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#2 - That wan't a typo, he was making reference to this thing calle…  [+] (21 replies) 03/14/2013 on Seth Rogen chose a pope too -102
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#33 - crazyhindu (03/14/2013) [-]
i actually did not know that as i am not catholic and do not give two fucks but thank you for clarifying that in a sarcastic dickish way my friend
#32 - firesky (03/14/2013) [-]
You got my respect for not deleting your post.
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#25 - anonycunt (03/14/2013) [-]
All these red thumbs...for what ?
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#29 - flybager (03/14/2013) [-]
I think it's because he said something about religion
#23 - fedexman (03/14/2013) [-]
#19 - swiftykidd has deleted their comment.
#9 - doddythechef (03/14/2013) [-]
thats was pathetic
im amazed you were able to pass the capatcha to comment
#8 - comehonorfacetwice (03/14/2013) [-]
Joke (n): A thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, esp. a story with a funny punchline.
#7 - arandomanon (03/14/2013) [-]
Your stupidity/trolling made my day and it's been a horrible one. Thank you, have a thumb.
#10 - englman (03/14/2013) [-]
What was wrong with your day stranger?
#12 - arandomanon (03/14/2013) [-]
Let's see... I've been insulted because of nothing, I had to do again a stupid program for my class because the university's pc I was working at deleted it, I still failed it because I wasn't able to do a stupid modification the lecturer told me to do in order to pass the practice even when it was just too easy (something I don't know went wrong) and I think that the 4 years I've been trying to get my degree have been a total waste because I believe I'm too dumb to get it.
#13 - englman (03/14/2013) [-]
I see. Yeah, days like that are freaking crap. Just keep toughing it out and it'll pay off, I'm sure you're smart enough, friend. But hey, even if you can't get through it/don't want to, then just do something else? Thankfully this stuff isn't 100% set in stone, so try to smile through it. You'll figure something out:)
#15 - arandomanon (03/14/2013) [-]
Well thank you for your words, kind stranger. But the thing is I've alredy tried a lot and I still don't get anything. I'm seriously thinking of looking for something else but I don't wanna waste another 4 years doing something I don't like nor I'm good at.
#16 - englman (03/14/2013) [-]
Yeah, I understand that feel all too well.. I'm almost done with my second year of University and have NO clue what I want to do with my life. Career-wise anyway.. I dream (obsess really) over starting a family, though. I know if I could just become a husband, I wouldn't really care what I did with the rest of my time. That makes my number one goal "be happily married." lol
BUUUT, enough about me. I understand the feel friend, and I can't offer much more advice really, but sometimes it's just nice to tell someone. So I thought I'd ask:)
#17 - arandomanon (03/14/2013) [-]
Husband, huh? That's a good dream. I'd like to find someone too but I think I've got more chances of winning the lottory haha.

May I ask what do you study, friend?
#18 - englman (03/14/2013) [-]
Majoring in Biology at the moment (because it offers a lot of options). And I might Minor in Psychology because I freaking love it lol. Would Major in that instead then get a Ph.D. in it, buuuuut I'd have to move.. And I like where I live.
What about you, friend?
#21 - arandomanon (03/14/2013) [-]
That's a tough carreer, man. Good luck with it. Where do you live?
I study a computer engineering. I don't like it very much actually (there are days I really hate it) but I can't think of something I like and has some job perspectives. I really enjoy history and phylosophy but if I study those, I'd stave to death.
#22 - englman (03/14/2013) [-]
I live in Tennessee, a small town too. My family and friends are here, and there's no way in heck I'd leave them.
Computer Engineering sounds pretty difficult too.. As far as History and Philosophy go though, I think there's actually some opportunities in those. At least in History. There's archiving, teaching, etc. I've actually thought about teaching, myself.
Hey, you can add me if you like and we can talk more later:) I have to get to a Psychology class right now though.
#6 - mostlyshits (03/14/2013) [-]
no, I refuse to believe someone can be this stupid
no- no it isn't possible, you're trolling, you've got to be
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#5 - occamsrazor (03/14/2013) [-]
go away
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#3 - vladcobhc (03/14/2013) [-]
whoa there captain obvious
#3 - No matter what kind of thread you're in things get weird  [+] (5 replies) 03/10/2013 on 4chan +3
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#10 - AnonsForSure (03/10/2013) [-]
not if you are on the S FW boards.

/b/ is a no-man's land, you should only go there if you are absolutely ready to bow before nihilism and have your soul leeched
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#11 - celend (03/10/2013) [-]
I actually had to look up what nihilism means, and correct me if i'm wrong.

Does it mean something on the lines of every man for himself?
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#12 - AnonsForSure (03/10/2013) [-]
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#13 - celend (03/10/2013) [-]
I...Think I got it, thanks :)

Abit too heavy reading for me on a sunday :P
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#16 - AnonsForSure (03/10/2013) [-]
There's simplified english
#31 - Where's the funny?  [+] (1 reply) 12/27/2012 on TRUTH +3
#39 - hawaiikid (12/27/2012) [-]
He said Bollocks.