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#18 - FreeMind (12/01/2010) [-]
haha i always see your name on **** :D
#19 to #18 - ipwnyoface (12/01/2010) [-]
that, sir, is because i am always in the **** section! which posts did you see me on?
#20 to #19 - FreeMind (12/01/2010) [-]
well i've seen you on discussions with thumbwhores, one guy who said you were fat and you posted your facebook account...and more
yeah i am a stalker
#21 to #20 - ipwnyoface (12/01/2010) [-]
ohhh yeah... i leveled up 3 times from that facebook one O.o it shocked me, as i thought i was going to be part of the thumbs down apocalypse.