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    Uploaded: 06/29/15
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    Hitler did nothing wrong Hitler did nothing wrong
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    Uploaded: 05/08/13
    Just finished studying Just finished studying
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    Uploaded: 05/10/13
    Special Olympics Special Olympics
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    Uploaded: 10/12/13
    Nigger Justice Nigger Justice
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    Uploaded: 05/15/13
    Pro is pro Pro is pro
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#238 - I lurk because if I posted, I think I'll contract all of the a…  [+] (1 reply) 07/25/2016 on lurklurklurk -2
#250 - flufflepuff (07/25/2016) [-]
You get it through your eyes
#1516 - Alright you depressed ass ***** Imma throw some real advice at…  [+] (2 replies) 02/25/2015 on Depressed? Tell mods about... 0
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#1517 - banesable (02/25/2015) [-]
See here is where the real problem with meeting people is, I (basically) live on a military base. So the only people to meet are kids, moms, or soldiers. On top of that all the people here are rude motherfuckers.
#1530 - jewpennydiver (02/25/2015) [-]
Hell, you're judging a book by its cover man. Let me share a story with you, about the coolest guy I've ever met. So me and my friends are walking down the streets of New York City, and we see a homeless guy (this motherfucker is straight the most disgusting looking nigga you can ever see). So naturally my instincts are telling me to get the fk away, but my friend who just got paid today, said he'll spend all his money on this guy (heart of fucking gold right here). I reluctantly walk up with my friend who buys this homeless man a whole meal and decides to sit with him and just cheer him up.
Turns out this mother fucker happens to be an ex-seal, who went off on some crazy ass missions and had fucking real military medals to prove it (my friends a ROTC kid so he confirmed the validity of his statements). And man listening to that guy just talk for an hour or maybe two was one of the most inspirational moments of my life and completely worth it.

So Here's my advice to you. Go talk to these assholes, everyone's human at the end of the day and don't judge them based on the same scale you judge yourself because as Einstien said: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
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