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#235 - Ok in all fairness just to play devil's advocate and even as a…  [+] (8 replies) 10/17/2015 on Media censorship 0
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#274 - sonoobish (10/17/2015) [-]
you think bernie sanders is more popular then hilary? there is something wrong.
I am pro bernie and would like to see what he could do in office but he is definitely the underdog here
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#281 - jacksparojr (10/17/2015) [-]
Well if he is not the popular vote then why did he win all of those polls by a land slide when Hilary was getting roaring applause from the audience?
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#326 - sonoobish (10/17/2015) [-]
popular is not the same as being a good speaker. hilary is alot more well known then bernie sanders.
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#251 - Sethorein (10/17/2015) [-]
What is winning a debate? Appealing to the focus group and winning the canned applause, or sincerity?
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#280 - jacksparojr (10/17/2015) [-]
Canned applause? There was a live audience for the debate.

If you were to judge who won the debate by quantifying the amount of times applause was gained and how loud the applause was then Hilary won by FAR.

If you don't think that's an accurate way to figure out who won then you can just look at how often she took control away from other candidates and how well spoken she was even when Anderson Cooper slapped her in the face with questions about her email scandal.

You're right in asking the question "What is winning a debate?" because you can't 100% objectively say who won and who lost because it's not like there's a score but in my opinion she won the debate.

And again I want to stress that I fucking hate Hilary.
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#282 - Sethorein (10/17/2015) [-]
When I say canned applause I am trying to exaggerate the lack of sincerity to the support. My argument was that if she proved that she was the most exceptional at saying what the audience wants to hear, does that really mean she wins. If you still felt the shallowness to her rhetoric, does the applause matter? Oh and she shut down Anderson on the email scandal? So what. She's practiced her email scandal rhetoric for years. That shit isn't going away because it is so career destroying that no amount of rhetoric will ever erase it. You can't just run a private server for your government affairs in your home then document dump when you're being investigated.

At the end of the day, there's no winning a debate. The debate merely illustrates what the candidate can do. Hilary is a master of political rhetoric. She can lie to your face 6 ways to Sunday and you'd still invite her over for dinner cause she's just so gosh darned charming. Sanders? Well he's a bit of a fuddy duddy, but damned if he doesn't have passion in his heart and noble intentions.

That's what the debate illustrated. There was no winner. Just a handful of lefties of which only two really matter.
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#287 - jacksparojr (10/17/2015) [-]
I agree with what your saying about how shallow her words were but the people like hearing what they want to hear. President Obama during his campaign promised to end the wars overseas and that still hasn't happened (That's a whole other can of worms)

Consider that if her shallowness was so apparent why was it that the audience roared with applause?

I think the question becomes, how many people are going to be free thinkers and see through her pandering and how many people are gonna like hearing buzz words.

I really hope that email scandal destroys her campaign and the trial for it is happening soon I believe so we'll have to see how that plays out.

Also I liked what you said about only two of them because Jim Webb did not get that memo.
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#294 - Sethorein (10/17/2015) [-]
Like I said, the debate illustrates what your candidates can do.

Jim Webb can do very little besides complain about rigged debates.

No shit they're rigged. You need to expend some bloody effort if you wanna steal the spotlight from the bigger headliners.
#52 - >Become friends with fat girl >Take her to gym &…  [+] (1 reply) 10/02/2015 on Getting Swoll +1
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#60 - helterskeletor (10/02/2015) [-]
#1289 - Whoo! Where in orlando?  [+] (1 reply) 09/04/2015 on Met local funnyjunkers +1
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#1330 - superanonymouspers (09/04/2015) [-]
I live close to Full Sail University, if you've ever heard of it. on aloma and near university blvd.