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#143 - the Beatles are the best  [+] (1 reply) 07/02/2012 on Very Very Unfortunate +1
#153 - loverevolution (07/02/2012) [-]
Lol that is the best Paul picture ever.
#140 - I feel like I need to correct you. Yes, early in the caree…  [+] (3 replies) 07/02/2012 on Very Very Unfortunate 0
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#146 - MegaAwesomeSauce (07/02/2012) [-]
Basically they were a boy band.

"Basically, you can't sell 600 million records if only half the population enjoys your music. So no, they weren't a band directed at young girls."

How is that statement correct when you have bands like one direction and justin bieber reaching extreme success such as that? They certainly only have a strict all female audience yet they are just as successful.

What I am saying is, the beatles are pretty good, but it isn't up to our generation to judge the music of the next generation.
#154 - anon (07/02/2012) [-]
You're both wrong. It wasn't just girls who liked the Beatles in any phase. That's a bad stereotype. The guys were just too stylishly self-conscious to chase them around.
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#149 - joefishsticks (07/02/2012) [-]
One Direction is popular, yes, but if you think they are NEARLY as popular as the Beatles were you really have no idea what you're talking about.
The Beatles were, and still are, the biggest thing to happen in pop culture history. Nothing before or after them impacted music or the media in the same way.
Paul even said in an interview around '66 that some concerts had more males than females.