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    Photo bomb at it's best :) Photo bomb at it's best :)

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#27 - pootisspencer (05/05/2015) [-]
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#46 - xychotic (02/07/2015) [-]
You get a thumb. But you must understand why.

You have solved something that has been unsolved for me for ages. "Why are Lovecraftian monsters scary? They're just fishy,"

Then I saw that pic. You have answered the question. For that, thumb.

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#80 - afaik (02/08/2015) [-]
So what was the answer?

Afaik hue lovecraftian stuff only deals with two fears: Fear of the unknown and the uncanny curve.

I'm curious of what you managed to solve, since your discovery might vary from my own quite a lot, and that's actually kinda fun.
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#147 - xychotic (02/08/2015) [-]
The uncanny curve. Being "un-name-able" and "unfathomable" never did anything for me. If you recall, his descriptions either had oozing and indescribable horrors (which I found silly because I don't buy into a horror beind beyond description) had a thing against fish and sea creatures. I don't. So, describing some fish-eyed oozing indescribable horror from a place man was not meant to know didn't mean much to me.

Now, the pic is something else. It has that sea creature vibe kind of like a nautilus or whatever. But nothing that is natural. The way the tentacles are organized, how the made head area is detailed. It's creepy. It gives me a sense of "what the fuck" that I never picked up before. And it does so in the Lovecraftian sense of being obviously human (dude in a mask) but freakishly alien (inspired by sea creatures but not simply a dude in an octopus hat).

Even when I look at normal but freaky sea creatures, I don't think of them as scary so much as kind of ugly.

The fear of the unknown never really affected me. For me, that is always, "It's not here yet. Either prepare for it, get out of here, or chill the fuck out."
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