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#1 - What's this? A Dorkly comic stating videogames are differr…  [+] (11 replies) 07/31/2016 on GTA V +168
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#16 - hurpfry (07/31/2016) [-]
What's this? A faggot that can't take a joke? Never seen one of those before.
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#18 - rollertoaster (07/31/2016) [-]
It's just not a funny joke is the thing
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#15 - Lilstow (07/31/2016) [-]
honestly they'd probably still perform surgery on them.
hippocratic oath and whatnot.

This dorkley comic isn't just fucking stupid and unfunny, just like every single fucking one of them it's also wrong.
#26 - anon (07/31/2016) [-]
Unless it was a triage situation. I garuntee you if there were several officers bleeding to death and a mass murderer bleeding to death, medical professionals would treat the officers first if understaffed or overwhelmed. If he's ths only guy alive, most professionals would take care of him. They may do it halfassed though....and I doubt his recovery would be filled with morphine.
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#6 - lordogames (07/31/2016) [-]
tbh at first I thought it was a political comic, but shortly realised it wasn't.
#24 - thickfingers (07/31/2016) [-]
yeah i went all the way and made this to say that "no white male ever does that"
but then i read the comment
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#4 - Sterski (07/31/2016) [-]
Damn you stole my comment.
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#2 - thesunpraiser (07/31/2016) [-]
What's this? A comment criticizing Dorkly for making a comic about video games? Never seen one of those before.
#3 - anon (07/31/2016) [-]
What's this? A comment criticizing etc etc
#17 - garyhasmorebadges (07/31/2016) [-]
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#9 - ohhh (07/31/2016) [-]