - kevinator (01/02/2016) [-]
Nice one
#24 - chopsaw (01/01/2016) [-]
my muscle car. (need at least one dodge, even if it is a wagon)
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#18 - goobyman (01/01/2016) [-]
how much do these typically cost?
no way a person from FJ could buy one
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#21 - kevinator (01/01/2016) [-]
Mine is a 2SS with the RS package, in 2010, they retailed for about ~50 000 Can $
#5 - xathos (01/01/2016) [-]
Nice camaro. Be careful posting your car, every asshole on the internet with a different car than you will tell you that your car sucks and theirs is better, which is why you have red thumbs at the time i commented.
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#6 - kevinator (01/01/2016) [-]
Aha I know lool. I'm no stranger to the car community and thanks!
#7 - xathos (01/01/2016) [-]
No problem. I had an SS that I sold recently and still have the miata, fellow carbro
#62 - bwiedieter (01/02/2016) [-]
Beautiful cars friendo.
#65 - xathos (01/02/2016) [-]
thanks man.
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#37 - Crazywarriorman (01/02/2016) [-]
You sir have my dream car. I plan on buying one of those as soon as I get out of school. They are simply amazing.
#45 - xathos (01/02/2016) [-]
Yeah man it was pretty sweet. I love how it looks from most angles and the performance was incredible, my one big complaint though was that sitting in the car didn't really feel like I was sitting in a performance car, because it looks like a sleeper from the inside as well. It looks like an impala interior except for the seats which you can't see anyway because you're sitting on them. Kickass car, fantastic performance, but sadly it just wasn't exciting enough for me in my everyday drive. Also, the engine sounds savage. I had a 14 so it was automatic, I bet if you got a manual version it would be much, much more exciting on a daily basis.
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#80 - Crazywarriorman (01/05/2016) [-]
Also, how well did the silver color hide scratches? I currently have a white grand prix and it's no good.
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#79 - Crazywarriorman (01/05/2016) [-]
What did you end up getting? I know I should be focused on school but I can't help picking out what kind of vehicle I'm going to spend my first paycheck on. Either this or a CTS-V
#81 - xathos (01/05/2016) [-]
To be honest i didn't really have a whole lot of scratches on it but i think the silver would hide the scratches well. I haven't replaced the car because I'm using the money to invest in something I'm working on.

I have bought and sold several cars and this is my advice to you: take a look at a car, drive it, and DO NOT try to convince yourself something other than what your gut feeling is. Your gut feeling will remain and your bullshitting to yourself will fade. Find something that gets you all hot and bothered when you sit in the car and look at it, and if it is anything less than that, walk away and wait to find another car that does, otherwise i promise you will get that pit feeling in your gut and you think crap, maybe i shouldn't have bought this car.

I tried convincing my brother to buy a used BMW M5. They are similar in character to the SS, but you can get a good price on a used one, and they have a 500hp V10. You can get one for much less than a new ss and it's pretty badass. Just a suggestion.
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#82 - Crazywarriorman (01/05/2016) [-]
Hey thanks for the advice man I really appreciate it! Yeah, I should've followed that bvefore I bought the GP I have now. I feel miserable. I'll look into beamers! When I make the descison, though it may be a little over a year from now, I will definitely let you know!
#83 - xathos (01/05/2016) [-]
good luck dude. and of course, always remember to spend wisely. cars can depreciate like bricks. I look forward to your response in a year lol
#50 - mufdvr (01/02/2016) [-]
Even the VF SV6 Storm (here in australia) would make me happy. I have a shitty 40th anniversary X-trail (motor blew 11 months after i bought it for the Mrs) and a 1984 sigma GSR, Neither of them are registered. Had a nice 2004 falcon wagon i had to get rid of a few years back and had to give up a VE series 2 wagon company car a couple of months ago leaving me carless for the first time. Pic of my BA falcon. Miss her every day
#68 - xathos (01/02/2016) [-]
losing a car you love really is like losing a member of the family. i had a 2005 pontiac GTO which was a rebadged holden monaro. i had to sell her a few years back and i still look on autotrader for my long lost car i had to sell. you'll find another great car, dont lose hope lol
#75 - mufdvr (01/02/2016) [-]
To be honest i still scan ebay and carsales just on the off chance i come across her again.
#33 - grandmabetty (01/02/2016) [-]
God, I want one of those.

They only sell the HSV variant where I live, re-badged as the Vauxhall VXR8, but I like the fact people could assume it's just a normal sedan until you floor it. They look pretty covert.
#46 - xathos (01/02/2016) [-]
if you get one, go for the manual if you can. I had the automatic and the car was awesome and it was fast as shit and I once pulled 1.17g on a highway ramp, but sadly it just felt not exciting enough day to day. Go for the manual and i think it would complete the car.
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#25 - SuperSixONE (01/01/2016) [-]
Nice, I have a 96' Miata.
#28 - xathos (01/01/2016) [-]
Sweet dude. Do u autocross with it? I'm going to go my first time in the spring.
User avatar
#29 - SuperSixONE (01/01/2016) [-]
Nah, first car so I probably need more time driving before I get to that. Definitely want to though.

Have fun autocrossing it though, it's pretty much regarded as the best car for it so I'm sure there will be plenty of Miatas there, it might as well be a meet up.
#43 - xathos (01/02/2016) [-]
dude if the miata is your first car, that's even more reason for you to autocross it. if you start developing your driving skills earlier you can get really, really good. autocrossing is a great place to learn car control and it is just damn fun and not overly expensive. it doesn't eat through your brake pads and tires like a full track day does.

My wife has autocrossed the car, I just haven't personally driven it in an autocross yet. you're right there are miata meetups too. Here's a pic of my wife in line to do her run at the autocross at the miata club
User avatar
#52 - SuperSixONE (01/02/2016) [-]
>Autocrossing Miatas with your wife

That's the life, my man

And yeah, I definitely will do that once I can downshift two gears at once without making it shudder like there's an earthquake.

And yes, I know in autocross you're most likely going to be in second for most of the time.
#69 - xathos (01/02/2016) [-]
yep there's not much more i can ask for than that. you'll pick up shifting down soon enough, you'll get a feel for the engine and won't even have to look at your revs and you'll know where/when to shift to any gear
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#9 - kevinator (01/01/2016) [-]
aha that's sick man! love the cars
#4 - kevinator (01/01/2016) [-]
and here is the one I got for my niece.
#10 - lonelybaloney (01/01/2016) [-]
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#11 - kevinator (01/01/2016) [-]
Grats I never claimed it was this one in the picture, but the on I got her.
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#12 - lonelybaloney (01/01/2016) [-]
I never knew Camaros had back peddles.
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#14 - schwerdaddy (01/01/2016) [-]

Look, you can buy one without any modifications. He didn't take a picture of it himself, so he found another of the same product. It's not like the blue Jeep that actually required painting.
#15 - lonelybaloney (01/01/2016) [-]
Look at this thing I have. Here's a picture.
"I also have this thing. Here's a picture."
I google searched the image and it's the third result.
"Wow I didn't actually take this picture."

Think about it.
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#23 - AcidFlux (01/01/2016) [-]
Why the fuck do you care so much?
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#55 - lonelybaloney (01/02/2016) [-]
I don't know, I was fucking bored.
Good enough?
User avatar
#56 - AcidFlux (01/02/2016) [-]
Sure man. Sure. Kind of sad, but at least now it makes sense.

Just realized how appropriate your username is. I'm sorry you're lonely, kid.
#57 - lonelybaloney (01/02/2016) [-]
Thumbs me down.
Calls me kid.
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#63 - AcidFlux (01/02/2016) [-]
Actually wasn't being condescending. But you're obviously still bored.

If it hurt your feelings so much...
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#64 - lonelybaloney (01/02/2016) [-]
Alright man, take a snack, you're great.
User avatar
#67 - AcidFlux (01/02/2016) [-]
Look, it's a new year. I'm trying to be more understanding and less judgmental. If these imaginary pinkies mean so much to you, then here.

I mean, maybe from your point of view, it's not shitposting. Maybe you think it's humorous. Okay, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Have a few green thumbs.
User avatar
#72 - lonelybaloney (01/02/2016) [-]
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#77 - AcidFlux (01/03/2016) [-]
Well, if that's all that it takes to make you happy, have another.
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#78 - lonelybaloney (01/03/2016) [-]
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#17 - schwerdaddy (01/01/2016) [-]
I believe that he could have actually bought it, but he did go about it strangely by not putting a disclaimer or using a stock image.
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#58 - lonelybaloney (01/02/2016) [-]
#20 - Kinda a dick move to post this on this day really.  [+] (1 new reply) 01/01/2016 on FJers in a nutshell 0
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#21 - polarpulse (01/01/2016) [-]
that's the point
#79 - He's probably eating her asshole at night with his thong deep …  [+] (6 new replies) 12/31/2015 on Deaf Husband Finds Out Wife... 0
User avatar
#80 - lotengo (12/31/2015) [-]
I like to touch smell and play with my girls hair. the ones on her head
But i dont want it in my egg-salad.
User avatar
#130 - darksideofthebeast (12/31/2015) [-]
>my girl
hahaha k
User avatar
#142 - lotengo (12/31/2015) [-]
No, really bro, i have a gf.
#170 - anon (12/31/2015) [-]
I seriously hope you don't intend on procreating
User avatar
#171 - lotengo (12/31/2015) [-]
I actually hope to have a lot of children to conserve the white race
#174 - anon (12/31/2015) [-]
Literally the definition of cancer kill yourself
#140 - Here's my excuse: I'm lazy and got no will power to get in shape. 12/31/2015 on Guy destroys fat acceptance... 0
#74 - Fair enough, but still, I saw the video, the guy was there a g…  [+] (4 new replies) 12/30/2015 on NSX Car Driver VS. Skater 0
User avatar
#76 - mastercolossus (12/30/2015) [-]
i didnt say that he wasnt being a cunt.
i was just saying if anyone fucks with my shit im gonna fuck them up.
#84 - spookswoo (12/30/2015) [-]
well arent you just the cutest thing ive ever seen.
User avatar
#86 - mastercolossus (12/30/2015) [-]
would you sith there while they take your console/pc and throw it out a window?
User avatar
#87 - spookswoo (12/30/2015) [-]
if you block the road and the guy you're blocking is getting pissed then suit yourself. you can either chose to be a dickhead and get your shit smashed, you you could just not be.
#71 - If you'd skateboard on a ******* road, a bridge none the less,…  [+] (6 new replies) 12/30/2015 on NSX Car Driver VS. Skater +1
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#73 - mastercolossus (12/30/2015) [-]
i wouldnt skateboard like that in the first place because im not a dick. but if someone fucks with my shit im gonna fuck them up i dont care who is justified.
User avatar
#74 - kevinator (12/30/2015) [-]
Fair enough, but still, I saw the video, the guy was there a good minute or two before finally snapping at the guy who decided to be a cunt and block his road while all the other guys went on the sidewalk to let him throught.
User avatar
#76 - mastercolossus (12/30/2015) [-]
i didnt say that he wasnt being a cunt.
i was just saying if anyone fucks with my shit im gonna fuck them up.
#84 - spookswoo (12/30/2015) [-]
well arent you just the cutest thing ive ever seen.
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#86 - mastercolossus (12/30/2015) [-]
would you sith there while they take your console/pc and throw it out a window?
User avatar
#87 - spookswoo (12/30/2015) [-]
if you block the road and the guy you're blocking is getting pissed then suit yourself. you can either chose to be a dickhead and get your shit smashed, you you could just not be.
#42 - *finally* ? I'm ******* crying right now from it , ****! … 12/29/2015 on i'll just stay in bed 0
#37 - Picture 12/28/2015 on (untitled) 0
#2 - How the **** do you open it than? Rip it all off like a savage ?  [+] (2 new replies) 12/27/2015 on Chicken Flavored Condom -1
User avatar
#6 - mrjbrown (12/27/2015) [-]
theres even a fucking line . . .
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#5 - sumerfag (12/27/2015) [-]
you open the top of the package
#206 - But you'd get to drive, that's the point 12/27/2015 on Superhighway 0