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If you heard right, then yes, I had to move away because of sex.

It was a year ago when I was in a summer theater group practicing for Grease. I managed to gain the part of Johny Casio. So days go by and I start hanging out with this girl. She was perfect. Simple minded, smart, and easy to manipulate. So show time was getting close and we didn't want to forget eachother after the production was all over, so we became mates.

A few days after, she invites me to a swimming party. Taken from how dirty my mind was, I accepted without hesitation. The party soon came that Saturday. She was dressed in a one piece because her parents are REALLY protective over her. I walked over to her and we both jumped into the pool. Now this is where it starts getting interesting. She then wraps her legs around me and we start french kissing. Being under the pressure, my penis began to get more erect each time she pressed her tounge harder in my mouth. She then pulls away, grabs my hand, unravels her feet from behind me, and leads me to an upstairs bedroom. So, knowing this was happening, I tackled her onto the bed and resumed the french kissing. Then she pushed me off of her and says," I want you," in the must pleading voice I have ever heard. She then laid down into position while I pulled out a condom from the nightstand and quickly put it on. Then I climb back on top of her, and push my penis in. You can tell by the look on her face when I had it in was in pure delight. I quickly then began to thrust harder and deeper, causing her to moan in pleause. Being the ******** I am, I forgot to close the door. So, her screams reached her father's ears and I soon heard loud thumps coming from the stairwell. I didn't have time to realize it but both of us were cumming. So I pulled out, toke off the condom, and pushed it back in. Then I thrusted harder than before only to cause her screams to grow louder. Then..... She came....... which caused me to cum...... inside. I then pulled out and looked at the doorway to find her father standing there, with a mix between anger and shock. He told me to gather my things from the house and leave. I soon told my mother about this and she wasn't happy.

The next day, my mother received a phone call from her father. She told me that if we don't move out of the state, he was going to sue for everything we have. So, we picked up everything and headed out for Michigan, where we have a secondary house in case **** hits the fan.

The next day up in Michigan, I receive the last phone call from her. She told me it was over and that she was on the pill. I simply thanked her and hung up.

To this day, I can't even think about being with another girl, but, I will try to forget about her, someday.
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what the ****
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