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wtf man, is this serious?

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    want some popcorn? want some popcorn?
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    The nothingbox The nothingbox

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#78 - A bit more than 7 months. First problem I've ever had with…  [+] (1 reply) 07/11/2016 on The best sales tactic 0
#80 - zanny (07/11/2016) [-]
awesome, thanks!
#11 - I wanna recommend Oneplus 2, Oneplus 3 or Oneplus x. …  [+] (10 replies) 07/10/2016 on The best sales tactic 0
#77 - zanny (07/11/2016) [-]
How long have you had your oneplus 2? I'm thinking about picking up either that or the X and some reviews I've read have said that the home button stops working after a couple months
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#78 - insayan (07/11/2016) [-]
A bit more than 7 months.
First problem I've ever had with the home button was after a system update where it forgot my fingerprints, the button itself was fully functional, also even though the button might break, there's an option in the setting to use on-screen if you can live with that (never heard of it though)

Second problem so far has been a slowdown in navigating the ui where it sometimes hanged for a few seconds, a swift restart with the otherwise fast phone has eliminated the problem and it is fast as when I got it!

I would still recommend the x more, just because it's smaller than the 2'er.
Seriously, the Oneplus 2 is a monster compared to most other phones ( of course there's always someone bigger >_> )
#80 - zanny (07/11/2016) [-]
awesome, thanks!
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#37 - Onemanretardpack (07/11/2016) [-]
I have the oneplus 2 and I love it. I ordered the 3 and it will be here tomorrow if y'all want my opinion of it
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#13 - lieutenantmustang (07/10/2016) [-]
Alright cool, I got one more question, do I need a phone plan or something, never owned a phone so I don't know if I need 3g or whatever for pokemon go
#17 - Mehwhatevs (07/10/2016) [-]
I too would recommend the oneplus brand, many of my friends use it and they're all happy with their choice. You probably would need a phone plan or get a prepaid SIM-card. The app uses gps to track your location irl, and therefore needs at least a 3g connection to work properly, and since you want to be able to go anywhere you can't rely on just wifi, even though it technically works since all phones can use wifi regardless of phone plan.

You propably dont need that much data, so get a plan that only costs per call and with some GB included. It might be cheaper to get a prepaid card though, something that doesn't have a monthly cost, but you have a limited amount of data until you refill it with more money.
#16 - gazmus (07/10/2016) [-]
Yea...you need 4g and some data allownace (go uses barely a thing btw) in your plan...you seem American else I would say go with Three
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#18 - lieutenantmustang (07/10/2016) [-]
#19 - gazmus (07/11/2016) [-]
A couple of gigs a month will be more than enough if you literally do only want to play pokemon go...need a half decent gps in the phone too.

Ive not tried many phones, Ive got a nexus 6p and a lot of friends have galaxies...they all seem much of a muchness tbh.
#15 - anon (07/10/2016) [-]
As far as I know you need 3g/4g data to play or at least an internet connection like wireless or whatever but that my be tricky since you need to actually go outside n shit as well as gps but that doesn't require a plan.