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#1206 - If that is you OP, you're an attention whore and should probab…  [+] (1 reply) 08/26/2012 on Hello, my friends. -3
#1228 - anon (08/26/2012) [-]
Kill yourself
#143 - You do understand that Beats exist to show off the brand, righ…  [+] (2 replies) 08/24/2012 on Morbid for Humanity +2
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#153 - Xedan (08/24/2012) [-]
That's fucking stupid. Mine were a gift, and I'm not gonna go buy super fucking expensive headphones just to have non-beats. I've listened to a friend's like 400 dollar headphones and while some facets were better beats by far had the better bass, and I love listening to music with a lot of bass. They're a product just like any other product, you can't judge someone's character just because they own some. And I can honestly say I think they're the coolest looking headphones, at least compared to what I've seen. There's plenty of reasons a sensible person could pick beats.
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#150 - kwizzy (08/24/2012) [-]
I beg to differ, i'm very satisfied with the quality they provide.
#77 - That wasn't even real.  [+] (1 reply) 08/22/2012 on Famous quotes 0
#79 - eminemguy (08/22/2012) [-]
#75 - "Hello hello hello how low" -Kurt Cobain "Y…  [+] (7 replies) 08/22/2012 on Famous quotes -26
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#113 - lolkoi (08/22/2012) [-]
If i was your boyfriend id never let you go (x 3)
Swag swag swag (x 3)
#105 - steelpanther (08/22/2012) [-]
baby baby baby oh - Justin beiber

shut your cock thirsty mouth up
#94 - fagnipples (08/22/2012) [-]
They're just random parts from the chorus of the song.
Justin Bieber has a song and a film called Never Say Never.
#86 - soluvy (08/22/2012) [-]
hello hello how low....?
that wasn't Kurt Cobain
That was Anthony Kiedis of the red hot chile peppers
#93 - thatdeafguy (08/22/2012) [-]
smells like teen spirit.....now you just mcfucked up
#103 - soluvy (08/22/2012) [-]
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your right, i have mcfucked up. I looked it up. i thought it was just "Hello hello hello"
my mistake.
gif unrelated
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#114 - lolkoi (08/22/2012) [-]
That dog reminds me of the one transformed dog (give me some slack i haven't seen the show in a while) from Full metal alchemist