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#41 - link to the original! http://www . youtube . com / wa…  [+] (6 new replies) 12/21/2012 on Gets me every time -1
User avatar #48 - camdonwin (12/21/2012) [-]
that was some remix, this is the original.

http://www . youtube . com / watch?v=u51OxZF1ltI

fuckin hillarious
#57 - anonymous (12/21/2012) [-]
is it bad that I found the crying to make it that much more enjoyable?
User avatar #45 - walcorn (12/21/2012) [-]
> "Original"

User avatar #49 - camdonwin (12/21/2012) [-]
yours had no sound.
judger gets judged.

P.S. mine seemed to work fine.
User avatar #50 - camdonwin (12/21/2012) [-]
maybe it was my computer
hoo nose
User avatar #46 - kenzyleggatti (12/21/2012) [-]
oh god apologies i'm so sorry

i didnt actually watch it
#106 - throwing down <3 12/20/2012 on Bees! Bees! Bees! 0
#117 - I'm seventeen, I've been drumming since I was twelve and while… 11/23/2012 on Cymbal 0
#109 - In my opinion I don't actually like the B8 series, they're too…  [+] (1 new reply) 11/22/2012 on Cymbal 0
User avatar #111 - Polartape (11/22/2012) [-]
Yeah, I suppose playing alternative rock/punk kind of stuff that's the sound you're looking for. And those cymbal packs are basically what convinced me to get some, ahaha :p
#107 - MFW I work in a reputable drum store in my city and go on Funn…  [+] (6 new replies) 11/22/2012 on Cymbal +2
#110 - anonymous (11/22/2012) [-]
It's the internet.

Nobody's gives a shit. In reality, you're probably some lonely unemployed 18 year old (being generous here, chances are you're under 16), who still is dependant of mommy and daddy.

You're probably "that guy" that shows up - pretending to be an expert on every point you argue, when in reality you're irrelevant to anything outside your bedroom.

Good day, from a very friendly anon. :-)
User avatar #117 - kenzyleggatti (11/23/2012) [-]
I'm seventeen, I've been drumming since I was twelve and while yes, I'm still an amateur and I'm nowhere near professional, my product knowledge is a lot more expansive then a lot of drummers that I know.

Personally I'm insulted, I never try to brag more than I know- if I don't know something I'm honestly going to ask someone more experienced for help. I'm not 'pretending' to be anyone I'm telling the honest truth.

Another thing, I labelled it "useless blabbering" for a reason. Nobody has to give a shit or respect my opinion: It's information that's there to be taken or left.

Politely fuck yourself
-Kenzy xxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s. I'm not lonely I'm not bad looking and I have a mean circle of friends so in ur face u silly willy
#108 - Polartape (11/22/2012) [-]
So Mr. kenzyleggatti, would you be able to help me out!?

I'm in need of some new cymbals, a crash and high-hats, I was thinking something from the Sabian B8 series, they sound pretty and aren't too expensive for their quality.. Is there anything you'd recommend instead?
#112 - ironstrike (11/22/2012) [-]
Can't tell if you're trolling, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Stay away from the lower brand cymbals from all companies. (Zildjian ZBT/ZXT/ZHT - Paiste Pst3/Alpha - Sabian B8/Xs20 - Meinl MCS - etc etc.

The only way you're going to find the correct sounding cymbals for YOU, is to go into a local music shop and bang on their cymbals.

You might also want to check out (used) cymbals.

I've got an 8 piece VSX and a 5PC MCX, and I can't stand new cymbals. They sound too brash and not warm.
User avatar #109 - kenzyleggatti (11/22/2012) [-]
In my opinion I don't actually like the B8 series, they're too harsh and not really fine tuned I guess. But then again I'm a sucker for warm and soft sounding cymbals ahue. It really depends on what sound you want and what type of music you play. So go ahead and tell me, it could be that it'd be cheaper to buy a cymbal pack and still get a nice sound then to buy a full set separately
User avatar #111 - Polartape (11/22/2012) [-]
Yeah, I suppose playing alternative rock/punk kind of stuff that's the sound you're looking for. And those cymbal packs are basically what convinced me to get some, ahaha :p
#17 - You know who else uses a keyboard like that? … 11/05/2012 on hand coordination +9
#10 - calvin and hobbes was my inspiration growing up and a few year…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/31/2012 on Calvin +11
#18 - coolcalx (11/01/2012) [-]

I've read through the whole thing many a time.
#3089 - Comment deleted 10/29/2012 on GEARBOY (Comic #1) PART 2 +1
#178 - C'MERE KIDS IM GONNA TIE YOU TO THE RADIATOR AND GRAPE YOU FOR…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/29/2012 on fucking strawberries! +2
User avatar #179 - konradkurze (10/29/2012) [-]
#74 - middle white class from aucklands north shore here, jesus …  [+] (1 new reply) 10/19/2012 on Only in New Zealand... +1
User avatar #86 - hairydickfarts (10/19/2012) [-]
#113 - A teenage chicken is called pullet. Or that's at least what we… 10/18/2012 on Skittles Farm 0
#2 - calvin & hobbes <3  [+] (1 new reply) 10/14/2012 on MFW i tell my mom about the... +32
#27 - TIDYKIWI (10/14/2012) [-]
#53 - mfw you just ruined my childhood 08/17/2012 on That feelz like sucide +10
#41 - >MFW a girl says i look handsome 08/11/2012 on MFW -6
#52 - oh god my sides.gif 07/17/2012 on Potty training 0
#106 - Age: 17 Highest Education: Still in high school Job: D…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/10/2012 on Surprised he made it that far 0
#125 - anonymous (07/10/2012) [-]
My brother worked on a cruise ship, as a busboy I think.. His room was about the size of a normal pick-up truck, and shared it with 2-3 other dudes. His hours were 13+ a day, and he got frequently sea-sick. Not all of this is 100% accurate, but the details were around those ranges.
#44 - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is the most perfect youtube comment in th… 07/09/2012 on Youtube... Youtube... +5
#181 - Picture 07/08/2012 on This is my nightmare +8
#413 - He was my friend on facebook :c 07/08/2012 on nigga anime +3
#412 - THAD :C GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE, I MISS YOU :C :C :C  [+] (1 new reply) 07/08/2012 on nigga anime +1
#467 - anonymous (07/08/2012) [-]
Don't we all...
#123 - Picture 07/08/2012 on ghostdad! +19
#199 - Picture 07/08/2012 on HERO +27
#32 - Dinner at OP's house. 07/08/2012 on 9GAG ARMY!!! +7
#672 - Picture 07/08/2012 on Moment of Truth +4
#91 - mfw  [+] (1 new reply) 07/08/2012 on Reposting +3
#96 - penhaligan (07/08/2012) [-]
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