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#210 - 1kg=1kg=1kg...doesn't matter what comprises the mass.  [+] (2 replies) 02/28/2016 on Got a question for ya 0
#251 - anon (02/28/2016) [-]
i think to explain that shows even more stupid as the one who cant answer 1 kg feathers or 1kg stone
#211 - pettdavids (02/28/2016) [-]
yeah but one gram of diamonds weighs like 15 grams or so
#162 - Lol what the **** is your motive here? Do you just like being …  [+] (1 reply) 11/05/2015 on (untitled) 0
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#239 - gingershavetrolls (11/05/2015) [-]
I want people to acknowledge what they really are

that is the root of all this SJW bullshit

if this girl happened to be a little heavier she would be the kind of "gender is a social construct" pseudo feminist that we all hate

it just so happens that shes a little prettier than your average so she doesn't need to resort to such

she posts multiple pictures of herself with different hair colours and needlessly brags about weight loss that nobody asked about to get her kicks

she knows this site is full of guys that worship average looking girls

im trying to do you all a favour here

this is why girls act like psychos because half the betas that thumb me down will blow smoke up her ass because she has a pair of boobs and a cute face

girls need to hear the truth and be brought to reality. and some advice for the virgins in the room - the guy that tells girls this kinda stuff gets laid in this day and age. so thumb me down all you want, just don't complain when the SJW transcends fatties and the slightly hotter ones start getting involved. Its started already.
#68 - yeah it seems high because if that were to happen today we'd t…  [+] (1 reply) 10/28/2015 on /pol/ niggers 0
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#72 - salihzzz (10/28/2015) [-]
why are you so angy i just asked a few questions, yeah that is a ton of dead people by todays standarts but this was the deadlies war in history it was back then a relativly small number iin the grand scale off WW2 casualties so whats your point exactly.

And yes the holocaust is rememberd and should be rememberd but to only focus on the loss of jewish life and not all the lives lost in ww2 or at least all the lives lost in the holocaust( gypsies slavs communists etc) is unacceptable aswell
#36 - the **** was he running to, the wall?  [+] (1 reply) 10/26/2015 on RIP angry joe 0
#37 - anon (10/26/2015) [-]
He was running from the window, to the wall.
With sweat dripping down his balls.
#10 - didn't want the dude to die, their sport probably couldn't han…  [+] (1 reply) 09/29/2015 on Fairness +12
#29 - hongkonglongdong (09/29/2015) [-]
You're not implying they haven't had several bad events already happen in their sport, right?