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#3 - well... i dont arguue about the series itself. i dont even car…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/01/2016 on Yet Another Random GIF 0
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#4 - sapphirox (07/01/2016) [-]
Maybe it's because the Japanese name has 'und' or a bastardization of it in the title.

However I too am ignorant of the contents of the show

Good day to you sir
#1 - i never understood why its translated as "girls und panze…  [+] (4 new replies) 07/01/2016 on Yet Another Random GIF 0
#9 - anon (07/02/2016) [-]
It's probably about the same reason the official website appears to be girls-und-panzer.jp/ and why "GIRLS und PANZER" appear under the Japanese name of the official posters. Don't complain to the translators, complain to the people who made it.
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#2 - sapphirox (07/01/2016) [-]
Its a show about goddamn teenage girls driving goddamn tanks like they're in fucking Tokyo Drift living on an aircraft carrier

You can be angry at a lot of things in the show

That is probably at the back of the list
#3 - kanedam (07/01/2016) [-]
well... i dont arguue about the series itself. i dont even care about it. i just thnk its stpid that some fans completely disregard the original intent of the series and add elements into it that werent supposed to be there.
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#4 - sapphirox (07/01/2016) [-]
Maybe it's because the Japanese name has 'und' or a bastardization of it in the title.

However I too am ignorant of the contents of the show

Good day to you sir
#18 - remind me of "i am a hero" 06/30/2016 on artist 0
#19 - tbh i'm still amazed how few spoilers there were for this season...  [+] (1 new reply) 06/27/2016 on GoT spoilers +2
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#27 - yusay (06/28/2016) [-]
A lot was actually spoiled by episode 1, but people just weren't spamming them (Most of the stuff that goes on during BotB, Rickon dying, Tommen suicide, even the entire sept explosion was spoiled by Jonathon Pryce in an interview a month ago).
#144 - Picture 06/26/2016 on kanedam's profile 0
#24 - i prefer her sexy versions...  [+] (3 new replies) 06/26/2016 on Do it for the xp boost +2
#30 - fitemeirlbro (06/27/2016) [-]
#28 - telosxiv (06/26/2016) [-]
Her face is so fucking ugly tho.
#27 - suisei (06/26/2016) [-]
the gremlin is sexy
#10 - two very different things... 06/26/2016 on kids +6
#56 - Comment deleted 06/23/2016 on Sometimes I can't... 0
#2 - someone care toi explain?  [+] (27 new replies) 06/21/2016 on Let Gary Johnson debate 0
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#3 - scootabot (06/21/2016) [-]
Third party candidate. Pretty much like Bernie.
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#4 - UncleCurtis (06/21/2016) [-]
Jill stein of the Green party would be more like Bernie. Johnson only has social policies like him.
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#5 - scootabot (06/21/2016) [-]
My dad is really into Bernie and he wants to vote for Gary Johnson. But I saw what he approves of and I'm not for him.
He wants to change up the tax system to where everything will be far more expensive, but we never have to pay income taxes.
He said something like adding 27% tax rate to everything that we buy? So, like, if you buy something for $200, you'll be adding another $27 for taxes alone.
#17 - comradewinter (06/21/2016) [-]
27% of 200 is 54, not 27.
#13 - anon (06/21/2016) [-]
It's called the Fair Tax, and that's not how it works at all. Yes, it is a consumption tax. However, there is a prebate so the average person making 40k a year will not pay taxes. You get a check in the mail every month for about $450. If you pay more than $450 in sales taxes a month THEN, and only THEN, will you be paying taxes out of your pocket. The average American get to keep every cent they make.
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#6 - UncleCurtis (06/21/2016) [-]
I don't like Johnson for his tax plan either, that's why i support Jill Stein (since Bernie has a .1% chance of getting the nomination now). And its basically a 27% tax on all new goods and he wants to get rid of all corporate taxes. Its like having democratic social policies with far right economic policies.
User avatar
#26 - goodhomer (06/21/2016) [-]
Consumption taxes are more easily enforceable.

Not for or against, just stating a fact.
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#18 - thegoblingamer (06/21/2016) [-]
Wait, the Johnson guy wants to get rid of corporate taxes?
User avatar
#19 - UncleCurtis (06/21/2016) [-]
Yes and replace it with a consumption tax which is a 23% sales tax on all new goods.
User avatar
#21 - thegoblingamer (06/21/2016) [-]
Corporations already don't pay taxes. Just like the rich.
I want a president that will actually enforce that shit. I'm sick of these corporations and rich folk getting to skimp on taxes because they're cheating the system due to them being rich and being able to (ie. Trump).
#32 - anon (06/21/2016) [-]
pssst.. hey. The top 10% pay over 50% of the nations total tax revenue
User avatar
#33 - thegoblingamer (06/21/2016) [-]
False. Tax income (as a whole) is less than 50% of "Total tax revenue" so that statement can't even be remotely true.

Were you trying to say that the top 10% pay 50% of their income in taxes? Cause that'd be accurate. Even then, it's a percentage, but you there are plenty of loopholes and off-shore accounts to get around, so really they're "paying" 50%.
User avatar
#24 - UncleCurtis (06/21/2016) [-]
I'm just repeating what I herd Johnson say. It is bullshit that they get away with that but i don't think Trump would be the person to do it. Plus the fact that he wants to lower corporate taxes.
User avatar
#25 - thegoblingamer (06/21/2016) [-]
Not to get too circlejerky, but I dislike how people say "Trump isn't a politician". Big business IS politics at his level. Plus his bullying tactics during debates... it's just so high school-esque I don't know how people aren't instantly put off by that. But y'know "Highschool never ends" so everyone wants to jump on with the "cool kid" that has the dead ferret on his head.
User avatar
#27 - UncleCurtis (06/21/2016) [-]
It doesn't bother me he wasn't in politics before, i just agree with many of his policies and the fact that he is running for president makes him a politician now...
User avatar
#28 - thegoblingamer (06/21/2016) [-]
I think we need to turn away from politicians. They're people that get paid to have uninformed decisions on things.

Climate denial
Evolution denial
yada yada yada.
They're know-nothings with zero actual traits or abilities.
They can't DO anything besides be a politician.
User avatar
#29 - UncleCurtis (06/21/2016) [-]
I think there are many politicians like that currently in our system but i wouldn't vote for someone just because they weren't a politician. I'll vote for the person I agree most with on policy regardless of background. I think we need publicly funded elections and then we can truly have a say at who goes in office. Anyone can run as long as they have a message that can garner support.
User avatar
#30 - thegoblingamer (06/21/2016) [-]
Oh I didn't mean that I'd vote for someone just cause they weren't a politician. I just mean that a lot of politicians are so rich and far-removed from society that they don't know how normal people function. There's generations of politicians that are bred JUST to be a politician. They don't understand normal human struggles.
#14 - anon (06/21/2016) [-]
That is not how the Fair Tax works at all. >>#13
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#7 - scootabot (06/21/2016) [-]
I don't support Bernie.
But I don't think his tax plan would work out, anyway. It's far too drastically different compared to the system we've got in play now. Too many people will have trouble adapting.

I had an argument about Bernie this morning with my father. He says that he doesn't support Trump because he's racist. Yet the example he gave me wasn't even considered racism. He thinks that pointing out the race of someone is considered racism. It was a touchy subject, but I don't think it was racism. I think Trump was being stupid, not that he's a racist.
User avatar
#23 - thegoblingamer (06/21/2016) [-]
Oh I also don't like that Trump skimps (or has skimped) on his taxes. Shows a dishonest person, which is a trait I really want in a leader.
User avatar
#20 - thegoblingamer (06/21/2016) [-]
I'd say it depends on the context if it's racist or not. I'm not sure what incident you're really pointing to. I just think Trump's an idiot and too far-gone from normal to know what's good for the average citizen (same with like 99% of all politicians, honestly. They're all too rich and far removed)

In a person experience your comment reminded me of, my dad is all for Trump. Which is fine and dandy, I suppose. But my dad is also a climate denier, an evolution denier, and is very much close-minded about nearly everything.
I told him I didn't care for Trump, and he started yelling at me that I was gonna vote for Hillary (Spoiler alert: I'm not) and calling me a socialist and a communist.

Basically my dad's crazy.
User avatar
#8 - UncleCurtis (06/21/2016) [-]
I was Bernie or bust because Hillary is terrible. And I don't think Trumps tax plan would work and I dont think Johnson's tax plan would work. But i'm not voting for Trump because he's a climate denier and that's far too much for me. But the argument that you shouldn't vote for Trump because he is a racist is ridiculous. You shouldn't vote for someone based on policy you disagree with; despite the fact that i don't think Trump is racist.
#15 - anon (06/21/2016) [-]
"He's a climate denier." And you're a socialist? Never mind. I was going to talk to you about Garry Johnson, but I can see you are a retard. I'm out.
User avatar
#9 - scootabot (06/21/2016) [-]
Yeah. I'm not voting for anybody, but I'm supporting Trump.

It's a lose-lose situation no matter who goes into the White House.
#16 - anon (06/21/2016) [-]
Yeah, I'm sure the 3-5 supreme court nominations Hillary will appoint to legislate from the bench is EXACTLY what Trump would do. Lose, lose! Why do young people get to vote. You are all so fucking stupid. Go vote for Trump, dipshit. It makes a huge difference. You can thank me when you are 30 and your taxes aren't over 50% and the internet isn't censored.
User avatar
#10 - UncleCurtis (06/21/2016) [-]
I'll need to vote for everything else besides president so I'll vote for Jill Stein while im there. But yeah, there's nothing good that can come from this election.
#12 - but... if something goes wrong the bike is gone, right? 06/20/2016 on Neat 0