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#68 - Not largest but more powerful. The navy has more aircrafts tha…  [+] (5 replies) 11/22/2015 on some shit -7
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#223 - bobsagget (11/22/2015) [-]
navy has the best fighter pilots. or did you forget top gun?
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#242 - jedawg (11/22/2015) [-]
People thumbing me down don't know what they're talking about. I'm a Marine working for the navy as a fighter jet electronic technician. I've seen how a lot of the pilots are and I worked with Air force pilots too and I can tell you that they go through much longer and extensive training for their pilots. There's a reason our Air Force is stronger than our Navy's aviation field. Otherwise, we'd do away with the Air force.
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#284 - bobsagget (11/23/2015) [-]
i didnt thumb you down. just sayin
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#285 - jedawg (11/23/2015) [-]
Well a movie doesn't make it true.
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#287 - bobsagget (11/25/2015) [-]
but it does make it a joke.
#4 - Yeah, more because of the artwork and the meaning. Im an Alex …  [+] (1 reply) 11/20/2015 on jedawg's profile 0
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#5 - optimogappi (11/20/2015) [-]
That's pretty cool, do you have a picture of the tattoo?
#1239 - Yeah you right, i was high in my class but the orders sucked. …  [+] (1 reply) 11/20/2015 on I NEED to see your faces, NOW 0
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#1249 - itsaggron (11/20/2015) [-]
And I guess you'll find out where you'll go from there at the end of c school. They kind of fuck you guys over.
#2 - Haha thanks, I have it tattooed on my back too  [+] (3 replies) 11/20/2015 on jedawg's profile 0
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#3 - optimogappi (11/20/2015) [-]
Wow someone likes Lateralus
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#4 - jedawg (11/20/2015) [-]
Yeah, more because of the artwork and the meaning. Im an Alex Grey fan but don't get me wrong. Tool is my favorite band
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#5 - optimogappi (11/20/2015) [-]
That's pretty cool, do you have a picture of the tattoo?
#231 - You're right the bible doesn't say that. What it says is so mu…  [+] (1 reply) 11/20/2015 on Rekt beyond belief -1
#237 - flufflepuff (11/20/2015) [-]
You're clearly biased
#564 - Pretty awesome, I wanted I level because it's better work just…  [+] (3 replies) 11/19/2015 on I NEED to see your faces, NOW +1
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#599 - itsaggron (11/19/2015) [-]
Marines got a chance to pick in A school if you did good enough, at least that's what I remember. Seemed kinda bs. And yeah, I level is pretty lax but I think o level has way more fun with their jobs.
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#1239 - jedawg (11/20/2015) [-]
Yeah you right, i was high in my class but the orders sucked. Only one order for skids which wouldve taken me to camp pendleton but the rest was f18s, UAVs, and a harrier. Being 2nd gave me the choice from all that and of course I went with f18s
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#1249 - itsaggron (11/20/2015) [-]
And I guess you'll find out where you'll go from there at the end of c school. They kind of fuck you guys over.
#491 - I'm an ATO  [+] (5 replies) 11/19/2015 on I NEED to see your faces, NOW +1
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#558 - itsaggron (11/19/2015) [-]
No shit? I'm an I level AT.
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#564 - jedawg (11/19/2015) [-]
Pretty awesome, I wanted I level because it's better work just harder school. The math I'm good at and I level type of theory I'm good at too. Just got unlucky I guess
User avatar
#599 - itsaggron (11/19/2015) [-]
Marines got a chance to pick in A school if you did good enough, at least that's what I remember. Seemed kinda bs. And yeah, I level is pretty lax but I think o level has way more fun with their jobs.
User avatar
#1239 - jedawg (11/20/2015) [-]
Yeah you right, i was high in my class but the orders sucked. Only one order for skids which wouldve taken me to camp pendleton but the rest was f18s, UAVs, and a harrier. Being 2nd gave me the choice from all that and of course I went with f18s
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#1249 - itsaggron (11/20/2015) [-]
And I guess you'll find out where you'll go from there at the end of c school. They kind of fuck you guys over.
#12 - The left doesn't say ISIS isn't Islamic. They say that ISIS do…  [+] (76 replies) 11/19/2015 on Rekt beyond belief +224
#106 - anon (11/19/2015) [-]
As a Muslim I'm sad to say they do follow Islamic laws, the muslims who do not support IS (a reslly big majority) believe that they are establishing a caliphate in the wrong way, inb4 "hurr durr you're IS" they would kill me without hesitation if they could.
#94 - flufflepuff (11/19/2015) [-]
Except nothing in the bible talks about black people as a race to be killed regularly or in the future.

And also black people could be Christian, because the KKK hated them for their skin color, the conflict was racist in nature and had no foundation in theological warfare.
User avatar
#231 - jedawg (11/20/2015) [-]
You're right the bible doesn't say that. What it says is so much worse.
#237 - flufflepuff (11/20/2015) [-]
You're clearly biased
#102 - anon (11/19/2015) [-]
there are sects of christianity that do talk of black people though
mormon bible says that jesus cursed a tribe back in the good old days with colored skin because of their sin
#110 - flufflepuff (11/19/2015) [-]
[citation needed]
#113 - anon (11/19/2015) [-]
#118 - flufflepuff (11/19/2015) [-]
well, you're quite smug.

I'll admit I don't know much about Mormons. I also have to admit I don't really care to defend them. It looks like they just rewrote the bible however they pleased. I also think it's amusing that we hate Mormons for polygamy but FJ apparently has no qualms if Muslims engage in the practice.

Oh, and my the way, on that exact page you linked me to.... there is a link that says the Mormon church has renounced their previous racist beliefs or statements or something.
#135 - brisineo (11/19/2015) [-]
Mormon here.
It's kind of a long story, but the whole "not letting black people into the higher parts of the church" was a symbolic thing that was started way back during Adam's time. Sorta how the priesthood was first held by the Jews strictly, then allowed to the Gentiles (European/white), same goes for the Gentiles passing it down to the Blacks. Which are cursed black because they were the descendants of Cain, who was punished for the murder and other bad things by having his entire posterity plagued with famine, war, sickness, and some sort of visible, physical mark to tell them apart from the rest of humanity. It does not denote the potential for righteousness of individuals of the race, but well, history from then on proves the point. God really liked dishing out punishments to, or just segregating the founders of races back then. Ishmael and Issac, Jacob's sons, and in our own book, Nephi and Laman.

By the 70s or so, we gave blacks the ability to hold priesthood authority and have higher positions in the church. Also the polygamy thing was abolished like 150 years ago, and at the time was pretty strategic to everyone's survival, considering the massive resettlement to Utah and much of the southwestern states they were doing at the time.
Also we never rewrote the bible, just have supplementary scriptures that either support it further, or clarify some things, mostly to counter all the ear marks and changes the bible has gone through over the centuries
User avatar
#150 - beams (11/19/2015) [-]
Ive been to a mormon church before and it is like one third black
#140 - flufflepuff (11/19/2015) [-]
good to know, thanks
#122 - anon (11/19/2015) [-]
It's also true that many muslims have denounced the worse parts of their religion, so that serves as a decent example.
User avatar
#92 - mychaelmoar (11/19/2015) [-]
That's a retarded equivalence.

The KKK was founded by racists for racists to perpetuate racism. It happens that protestantism is and was very prominent in the deep South, thus the correlation.

ISIS and other Islamic terrorists don't have some other outstanding agenda, nor do they have the luxury of simple correlation by geographical scale - their mission to establish an Islamic caliphate through violence and terror is steeped in the Koran. If anyone would ever both to read it, then holy crap they would know this.

Inb4 ISIS doesn't follow real Islam

They literally kill other Muslims for apostasy (turning away from Islam) for not following every violent letter of Islam to a T. Whether or not they are the real Islam, they believe they are, and they are fucking decimating any peoples who do not abide by the standards they hold.

On a practical note, Islam entails following Muhammad's words to every degree, as he is considered the true messenger of Allah. This includes not just the Koran, but the Hadith, which entail a multitude of violent and oppressive things, all of which form Sharia law. Plenty of scriptures from the Koran support the notion that those who disagree with Muhammad in even a minor sense are no longer "true Muslims."

But those who reject Faith after they accepted it, and then go on adding to their defiance of Faith,- never will their repentance be accepted; for they are those who have (of set purpose) gone astray.
— Quran 3:90
Make ye no excuses: ye have rejected Faith after ye had accepted it. If We pardon some of you, We will punish others amongst you, for that they are in sin.
— Quran 9:66
He who disbelieves in Allah after his having believed, not he who is compelled while his heart is at rest on account of faith, but he who opens (his) breast to disbelief-- on these is the wrath of Allah, and they shall have a grievous chastisement.
— Quran 16:106

By this merit, it seems as though moderate Muslims either do not exist - in that they are actually zealots on par with ISIS and are just lying to us by the use of Taqiya - or they are apostates and not the "real Islam."
#190 - lankyman (11/19/2015) [-]
But most people don't follow something or anything so blindly, they pick and choose what they find relevant to their lives, they outfit scripture to their needs. Much like any other modern Abrahamic monotheist faith.

What I find scary is that you define Islam how ISIS defines it, you are in agreement with total assholes and you are buying what they're selling.
User avatar
#200 - mychaelmoar (11/19/2015) [-]
Bruh, the Koran literally says that if you are against anything in the Koran, you aren't a true Muslim.

This means that either ISIS is right and that a ton of 'moderate' Muslims aren't real Muslims, or that no Muslims are actually "moderate," but are instead pretending to be under the pretense of Taqiya - the Islamic practice of lying to protect one's faith under duress or other circumstances - in order to subvert the Western world.

Consider my second post below.
#228 - lankyman (11/19/2015) [-]
Okay then, they aren't true Muslims in your own objectivity, big woop.

I thought we were wanting a reformed Muslim faith rather than Aloha Snackbar warlord cult? Islam isn't a religion of peace or war, its a religion. Humanity creates faith and modernity will change it for the better. The past months has shown an intense battle between modernists vs medievalists. Why don't we let, nay support Muslims who aren't threatening to "behead the infidel" define their own faith rather than having white kids on the internet reminding everyone that their faith literally commands them to "behead the infidel". Islam isn't a religion of peace or war, its a religion. Humanity creates faith and modernity will change it for the better. The past months has shown an intense battle between modernists vs medievalists. Im rooting for the former.

its almost as if you want to perpetuate an endless cycle of misery and fear between two people?

(Also, if you wave around the idea of taqiya as a faultless defense against any peaceful or moderate Muslim expressing goodwill from his faith, then you're so entrenched in your fear that you're beyond reasoning with...I will pray for you)
User avatar
#234 - mychaelmoar (11/20/2015) [-]
The point I have in saying this is that Islam is not a dynamic religion that can shift to society. Rather, it forces others to conform to it. I do not see it as compatible because it would not remain Islam if it were changed, therefore it will not, because to change Islam's foundation is to deny how it is written, which is considered apostasy.

I could give less of a damn if Islam is made more or less compatible, nor if ISIS perpetuates its nonsense - because as things are now, they won't be able to withstand the absolutely ridiculous amount of bombings they're going to endure, let alone actual boots on the ground from Russia and perhaps even China.

I can tell that you have good-natured humanistic thoughts at your core, and you wish to suppose the best in people, and that's a lovely thing to hope for. You're right that we can and should encourage Muslims to be good and upright and neglect that which is stated in the Koran, but that would be in direct defiance of core Islamic beliefs, which is that the Koran is the infallible message of Allah by the word of Muhammad.

I don't "wish" this violence, but it's an indefatigable truth that to remove what makes Islam oppressive or violent would force Muslims to leave their faith - most of whom will not do so willingly.

So you can either hope against hope that they will commit mass apostasy, or you can let things the way they are in admission that Islam is basically evil even by the mere relativistic standards of humanism in a way that it has remained since before the medieval era.
#139 - anon (11/19/2015) [-]
The same type of quotes can be found in the Christian bible...
#192 - mychaelmoar (11/19/2015) [-]
Except the Bible also literally says that the Old Covenant under which "God's Chosen" - Israel - were to follow Him was fulfilled through Jesus Christ and that we no longer are called to try and fulfill the Law as it was made complete on the cross.

Today, rather than upholding statues of the Old Testament + Old Covenant as the way to God, they serve as reminders of how imperfect we are - because we cannot realistically adhere to 600+ laws to avoid sin - and that we need the perfection of Christ to reach God. Similarly, they show how valuable and intense the sacrifice of Christ is by demonstrating the sheer vastness of things covered in that grace.
There are still passages in the New Testament that indicate and support this notion that the OT still helps us recognize and admonish sin, but we do not punish it to justify ourselves before the Lord as before. Rather, we are cleansed by faith in Christ's sacrifice and wholeness, and so we are already justified in Christ by that faith.

For reference, here's a discussion of homosexuality as pertaining to scripture that highlights this dichotomy. www.str.org/articles/is-the-leviticus-prohibition-of-homosexuality-irrelevant#.Vk4dLberRhE

As I stated before, however, the Koran and Hadith are both from Muhammad as Allah's messenger, and both support the ideologue of absolute adherence to the Islamic texts. Literally by the book - which is what we have been discussing in both circumstances - 'real' Muslims must follow the Koran to the nth degree.

For "moderate" Muslims claiming that the Koran is incorrect or outdated and so not representative of "real Islam," the denial of such texts and others that are plenty violent entail either 1. apostasy, which is considered even worse than being an infidel, for which the Koran prescribes the death penalty, or 2. that the Koran is completely contradictory to itself and should not be taken seriously by anyone

However, no Muslim would ever denounce their own faith as presented in the second option, so we must accept that all of Islam supports the militaristic notions presented in the Koran and Hadith. They may not actively practice these notions, but they certainly do not decry them.

User avatar
#203 - mychaelmoar (11/19/2015) [-]
Further discussion of OT vs. NT and fulfillment of Christ.

User avatar
#121 - cannibalvegan (11/19/2015) [-]
Fucking this.

People who say that ISIS interprets the quran wrong clearly don't anything about the quran, it obviously says several times that you should spread Islam by the sword.

Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"

Tabari (9:69) "Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us"

Quran (9:5) - "So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them."

The religion of peace my ass.
User avatar
#222 - beardgasm (11/19/2015) [-]
Plenty of shit like that in the old testament.
User avatar
#236 - cannibalvegan (11/20/2015) [-]
Like what?
User avatar
#248 - beardgasm (11/20/2015) [-]
Or this little gem.

1 Samuel 15:2-3, "This is what the LORD Almighty says: Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.'"
User avatar
#250 - cannibalvegan (11/21/2015) [-]
Are you seriously refering to a contextual verse about war? It is clearly God ordering the people of Israel to destroy the Amalekites for rebelling against him and because their whole city was lost in sin. How can this be used in any way to justify terrorism, murder or rape today? It's clear that the only reason this was allowed (Killing is not a in the context of war by the way.) is because God judged the Amalekites and decided that they needed to be wiped out, it doesn't say "KILL ALL SINNERS" or whatever.

It's also important to note that the OT basically only applies to the old people of Israel. The NT is far more important because that's what Christians follow.
User avatar
#254 - beardgasm (11/21/2015) [-]
"the OT basically only applies to the old people of Israel"

Do you hear what you're saying? You pick out verses in the quran that most muslims believe aren't applicable today saying that is what they believe, yet when I do the same with the bible you say 'oh well that doesn't really apply'. That is hypocricy at its best.
User avatar
#255 - cannibalvegan (11/21/2015) [-]
The problem is that the Quran is 100% God's perfect words and should not be interpreted or changed and thus according to the Quran all muslims should do as it says. I am not saying that all muslims follow everything in the Quran, but I'm saying that Islam is the worst religion because it says for example that terrorists will be rewarded for their actions and it encourages its followers to spread Islam by any means necessary. The reason it's called "The religion peace" is because the ultimate goal of Islam is to create a caliphate that stretches all over earth and when this happens there can finally be peace, so technically they fight for peace.

Anyway, the Bible condems this sort of behavior and Christian terrorists almost doesn't exist because it so obviously says that those who kill innocents are fuck faces. A Christian terrorist is a paradox that is comparable to my username basically.
#253 - beardgasm has deleted their comment.
User avatar
#247 - beardgasm (11/20/2015) [-]
Like it says to stone adulterers to death, even though it also says not to kill people.
User avatar
#127 - opticmonkey (11/19/2015) [-]
Wow you can cherrypick quotations from a book hundreds of years old and then present them to us without context in a way that makes it seem like the Quran is evil. The bible can be cherrypicked in a similar way, it's almost like holy books have potential for both good and evil and it's up the the people who read it to take what they want from it.
User avatar
#132 - cannibalvegan (11/19/2015) [-]
Not really, I have never found any straight forward verses like these in the Bible. Islam is much, much worse than Christianity. Just the fact that according to Christianity it is a free choice to become a Christian, but according to Islam anyone who doesn't convert should be killed or enslaved and to leave Islam is punishable by death. Also, Jesus was a hippie who spoke about love and charity, but Muhammed was a massmurdering pedophile.

User avatar
#133 - opticmonkey (11/19/2015) [-]
Tbh I don't know enough about either book to dispute their merits, but I do know enough about history to tell you that atrocities have been committed in the name of every religion. And I know enough muslims to tell you that most of them are moderate, peace loving people
User avatar
#136 - cannibalvegan (11/19/2015) [-]
That's a complete strawman, I am criticizing Islam and not the people follows it and I have never claimed that atrocities has not been commited in the name of other religions. However, it is obvious that Islam is the worst religion out there and it does teach some fucked up things that differ it from Christianity and Judaism. Have you ever heard of a Christian terrorist? I have certainly not and there are probably very few of them if any because it is nearly impossible to interpret the Bible in that regard unlike the Quran which clearly says that it is a good thing to cast terror into the disbelievers and those who die in the cause of Allah will be rewarded.
User avatar
#137 - opticmonkey (11/19/2015) [-]
Really you've never heard of christian terrorists? You've heard of WBC I hope, not terrorists but still have a botched interpretation of the bible. Google army of god, a christian terrorist group that bombed some abortion clinics, and I think a gay bar. Christian terrorism is also pretty common in non-christian countries. I'm guessing if you've never heard of christian terrorists you live in a western and primarily christian country, so obviously christian terrorism is gonna be uncommon.

What I said isn't a strawman, it's historical evidence which supports my argument that none of the major religions are inherently more violent than the others
User avatar
#143 - cannibalvegan (11/19/2015) [-]
Like you said, WBC are not terrorists so why even bring them up?

Army of God I have never heard of, no. The thing is that these terrorists do not have any Biblical support for their actions, abortion and homosexuality are sins (Not being a homosexual, but homosexual acts.), but it is painfully obvious that killing people for their sins is condemned in the Bible because God is ultimately the one who judges people. Islamic terrorists on the other hand can find a ton of support in their holy book, it says that murder is a sin, but there are so many exceptions. It's completely okay according to Islam to kill those who leave Islam for example. So basically Christian terrorists don't do what the Bible teaches so I don't really see them as Christians. If there is a Hell they sure are going there. To me, calling these people Christians is basically like saying that someone who eats meat can be a vegan.

By the way, it was a strawman because you completely misrepresented my argument.
User avatar
#212 - opticmonkey (11/19/2015) [-]
Well like I said I don't know much about either book, I brought up WBC only as an example of extremism, but you're right not really relevant. From the research I've done there seems to be a fair amount of people who agree with you, and all the ones taking my side are SJW fags with no real support for their arguments.

I have a question tho, if God is ultimately the one who judges people, could that not be interpreted in a way that involves us sending sinners to him to be judged (i.e killing sinners)? Like I said I don't know enough about the Bible to know how clear it is but it seems to me that God being the ultimate judge doesn't mean we can't kill people
User avatar
#235 - cannibalvegan (11/20/2015) [-]
Considering the fact that according to Christianity it is never okay to kill anyone except in self defense and war it is clearly not something the Biblical god would want. It's extremely presumptuous since it is rarely encouraged to kill sinners, there's certain verses in the OT that mentiones death penalty, but I think most of them can be explained with context and the OT only applies to the old people of Israel anyway.
User avatar
#20 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
Some leftists quite explicitly say ISIS isn't Islamic. "terror has no religion"
#89 - Kingsly (11/19/2015) [-]
Terrorists exist outside of Islam, look at the IRA.
User avatar
#209 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
Of course, I'm aware of that. But for whatever reason, Islam seems to breed terrorists like no other religion. At least in recent years.
Most people who say "terror has no religion", in my experience, mean that terrorists aren't real Muslims/"true believers", or that there's no correlation between Islam and terror.
#224 - Kingsly (11/19/2015) [-]
I get what you're saying.
I also wonder if it's because they're in the land of heat, bombs, and oil.
User avatar
#43 - platinumaltaria (11/19/2015) [-]
Idiots come in every flavour.
User avatar
#84 - tarabostes (11/19/2015) [-]
Even in Platinum?
User avatar
#23 - masdercheef (11/19/2015) [-]
The point of that isn't saying they aren't Islamic, the point is to say terrorism has no correlation with religion. Anyone can be terrorist, it is not Islam that makes them a terrorist.
#193 - mychaelmoar (11/19/2015) [-]
But wait, there's more!
User avatar
#65 - JonathanNowFuckYou (11/19/2015) [-]
So they would be doing it anyway? Why aren't we seeing militant terrorist groups all over the Earth?

Do you think Arabs are just inherently bad?

I shouldn't have to put you in a liberal trap just to get you to admit that it is their archaic ideology that has made them believe these things and its not just their bad nature.

The teachers of Jihad are genuinely good teachers. They are kind and respectful of the children and they get the same respect in return. They have a passion for teaching and do it because they think it is for the good of their people.

The alternative to admitting is it their mass belief is to think they really just all managed to congregate together and say "We all just gonna be fucking evil now!" and they ALL got on board...
User avatar
#27 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
While it's true that anyone can be a terrorist and terrorism is a tactic with no inherent religious affiliation, the notion that religion has no correlation with terror is just false. Some religions are more violent than others, and as it happens most religiously-motivated terrorist attacks in recent years have come from one particular religion.
User avatar
#63 - bultar (11/19/2015) [-]
The term is 'speaking figuratively.'
User avatar
#64 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
what are you referring to?
User avatar
#35 - Kadzait (11/19/2015) [-]
>Some religions are more violent than others.
lol fuck off, you media shill
User avatar
#37 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
I don't see how you can deny this.
It would be an amazing coincidence if all of the world's numerous religions, which all have different teachings and moral codes, facilitated exactly the same amount of violence.
User avatar
#44 - Kadzait (11/19/2015) [-]
The point is that they aren't representative of real Islam, they are using it as a cover and/or recruitment tool.

The media (and terrorists) want you to hate Islam, it brings them more money and followers. If you hate Islam, it makes it easier for the terrorists to convince actual Mulims that people hate them and they should join their cause.
User avatar
#66 - JonathanNowFuckYou (11/19/2015) [-]
>"They aren't representative of real Islam"
>Calls somebody else a media shill

No true scotsman
User avatar
#45 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
Jihadists don't represent Islam in general, but that doesn't mean their religion isn't "real Islam". I do think most jihadist fighters are motivated in large part by their religious beliefs, which are some form of Islam - whether you consider it to be "real" Islam or not is irrelevant.

I don't hate Muslims, but that doesn't mean I can't criticize Islam as a belief system that has observable consequences. It's not a media conspiracy - jihadism is a disease of Islam in particular. I can name no other religion that has a similar problem.
Besides the jihadism problem, Islam doesn't seem to lend itself easily to the liberal values I hold dear - democracy, secularism, gender equality, freedom of religion and other personal freedoms, etc. This doesn't mean there aren't any liberal Muslims, obviously, but they're in the minority. (and by "liberal" I don't mean left-wing/"progressive" in the usual American sense)
User avatar
#112 - therealtjthemedic (11/19/2015) [-]
Have you ever heard of the crusades?
I agree with you on most points but Islam isn't the most violent religion and to say so shows complete ignorance on the matter.
#213 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
I'm talking about the real world right now. Christianity is mostly tame compared to Islam - what happened centuries ago is irrelevant, and you'll notice I didn't mention the Muslim conquests in my comment because I don't think it's fair to hold that against modern Islam. Different times, different people.

But just to address your Crusades point, take a look at this image.
User avatar
#214 - therealtjthemedic (11/19/2015) [-]
>different times different people
So you think people should not be held accountable for the acts of random strangers? Then it's unfair to blanket define all muslims under the idea that the small minority of insane muslims is the norm.
User avatar
#217 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
Yes, I agree. When you're dealing with people on a personal level, you should treat them as individuals and not let stereotypes cloud your judgment.

But when you're judging a belief system, whether it's a religion or a political ideology or whatever, you have to make generalizations in order to make any sort of meaningful statement. This is what people are doing when they say "Islam is a religion of peace", and that's what I'm doing as well. The basis for my generalizations is the consequences that Islam as a whole has produced compared to other religions in recent decades - violence, yes, among what you call a "small minority", but also very conservative and basically illiberal attitudes among majorities or very sizable pluralities in many Islamic countries. Have a read of the Pew study I linked to.

The Christian conservatives that some American liberals call the "American Taliban", who are considered evil far-right bigots by many Western observers, are less conservative than many moderate Muslims in Afghanistan, much less the actual Taliban.

Some ideologies are worse than others. This is an opinion, but it can be a qualified opinion if you base it on a fixed set of values and an accurate set of observations. Beliefs have consequences, and some beliefs have worse consequences than others. This is no less true of religions. A backwards, bigoted and restrictive belief system can make even good people believe and do awful things.
User avatar
#219 - therealtjthemedic (11/19/2015) [-]
I completely agree, but what I feared is that you were like most of the anti-muslim preachers who don't actually hate muslims, but arabs.
But it's important not to assume that someone who says they are muslim will follow the same ideals as someone else who says they are muslim. It could also be considered simply that that area of the world is in constant conflict recently, and that could explain as to why so many extremists are produced.
#134 - anon (11/19/2015) [-]
Do you feel Crusades is a problem nowadays?
User avatar
#141 - therealtjthemedic (11/19/2015) [-]
My point is that 'Jihad' lit. Holy War isn't a islamic problem only.
#108 - anon (11/19/2015) [-]
Every muslim is jihadist, jihad comes down to finding Allah and trying to live like he wants you to, the ones who ruin Islam are the ones who think that jihad by sword is mandatory even thou it isn't if you're not the Caliph.
User avatar
#215 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
I think most people understand what I mean by "jihadists", which is why I used that word.
I could have used the term "Islamic extremists" or "radical Muslims" or "violent jihadists" or whatever instead to refer to the same class of people. I don't mean "jihad" in the more technically correct sense that Muslims use it.
#107 - anon (11/19/2015) [-]
Islam can be combined, Azerbaijan and Turkey are secular states with a homogenous populace (for the most part) and Christians have been pretty free under the rule of the first four caliphates, they had to pay taxes and had to view themselves as sinners (it didn't have consequences thou) it took centuries for christianity to "allow" secularism.
User avatar
#95 - JonathanNowFuckYou (11/19/2015) [-]
I genuinely didn't give you enough praise the first time. You give me hope in the real left wing. The meaning of the word 'liberal' has been completely hijacked and you can bring it back nigga
User avatar
#210 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
I don't consider myself left-wing. Hence the spoiler.
#50 - billburr (11/19/2015) [-]
I feel like it's hard to separate the religion from the society where it's dominant though. Once an area is poor or politically unstable all kinds of crazy people can get into power and it doesn't really matter who they pray to before they chop off your head
And restricting freedoms of other groups is a pretty universal thing until there's a well-developed democracy to reign in the central power
User avatar
#54 - Ruspanic (11/19/2015) [-]
Yeah, it's definitely hard to extricate religion from culture, but the Islamic world stretches from Morocco to Indonesia, across many different cultures and ethnic groups, and yet jihadist groups crop up in basically all of those places - ISIS in Syria/Iraq, al-Qaeda across North Africa and the Middle East, Boko Haram in Nigeria, al-Shabaab in Somalia, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Jemaah Islamiyah in Indonesia, Hamas in Palestine, etc. And on top of that ISIS and al-Qaeda are even able to recruit Muslims who live comfortable lives in Western countries by appealing - convincingly, apparently - to Muslim religious duty.

Yes, most of these groups have political motives and some of them even became radicalized because of secular political problems, such as Hamas and the Afghan Taliban, but many of their goals and ideological tenets are explicitly tied to Islam - imposing Sharia law, killing gay people and apostates, opposing women's education, etc. In the US, it's basically uncontroversial to associate devout religious belief with social conservatism, as indeed very religious Christians tend to oppose homosexuality, political secularism, and even gender equality to some degree. Most Muslim countries are a great deal more religious than the United States, so why is it a surprise that so many Muslims hold views that most Westerners would consider unacceptably far-right? I don't just mean Afghanistan and Pakistan where honor killings and such are common, but even in moderate Islamic countries like Egypt and Turkey, it's alarming how many people believe that women should be subservient to their husbands, or support harsh penalties for apostasy, or want to institutionalize their religion in law.
#227 - billburr (11/19/2015) [-]
And I've gotta say I don't have a lot of faith in polling: it regularly indicates that 40% of Americans think Obama is a foreign muslim; 15% think aliens live among us; 5-10% believe reptilian aliens in particular live among us.
So I'd take the polling with a grain of salt even after you check into the methodology
And Turkey has really taken a turn for the worse lately, they were much more secular until recently! No man is an island though I suppose
#226 - billburr (11/19/2015) [-]
Indonesia doesn't have a big problem with terrorism does it?
I'm not saying the two are unconnected, I think that any fundamentalist belief or one that approaches fundamentalism is dangerous. I'm just saying that most religious texts advocate at different points for war and for peace; for love and for violence, etc.
The issue isn't as much Islam as the fact that they follow their religion in a fundamentalist way and focus on the bad parts.
This is made a lot easier by the widespread poverty in Africa and Asia. Even in the resource-rich areas the wealth is so concentrated that the regions are still effectively poor
I'm not surprised that they're attracting westerners though (and not only muslims, they're getting a few converts too). They have done an extremely effective job of advertising and propagandizing people! Just like any other crazy cult they target isolated, disenfranchised or unstable people and convince them to follow something "bigger than themselves". The only issue is that thanks to the internet their audience is so huge that a lot of people are falling for it. This is only made worse by the media. I'm not saying this stuff should go unreported but focusing on the terrorists instead of the victims just gives them more incentive Akin to the way the media handled Columbine
User avatar
#252 - indonesia (11/21/2015) [-]
I have big problem about you if you keep mentioning me
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#230 - Ruspanic (11/20/2015) [-]
I view Islam not as a text, but as a practice. Since I'm a non-Muslim, I'm not concerned with whether people are properly interpreting the Quran, and Islam to me is not Quranic doctrine, it is how Muslims actually practice the religion in real life.
If you learned about Christianity purely by reading the Bible, you would have a rather warped and inaccurate idea of what Christians actually believe and practice, because you'd have no way of knowing which parts of Scripture most people choose to follow or how literally they take the text. You also wouldn't know anything about the many different denominations of Christianity.
Same goes for Islam. Whether Islam is a violent or a peaceful religion depends on how it is widely interpreted, not how it's meant to be practiced.
#233 - billburr (11/20/2015) [-]
I agree 100% but I'm just saying that Islam isn't an inherently violent religion any moreso than Christianity was when they used the religion to justify killing. Or Stalin using a fundamentalist belief in communism in the same way
I guess this is somewhat of a pointless distinction but it's important in the sense that there is hope, and most religions/ cultures/ societies go through this.
I mean it's easy to forget this but all of the borders in the middle east were drawn up in the early 1900's by the Brits. It makes sense it's still volatile considering all of the resources in the area
I just hate it when people consider the religion away from the context of the society and the thirst for power inherent in people. I'm not saying you're doing this but a lot of supposedly smart people like Sam Harris do and it just seems ridiculous
And it's particularly easy to do unless you have some good news sources because CNN, MSNBC and Fox all do it 24/7. We've got the CBC here in Canada which is typically better on the issue (doesn't suffer from the pitfalls of corporate media) but they still glaze over the historical and social context
#197 - mychaelmoar (11/19/2015) [-]
Here, take a pictograph friend. It very succinctly describes what you are saying from Pew research.
User avatar
#67 - JonathanNowFuckYou (11/19/2015) [-]
You are sensible. I like you.
User avatar
#29 - masdercheef (11/19/2015) [-]
This may or may not be true but the main point was to clarify that "terror has no religion" does not mean that people are saying ISIS isn't Islamic.
#223 - NAS Oceana  [+] (7 replies) 11/18/2015 on I NEED to see your faces, NOW 0
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#254 - itsaggron (11/19/2015) [-]
I just came from there a couple months ago.
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#491 - jedawg (11/19/2015) [-]
I'm an ATO
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#558 - itsaggron (11/19/2015) [-]
No shit? I'm an I level AT.
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#564 - jedawg (11/19/2015) [-]
Pretty awesome, I wanted I level because it's better work just harder school. The math I'm good at and I level type of theory I'm good at too. Just got unlucky I guess
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#599 - itsaggron (11/19/2015) [-]
Marines got a chance to pick in A school if you did good enough, at least that's what I remember. Seemed kinda bs. And yeah, I level is pretty lax but I think o level has way more fun with their jobs.
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#1239 - jedawg (11/20/2015) [-]
Yeah you right, i was high in my class but the orders sucked. Only one order for skids which wouldve taken me to camp pendleton but the rest was f18s, UAVs, and a harrier. Being 2nd gave me the choice from all that and of course I went with f18s
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#1249 - itsaggron (11/20/2015) [-]
And I guess you'll find out where you'll go from there at the end of c school. They kind of fuck you guys over.