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Not interesting in any way what so ever.

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#7 - pretty sure agents of shield  [+] (2 replies) 02/06/2016 on Gif Dump - Part 70 +3
#29 - babarock (02/06/2016) [-]
Time to go catch up on the DVR recordings
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#11 - aholyman (02/06/2016) [-]
yes, that is agents of shield alright
#383 - You are so ******* stupid.  [+] (1 reply) 09/25/2015 on being this level of sub... 0
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#482 - chokolocco (09/25/2015) [-]
When I was living in china, there were many many homeless people. They come out at night and beg you for money.
They use their own fucking kids and make them look sick or sth. Sometimes even intentionally disabling them fracturing a bone or two when they were younger to make them more "pitiful" once they grow up a little.
The poor kids will then be told to go ask for money and a good Samaritan seeing such a scene would of course try to help. Then the second the Samaritan give the kid a coin or a bowl of meal, ten adult beggars will jump out of nowhere and demand that he/she helps them too.

It's fucked and its crazy how one couldn't even imagine such a reality without personally experiencing it. Not to mention drug their pet for benefits.
Ofc I hope he gets his dog back if such were not the case.
#10 - Bullseye is basically a cripple in a hannibal-esque stand up s…  [+] (2 replies) 08/28/2015 on Remember that Daredevil Movie? +25
#13 - anon (08/28/2015) [-]
*probably one of the most overrated books in years
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#14 - karmaghost (08/28/2015) [-]
Well I would agree with the statement, and I have a comic collection and knowledge of the subject matter that gives me some authority on the subject.
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