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#167 - Unfortunately, fiber optic is at a huge cost :(  [+] (1 reply) 05/20/2012 on A Goddess among us 0
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#191 - UncleCurtis (05/20/2012) [-]
#279 - **** no on the 15 and 21 year old relationship. I think pedobe…  [+] (20 replies) 05/20/2012 on LOVE +15
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#292 - lilin (05/20/2012) [-]
But the point is that he wasn't looking for girls that age, and she wasn't looking for older men, they just happened to fall in love and pursue the relationship.
Like, if the man was looking for younger, under age women, that would be pedophilia, and if she was looking for an older man, she's be a complete slut/attention whore in need of a "sugar daddy" and such.
The point in this picture is that true love can happen to anybody, love meets no boundaries.
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#306 - flaaffy (05/20/2012) [-]
A 21 year old, SHOULD NOT! Be in a relationship with a 15 year old. They are in 2 totally different maturities. 2 in which should not cross.
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#316 - lilin (05/20/2012) [-]
Read my reply to the comment below..
#302 - jacksonguitarist (05/20/2012) [-]
I see what you're saying, but in 4 years when she has matured, she will be a completely different person. If a man of that age, the same age as me, finds love in such a young and typically immature girl, then he has things to work on mentally. I guess it's just a point where morals should over-rule any impaired judgement.
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#315 - lilin (05/20/2012) [-]
Well, exactly what you said there. Yes, 15 year old girls are "typically" too immature to make decisions like that. In most cases I would agree. But there are more mature girls. Myself, for example. I'm not trying to be prude, or self centered, I just don't know any other examples. I am a 15 year old girl and I have been told by an adult counselor that I am wise for my years. I have had alot of life experience which has matured me, and all the adults I know almost see me as an equal, even though they think it's sad I am so mature and have to make such important decisions at such a young age. I could date an older man because mentally, I would be just as old as him. Age is just a label. I curse the fact that I am only 15 because as soon as people see I am so young, they treat me like an immature little teenager.
Anyway, I'm just saying, yes, in general this kind of situation is not okay, but you can't automatically assume that the girl isn't mature enough to be with the guy. And yeah, they would have alot of problems with the age difference.
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#338 - flaaffy (05/20/2012) [-]
A 15 year old is in a totally different maturity regardless. A 15 year old has a totally different view on it then a 21 year old would. A 15 year old looks at love as something that is just quick fun, or something to keep yourself occupied. A 21 year old typically wants a real relationship at that age.
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#357 - lilin (05/20/2012) [-]
Still, you're making assumptions based on stereotypes. In no way do I pursue relationships because I want to keep myself occupied. I'll have guys ask me out or whatever, and I don't automatically say yes. I give myself time to think about it. And most of the time, sadly, I will push them away if I don't think it would work out, solely because I want a relationship that would last. In one case, a guy older than me asked me out, and I rejected him because even though he was older than me, I was still more mature than him and I wouldn't be able to have a lasting relationship with someone on a lower level than me mentally. In that sense, I would rather date older guys, cause not only would I be as, or almost as mature as him, I could learn from him.
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#375 - flaaffy (05/20/2012) [-]
Im 15 myself, I know damn well what Im talking about. Relationships at this age are frivolous with older people. Stick to your own age group.
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#379 - lilin (05/20/2012) [-]
I'm not saying I'm gonna go date older guys. I'm saying that until I find a guy that's right for me, and I can imagine having a lasting relationship with, I'm not even going to bother with any guys, for the sake of "keeping myself occupied".
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#383 - flaaffy (05/20/2012) [-]
You should be thinking about college. Like my GF and I atleast we are the same age. Going to the same college and Both know what we want to do with our lives. You don't get that with a guy to much older than you.
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#395 - lilin (05/20/2012) [-]
Yeah. And even then, I don't mean a guy much older than me. Just a couple years, enough to be more mature and past the "oh nothing matters" bullshit that most guys my age seem to be stuck on. I need a guy who is in tune with reality, and isn't an asshole just because he thinks everything is a joke.
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#399 - flaaffy (05/20/2012) [-]
Thats why you should be older before thinking about dating. I just got lucky I suppose.
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#405 - lilin (05/20/2012) [-]
I hate the ignorant teen girls that date for stupid reasons, and get all butthurt when they get dumped constantly and everyone hates them. It ruins the image for teenage girls. I seriously hate my age/gender.
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#408 - flaaffy (05/20/2012) [-]
Im in your group. And Yes, I hate it too. Im sure once you get to college things will be going better in that department. I mean my Girlfriend is the only mature, good girl in my school so seriously its hard I know.
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#416 - lilin (05/20/2012) [-]
Yeah, in college everyone is more independent, while in Elementary and Secondary schools they mush everyone together and make them do all the same shit. God I hated Elementary school so much... and, I had to switch highschools after my first semester in grade 9, because of all the insane bitches at the first one I went to. They threatened to kill me, simply because I was a smart, nonpopular girl, friends with a gorgeous, stupid girl who should have been popular, but I was still friends with because she was fun and used to hate all the popular bitches. They ended up turning pretty much the entire school against me.
Now I go to a better school, most of the girls are classy and everyone is kind and there aren't really "cliques", except for a few people who just think they are better than everyone else, when in reality they are trashy and nobody really likes them. But there are always those people.
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#419 - flaaffy (05/20/2012) [-]
My school. Consists of The entire student by as friends, and then there is me, (My GF doesn't go to my school) I switched school 4 times in the past year, All schools are the same I don't understand it. I need to go to a damn private school like my GF, (She goes to Notre Dame, Not sure how popular that is to most) So, Im like fucked when it comes to schools.
#323 - jacksonguitarist (05/20/2012) [-]
It's cool that you're mature for your age, but in 5 years you may be way different and look back and realize that you still had a lot of growing up to do. I've always been told I'm mature for my age ever since I was around 14-15, too. But you just have to realize that the age difference is wrong morally. I'd say the older man is more at fault because he HAS been through the crucial years you still have yet to endeavor and he should understand that the difference in age in the later teen years is too fragile to corrupt.
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#330 - lilin (05/20/2012) [-]
I know that I can change from now and when I'm older, and I know that it may be morally wrong, but all I'm saying, is you can't really make assumptions. I'm going both ways here; yes, in most cases it is wrong, but no, you never really know the situation.
#340 - jacksonguitarist (05/20/2012) [-]
I am in no way trying to argue over this or tell you that you're wrong, I promise. This is very opinion based and everyone has a different set of morals. I just can't find any light to a situation where this age different is ok, personally. But I fully respect your opinions and I hope you do very well and live a happy life by any means :)
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#363 - lilin (05/20/2012) [-]
Yeah, I'm not trying to tell you you're wrong either, and I also respect your opinions. I'm just trying to bring light to my point of view and show you a different way of thinking about it. And yes, I hope you also lead a good life. Godspeed.
#2 - I'm glad and somewhat surprised to hear there is one other per…  [+] (2 replies) 05/19/2012 on LOK MUST READ +1
#3 - anon (05/19/2012) [-]
they are called fads real life has them too
#4 - jacksonguitarist (05/19/2012) [-]
"Hur dur what is this.. real life.. you speak of? I am just forever alone living with my parents and bitching about high school and the easy life!"... no.
#2 - After ALL of that... he uses the wrong 'Your'.  [+] (1 reply) 05/19/2012 on My friend's dad got a... +2
#3 - mcpanda (05/19/2012) [-]
Thank God I'm not the only one who noticed that!