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#139 - I have experience With maintaining and Starting servers. I cou… 01/03/2015 on tf2 server test +1
#33 - shiggy diggy doo. 12/28/2014 on Soon +4
#19 - Its a text editor for programmers which obviously means you ar… 12/28/2014 on Lester is Anon. +1
#9 - It would be easy as **** to unclog it i guess.  [+] (3 new replies) 12/27/2014 on Panoramic view of your doo... +24
#11 - anonymous (12/27/2014) [-]
You know what else?

You'd always see any spiders waiting under the seat.
#37 - anonymous (12/28/2014) [-]
Or you could just use toilet bowl cleaner every once in a while. That's stuff kills spiders like you wouldn't believe.
User avatar #25 - donbionicle (12/28/2014) [-]
If you have spiders under your toilet may suggest cleaning your house once in a while? God damn, I'm a slop and don't deal with that.
#39 - Meh  [+] (2 new replies) 12/26/2014 on What you say M8 -7
User avatar #65 - gmarrox (12/26/2014) [-]
Man that was not a good example.
#41 - mrjweezy (12/26/2014) [-]
she pretty fugly to me.
#139 - get on my level fagget 12/25/2014 on Join the fun +1
#27 - Picture 12/23/2014 on That's my fetish 0
#22 - Season 2 Episode 4.  [+] (1 new reply) 12/23/2014 on This show used to make a... 0
User avatar #23 - cupotruth (12/23/2014) [-]

thank you
#4 - I wanted it fried  [+] (2 new replies) 12/22/2014 on That's my fetish +3
User avatar #24 - crimsonhunter (12/22/2014) [-]
i want it deep fried
#19 - Jesus what if you had a cut on your dick.... 12/22/2014 on The Grapefruit Technique 0
#6 - Man its almost like Marriage is a private religous ceremony wi…  [+] (9 new replies) 12/20/2014 on Gays = Peas -32
User avatar #51 - pitchdark (12/21/2014) [-]
Marriage predates Christianity and has moved far past that. Most don't ask for a Christian marriage, you complete fuckin moron.
User avatar #26 - greyhoundfd (12/21/2014) [-]
If marriage belonged only to Christianity, then it would only be present in Christianity. Marriage exists in every single religious institution on the planet, it even exists in a different form in the fucking animal world. It's not a religiously-exclusive concept.
User avatar #13 - ratbag (12/20/2014) [-]
Marriage predates religion you arrogant fuck
User avatar #11 - YllekNayr (12/20/2014) [-]
It's almost like marriage has been performed in countries without your fucking religion, and for the sole purpose of land ownership or political truces for centuries.
#9 - whatnameisnottaken (12/20/2014) [-]
that then grants you legal benifits
User avatar #32 - hasinvadedyou (12/21/2014) [-]
religious marriage and married in the eyes of the law are confusingly named the same thing. The separation of church and state should stop the influence of what the church believes a marriage is but it doesnt. We end up with people arguing that the state should accept same sex couples and people who think its about religion jump on it and think its a crime against humanity. They are different though Religious marriage is about being seen as united in the eyes of god. Marriage for legal purposes are about sharing assets and getting benefits. They should be seen as separate but they arent and thats where all the problems come from.
#36 - whatnameisnottaken (12/21/2014) [-]
in which case neither of us have a point
User avatar #38 - hasinvadedyou (12/21/2014) [-]
thats the problem though its named the same thing do both you and the other guy are right to what it is for and does. I think changing the name for legal marriage would fix the problem but then you got people complaining about being second class citizens and religious people claiming the ones who didnt get married under religious guidelines arent really married it would be a huge mess. It all seems petty though and the people who are against gay marriage are doing what the bible tells them not to do by judging others. It clearly says not to judge others because it isnt their job its gods so..it seems to be an aweful lot of judging going on though.
User avatar #14 - MrDeadiron (12/20/2014) [-]
Religious marriages aren't recognized by the state on simple principle, you have to go down to your courthouse and get papers ratified, the priest only signs them as a representative.
#13 - The cost of living in the area i live in is so ******* … 12/20/2014 on same 0
#6 - Because hes a trash talker.  [+] (1 new reply) 12/20/2014 on Talkin trash +8
User avatar #7 - include (12/20/2014) [-]
Good one.
#298 - Meinkampf in hebrew. 12/19/2014 on wut i read? +1
#748 - **jewfrosdsd used "*roll male privilege*"** **jewfrosdsd ro… 12/18/2014 on check your male privilege +1
#161 - Know this feel. You play tf2?  [+] (1 new reply) 12/18/2014 on Love +1
User avatar #164 - finalfantasymaster (12/18/2014) [-]
yeah i play TF2
but havent really played lately
#145 - Thats the Tim Burton adaptation buddy.  [+] (1 new reply) 12/17/2014 on Reposting my own content -... 0
User avatar #167 - fiveblackmen (12/18/2014) [-]
The movie is, the animated series is not.
#2031 - **jewfrosdsd used "*roll cis privilege*"** **jewfrosdsd rol… 12/16/2014 on Fun roll types 0
#75 - I went to a ******* protest for him in irvine california.....  [+] (3 new replies) 12/15/2014 on The Media +9
User avatar #79 - newprinny (12/15/2014) [-]
Like I said, I hadn't ever heard of him until seeing this post around tumblr and here, dood.
User avatar #292 - ICEDgrunge (12/16/2014) [-]
This event occurred in 2011, and the only slight relevancy it ever had recently was the grand jury decision in this past January. There were many outraged protests 3 years ago for the man, and a lot of news coverage- not to the extent of Michael Brown, I'll never argue that, but it's absurd to thing that this entire Michael Brown case will have as much steam as it does now in 2017. Comparing the two at this moment in time simply does not make sense considering the time periods. If you paid attention in 3 years ago like you are paying attention now, then the light of events would be shifted pretty substantially.
#295 - newprinny (12/16/2014) [-]
Yeah, probably, I don't think I was nearly as in the loop on current events three years ago as I am now, dood. Hell, my memory's so awful I often forget things I did a few days prior, I might've heard of him and just don't even remember it.
#31 - 2/2 12/07/2014 on FJ is Amazing 0
#30 - bruh. 1/2  [+] (1 new reply) 12/07/2014 on FJ is Amazing 0
#31 - jewfrosdsd (12/07/2014) [-]
#10 - Isn't this essenstially what the Spartans did? Except with every kid.  [+] (10 new replies) 11/27/2014 on abortion +8
User avatar #17 - iamkagji (11/27/2014) [-]
No, the SPARTAN II program kidnapped kids that had optimal traits and cloned them, then put the originals through years of grueling training. The 3s were a volunteer corps of 2-man suicide squads and the 4s are just marines in special armor.

In case you were wondering, the original "SPARTAN" project was called Orion, which was a voluntary experimental procedure performed on ordinary marines. They were pumped full of drugs that made them faster and stronger, then sent into battle. Almost all 300 of them died on their first mission, Sergeant Avery Johnson and a few other are all that survived
User avatar #95 - darkangeloffire (11/27/2014) [-]
III's were War Orphans taken by Ackerson and made into suicide soldiers to die by the hundreds to take out one or two Covenant targets.
User avatar #109 - iamkagji (11/27/2014) [-]
Only the first wave of recruits were purely orphans and refugees
User avatar #21 - wolfypolli (11/27/2014) [-]
Pretty sure he meant actual Spartans, not Halo.
User avatar #12 - EnergizierAnon (11/27/2014) [-]
the boys stayed with their mothers until they were 6 or 7, and then the military took them.
User avatar #16 - orkanoidz (11/27/2014) [-]
They we're then cloned and the clone was given back to the parents. (regular families were chosen as candidates)
User avatar #18 - heartlessrobot (11/27/2014) [-]
I think you two are thinking of two very different spartans.
User avatar #19 - orkanoidz (11/27/2014) [-]
Sparta =/= UNSC
User avatar #20 - heartlessrobot (11/27/2014) [-]
I think energizer is thinking sparta.
User avatar #100 - EnergizierAnon (11/27/2014) [-]
i was.
#4 - can anyone translate that hebrew at right right end? Im pretty… 11/24/2014 on Quick fix 0
#134 - jesus christ get that chick some ******* lice shampoo 11/24/2014 on Fuking gross 0
#100 - 2 hours and 45 minutes 11/21/2014 on longest time you've spent... 0
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