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#6 - ERMA GERD  [+] (1 reply) 02/14/2014 on And he has lasers -1
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#11 - lordmoldywart (02/14/2014) [-]
#203 - Gurren Lagaan. It truly is one of the best anime of all time. …  [+] (2 replies) 02/13/2014 on Natural 20 Needed 0
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#204 - googleoverlords (02/13/2014) [-]
I've seen the first few episodes. I like it.
#205 - ivanooze (02/13/2014) [-]
Finish it. But bring tissues for episode 8.
#10 - "because Batman is just a Bat Signal away from Metropolis…  [+] (18 replies) 02/12/2014 on Smackdown.jpeg +6
#30 - marvelboytwo (02/13/2014) [-]
DEATH BATTLE! - Batman VS Spider-Man For all you faggots worshiping batman.
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#66 - instakill (02/13/2014) [-]
that is bullshit, spiderman is good, and if they had the same amount of skill, that might be the outcome, it's just that spiderman is his own worst enemy because he lets so many things get in the way of training. Not to mention that he is cocky beyond belief and the fact that batman has a plan for every single person he has ever met, so as long as he has met or even heard of spiderman before, he has a plan
#39 - blesstheinternet (02/13/2014) [-]
"faggots worshiping batman" = "you're all faggots because you have a different opinion than me and i'm a whiny little schoolgirl" right?
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#106 - enemyoftrn (02/13/2014) [-]
HISHE's batman is goddamn funny! Did you know he can get into TARDIS? The Doctor said, nothing can get through the TARDIS front door, maybe except someone with all the TImelord's technology, and the Dalek Empire at its highest technological tier. That means, Batman have the means to beat the Dalek Empire or the Timelord in its entirety.
Why? Cuz he is the GOD DAMN BATMAN!
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#37 - PVTDickStryker (02/13/2014) [-]
I've seen Spiderman fans call bullshit on that.
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#56 - latinotornado (02/13/2014) [-]
not trying to be a fanboy, I mean I like Batman, and I love Spider-Man but I tried keeping my bias out of the decision. The video is NOT that far off from what would happen. theres a few variables. 1.) is batman given extra time to plan this fight and 2.) which Spider-Man is fighting. Batman can own just about anyone when he can plan, however that is giving him an unfair advantage (i'm not talking about his toolbelt, his toolbelt is always allowed because he always has it, it's part of batman) because Spider-Man don't get any time to plan. And depending on what Spider-Man fights can increase or decrease batmans chances of winning
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#105 - Fgner (02/13/2014) [-]
No, it's not unfair. One of Batman's (only) abilities is to plan ahead, is to understand his opponent before a major confrontation occurs. And he always has a backup plan or escape route just in case. If you take away Batman's intelligence and planning - of course a hero with fucking super inhuman powers will beat him.

And even if spidy had time to plan, the kid's a dick and not all that super-smart for a genius. He would get mauled.
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#107 - latinotornado (02/13/2014) [-]
you are absolutely wrong my friend i'm sorry. You're underestimating Spider-Man to a huge degree. Spider-Man would in no way shape or form ever get mauled by batman in a fight unless Batman has crazy and I mean CRAZY shit planned out. Spider-man is, after all, famous for handling crazy "all of a sudden" situations anyway. But i'm not saying take batmans intelligence away, i'm saying it's a straight up fight. Each hero gets their suit and main weapons. Thats Batmans tool belt and Spider-Mans web shooters. neither hero is allowed to plan. that's a fair even fight. Giving Batman extra time to plan is like letting Spider-Man use extra gadgets aside from his webshooters. It's even that way. Also, Spider-Man is't a dick and is pretty fuckin brilliant.
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#109 - Fgner (02/13/2014) [-]
I'll be honest, I don't know much about Spider Man's canon. But still you're being silly. To make the fight fair, each hero needs the full range of their abilities. One of Batman's main abilities which lets him be so awesome is amazing planning. It's one of the only reasons he's even remotely useful.

Batman - planning = Spiderman - Spider bite

Now if we're talking someone like the Flash - he's uber fucked no matter what.
User avatar
#110 - latinotornado (02/13/2014) [-]
who would be fucked no matter what? flash or batman? I know a LOT about Spider-Man and a fair amount of Batman. And honestly, even with Planning, the fight could still go either way. theres so many variabls
User avatar
#111 - Fgner (02/13/2014) [-]
Batman. The flash is OP as fuck.

Well no use really arguing anymore. Batman is awesome, Spidy is awesome. They both win when they realize two heroes fighting is silly and go get some kick-ass cupcakes.
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#113 - latinotornado (02/13/2014) [-]
totally agree with that entire comment, like 100%
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#91 - twi (02/13/2014) [-]
well, i'd think we'd try to make them equal in terms of what version, universe, whatever they are

i mean we wouldn't put Enigma Force Spiderman against Adam West batman

although I'd love to see batman spray him with some Anti-Spray and get punched halfway across the earth
User avatar
#93 - latinotornado (02/13/2014) [-]
oh no no i'm not talking about what universal spider-man/batman. i'm talking about which Spider-Man he's talking about. Last Christmas, Peter Parker was killed off and was replaced by the new main Spider-Man. That new spider-man is known as Superior Spider-Man, and he would crush batman so easily it's not even funny. and he is the main new spider-man, he's not some side character or side story line, he is the new spider-man. However, if we're talking about the older, Amazing Spider-Man, then Batman has a chance.
#95 - twi (02/13/2014) [-]
then batman pulls out this shit and knocks spidey halfway to Krypton
User avatar
#96 - latinotornado (02/13/2014) [-]
you're not understanding this is a fight. Normal Batman with his utility belt and nothing more. Batman doesn't get any other fancy gadgets other than what his suit and utility belt contain. Spider-Man would only get his costume and web shooters.
User avatar
#99 - twi (02/13/2014) [-]
aw thats no fun

well, i still think batman would win

because i'm very biased and want to have batmans babies
User avatar
#101 - latinotornado (02/13/2014) [-]
it all depends on which Spidey we're talking about. Because no joke, SSM would absolutely bend bats over and wrekk him into another dimension haha but if it's ASM then Bats has a chance if he plays his cards right. But I understand, Batman is a great super hero, and I like him and his story lines. But I also know when he's done for. Spider-Man is my favorite super hero but I know when his goose is cooked ya know?
#171 - Why the **** not indeed.  [+] (1 reply) 02/12/2014 on Natural 20 Needed 0
#209 - anon (02/16/2014) [-]
#42 - Picture 02/12/2014 on Real show +7
#3 - Picture 02/12/2014 on Im afraid of you +5
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