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    How Do I Xylophone? How Do I Xylophone?
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#11 - if you think that this is crazy try checking out controlvr it … 14 hours ago on oculus rift lightsaber demo 0
#83 - Awww yeaa admin went with my layout recommendation, feels good 17 hours ago on gaming journalism site part... 0
#2 - 1 in 4 are you kidding me? that numbers seems pretty blown up to me  [+] (40 new replies) 08/27/2014 on good college students guys +165
User avatar #208 - BubsyB (14 hours ago) [-]
I'm assuming they asked the question "Have you ever had sex when you didnt want to" Alot of women would have said yes because women tend to give consent despite not really wanting to.
User avatar #152 - YllekNayr (18 hours ago) [-]
It said nearly 1 in 5.
That's about 18%
Think of just Africa, raising those numbers exponentially
User avatar #144 - citruslord (19 hours ago) [-]
The cdc report they cite for this is rather flawed. First off, for the rape statistics, questions asked to determine rape included incidents under the influence of alcohol. "Completed forced penetration" and "Completed alcohol/drug facilitated penetration", nearly 1/5 being 18.3%. The questions asked essentially opened up for a regretted drunk hookup being considered rape.
Second, the report blatantly mis-defines male rape victimization, where rape was defined
" any completed or attempted unwanted vaginal (for women),
oral, or anal penetration through the use of physical force or threats to physically
harm and includes times when the victim was drunk, high, drugged, or passed
out and unable to consent"
"Made to penetrate" is it's own category. Where they cite the lifetime victims of rape for men, the same figure as for women, at 1.4%. When including made to penetrate, the figure is actually 6.2%, much higher than they would lead you to believe. This also does not include the misrepresented drunken sex as rape.
When you compare the 12 month figures for female rape, 1.3 million, or 1.1%, and male "made to penetrate", 1.3 million, or 1.1%, you will find that these numbers are the same.
Essentially, the study is flawed, and is furthermore, misquoted. Looking through any of the figures, for and kind of intimate partner violence, you find quite similar numbers between male and female victims. While females are often larger in number, it is not a gendered issue, that is proven here.
A couple things to gather from this. The finding that so many women are "raped" during college years is likely due to large amounts of sexual and alcohol experimentation being present there. College is continually described as party years, so this, combined with the very few people who will prey on these people and commit actual rape, contributes to these high numbers.
Sauce www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/nisvs_report2010-a.pdf
#133 - anonymous (19 hours ago) [-]
the numbers are correct but for sexual abuse involving fisical contact (rape among it but it also includes any other kind of forced, undesired contact).
User avatar #109 - dblej (20 hours ago) [-]
I'm not saying that it's as common as sjw's want you to think, but I know at least 9 of my close friends and family have had it happen to them. So it's a lot more common than people think, but it is way overplayed by sjw's and it takes away from the valid reports.
#107 - randomwhiteboi (20 hours ago) [-]
I'm a student at Texas A&M and work as an RA when I'm there, the sad thing is that while at first one in three collegiate girls seems ridiculous, it really is pretty accurate. The problem is that a college environment and bar scene (don't get me started on greek life) is a place where people can interact with near complete anonymity and people do things, either ill intentioned our assuming that they are in the right, that really are not okay. As someone who has responded to SEVERAL rape cases, and talked with many residents about "close calls" real or imagined, one in three is pretty spot on.
#202 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
#209 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
if either party doesn't consent, ITS RAPE. if they are too drunk to say yes, ITS RAPE. jesus.
#246 - anonymous (11 hours ago) [-]
What if they are both too drunk to say anything?
#257 - anonymous (7 hours ago) [-]
What part of "if they are too drunk to say yes" don't you understand?
#141 - asugar (19 hours ago) [-]
getting drunk and fucking isn't rape.
User avatar #178 - WtfStrawberries (16 hours ago) [-]
A lot of guys in college use date rape drugs.
I've known guys who have also accidentally drunken out of a girls cup that was drugged, in college it can happen a lot.
#4 - darthfox (08/27/2014) [-]
One in Five, but alas I agree
User avatar #3 - thekeeperofthumbs (08/27/2014) [-]
A summary of why:
Interviewer: "Have you ever been slightly fearful, for any reason at all, while a man was present?"
Interviewee: "Uh, yeah, I guess"
Interviewer: Well that's another poor innocent womyn who got raped, why does this happen so much?"
User avatar #215 - rippercrust (13 hours ago) [-]
Your just a fucking cockhead

User avatar #194 - ciacheczko (15 hours ago) [-]
It's not like that. You forget what statistics are. In some places rape chance is low, it's in first world countries where security and life are on a decent level. And then compare it with some south africa or other shithole like this. Bam - 1 in 4 it is. On average.

Which doesn't mean much when you think of it. It's one of the most varying stats - depending on where you live.
User avatar #143 - srskate (19 hours ago) [-]
... Shut the fuck up about things you know nothing about.
#199 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
He's actually right about it, you fucktard.
User avatar #108 - happyfox (20 hours ago) [-]
seriously man that is bull shit. I am not comfortable saying this but I have been raped and I know 2 other girls who also have. I am not lying. I have absolutely no reason to believe they were lying, if you'd heard them tell you you'd feel the same way. It was not just a man touching my arm or me feeling slightly threatened. I'm sure there are women who lie about it but I really think they are the small small small minority. Do you have any idea how hard it is to report that shit? Or to live with that? Or how scary it is knowing the police are GOING to go to his door and tell him YOU have accused him of this? I pretty much live in terror of the guy coming to my house and murdering me now because I was too scared to press charges, I just told the police because I wanted it to be on file in case he ever did it again, and he had just done some other fucked up stuff that I had to report so I had to tell them the whole story. I really don't have that many mates so the fact I know 3 people from the lot of us including myself would make me feel that the figure is about correct.

Note not all rapists are in dark back alleys, most rapists are people the woman already knows. Not all women want to talk about it, that is probably why you reckon it's less of a problem than it is. You know what's fucking sad though? People like you are the reason so many girls do not report it. There are so many of you out there who just want to believe all men are just innocent victims of over-reacting feminazis who just LOVE fucking people's lives up for the hell of it, and people who report rape are most likely just lying hoe bags. I don't fucking rant on this site but just seriously fuck you.
User avatar #241 - createdjustnow (11 hours ago) [-]
you dont sound like a happy fox but seriously, that sucks. some people in this world are horrible people. but keep in mind women can rape, it's just not as much. but still people in this world are a sad thing indeed
#220 - anonymous (12 hours ago) [-]
So, this happened. Now let me as you...do you only know 12 women? If not then you haven't even come close to 1 in 4.
User avatar #263 - happyfox (48 minutes ago) [-]
thank you for "asing" me a question there. Think about this logically. No I don't only know 12 women but I DO only have a certain number of close friends who would possibly even tell me something like that. So for 3 in this group to have had this happen THAT I KNOW OF I mean who knows what has happened in the past that some people wouldn't tell you about, I mean my shit happened like 4 years ago and I've only just about come round to telling my CLOSEST FRIENDS (and now the internet ffs I just got mad there beyond all reason) so yeah it's not really a conversation starter is it.
#226 - anonymous (12 hours ago) [-]
Yes, because we all ask every woman that we meet if she's been raped.

And the article said 1/5 women. Not a massive difference, but I don't understand how some people have gotten it down to 4.
And as already noted in comment #144, the CDC definition is quite broad.
#216 - thekeeperofthumbs (13 hours ago) [-]
>seriously man that is bull shit
I see. Do you have a counterargument to back this up?
>I am not comfortable saying this but I have been raped and...I had to tell them the whole story.
I never disputed any of this.
>I really don't have that many mates so the fact I know 3 people from the lot of us including myself would make me feel that the figure is about correct.
That's a pretty small sample.
>Note not all rapists are in dark back alleys, most rapists are people the woman already knows. Not all women want to talk about it, that is probably why you reckon it's less of a problem than it is.
I never disputed any of this.
>You know what's fucking sad though? People like you are the reason...likely just lying hoe bags.
I never said any of this. Please stop putting words in my mouth.
>I don't fucking rant on this site but just seriously fuck you.
I am almost totally convinced you replied to the wrong person. Your post seems totally out of place as a reply to my post. If you did reply to my comment deliberately, you either did not read it or grossly misinterpreted it.
User avatar #264 - happyfox (38 minutes ago) [-]
No I replied to the right person. You are implying that the statistics are the way they are not because men rape women, but because women feeling uncomfortable is somehow contorted into rape in the eyes of the interviewer/thepolice/whoever

just..what? Honestly passing it off as "oh it's just women feeling threatened it's not rape" is really not fucking helpful. I wish that was the case. I directed it at you because a lot of people do not report it because they feel no-one will believe them, and it's kind of comments like yours that reflect that sort of mentality of those just not wanting to believe the facts tbh.
#210 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
what would you class as rape? i know its an iffy subject but pins-you-down-and-sticks-it-in-you is definitely rape, as is drugging. but "i got blackout drunk and made some poor decisions" isnt really rape. if you were that drunk and so was he imagine how hard its gonna be for a guy to be twice as responsible as you.

i know womyn talk about rape urges a lot, and while thats bullshit mostly, dudes got WAY more drive to fck then women. imagine a tiny voice in your head that every now and then gets really insistent that you fuck something. you know to ignore it but drunk people are fairly open to suggestion.

its like offering a drunk guy another drink. it might be one drink too many but hes gonna take it cz hes drunk and it seems like a good idea. now imagine a drunk person offering SEX and his dick being like "dude you got this this is TOTALLY the best idea ever".

pinny-downy-struggly-sexytime is bad. but poor decisions are universal and genderless.
User avatar #266 - happyfox (25 minutes ago) [-]
mine was not "pinny down struggly" as you so eloquently put it. it was not drunk time either. what I class as rape is when no consent is given and a penis/object is inserted into a vagina anyway. wow such a way with words. what happened to me was i explicitly told the person i did not want to have sex with him and he did anyway. i can't really describe how it makes you feel even years after to know that someone just barged on through and there was fuck all you could do about it. Makes you feel very helpless, and i mean i am no shrinking violet i've never been like embarrassed about sex and i've always been very confident in myself but it just rips your soul apart a little bit when that happens. you realise you're not as in control as you would like to be, and when that control is taken away even for a short time it just fucks you up a bit. it's made me an entirely different person. I can't feel happy now like i used to. things can make me smile but I'm never really truly carefree or content. it's like a constant knot in your stomach.
sorry im rambling here i mean you're anon you're not even going to read this. but aaanyway. as for the drunken stuff nono, if you're both drunk and BOTH CONSENT no it isn't rape, and if you regret it in the morning tough shit you shouldn't have got so drunk. IF however the girl is so off her face she cannot speak then she cannot give consent and therefore if someone fucked her she would technically have been raped. giving someone drugs and having sex with them can also be classed as rape even if they consent actually i think because they aren't of sound mind but i guess each one of those cases is different so idk. generally it's pretty easy. without a yes, don't go there.
User avatar #239 - defeats (11 hours ago) [-]
Getting black out drunk and dragged to some sober guys room to be fucked is also rape. Just because getting that drunk was the persons choice does not mean they deserve to be raped.
I have seen so many posts about guys who got seriously drunk and woke up to a girl fucking them and everybody on this site who read it screamed "that is not okay!". But when it's a girl who's black out drunk she just made a poor decision?
#192 - anonymous (16 hours ago) [-]
tell people, press charges, let men kill men
ironically... well no, actually men are the most important people to prevent rape, by just not raping people
User avatar #145 - fuzzysixx (19 hours ago) [-]
Guns exist for a reason.
User avatar #123 - slnol (20 hours ago) [-]
I hear you, out of me and my four friends, 80% of us have been sexually assaulted or raped. Which is a sick statistic for girls who haven't been to college yet. Like you said, everytime it has been with someone we already knew and some trusted.
User avatar #268 - happyfox (20 minutes ago) [-]
yeah im not even talking sexual assault like i really don't think people realise just how common it is, and when they're told they don't want to believe it. I can see why because it's hardly something you just casually drop into conversation is it.
#117 - anonymous (20 hours ago) [-]
thats hot as fuck, rape is my fetish
User avatar #267 - happyfox (23 minutes ago) [-]
tbh I don't even think having a rape fetish is that bad man. is this crazy coming from me? the thing with fetishes is they are generally like...make believe. role play. role play rape is absolutely fine by me when both people are into it, because then it's consensual, which by definition does not make it rape so fuckin go for it like whatever floats your boat.

just. don't actually ever. pls anon.
#172 - foromil (17 hours ago) [-]
#94 - zaphodcoolfrood (22 hours ago) [-]
I don't really think it went down like that. I see it more like any woman, not any women who has been raped, but any woman who has come into contact with a man who may have been attempting to rape them. i.e. Someone slipped something into their drink, was following them home. I'd also say that a lot more woman get raped than you may believe, but definitely not as high as 20%.
#222 - galiogolem (12 hours ago) [-]
1/4 is 25% :3
#238 - zaphodcoolfrood (11 hours ago) [-]
But if you actually read the thing it said one in five.
User avatar #106 - spceinvdr (21 hours ago) [-]
they checked and thats actually how the study went.
#45 - I think these look pretty gud, i think my favorite would be th…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/27/2014 on theme for the gaming... +1
User avatar #53 - ilikethisusername (08/27/2014) [-]
last is meh.
User avatar #47 - admin (08/27/2014) [-]
oh shit those are all good especially the last
#6 - i maed dis 4 u  [+] (1 new reply) 08/27/2014 on Time for a classic +10
#7 - donated (08/27/2014) [-]
I love it <3
#184 - Im still waiting for a five nights at five guys mix for zoe qu… 08/27/2014 on Five Nights~ 0
#502 - **jasonmaki rolled image ** 08/26/2014 on Let's play a game, FJ +1
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