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#55 - anon id: 0516ad68
(09/06/2012) [-]
Ni ******* Hao, my name is Infiniteduress the Faggot.

I'm a 15 year old Korean Sperm Donor (hand love maker). I masturbate to American Television like Jersey shore and comics on my tablet, and spend my days perfecting my time records and playing superior American games. (Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty)

I train with my penis every day, this superior pussy destroyer can shoot straight through ubertonium because it kicks ass, and is vastly superior to any other penis on earth. I earned my rape license two years ago, and I have been raping every day.

I speak English fluently, both the Middle Eastern and the Homeless accents, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about American history and their Constitution, which I follow 100%

When I get my American visa, I am moving to New York to rape homeless people in the subway station to learn more about their magnificent culture. I hope I can become a sperm donor for the US Treasury or pool filler!

I own several rape devices, which I carry around town. I want to get used to being ready to rape before I move to America, so I can **** in easier. I keep my dick pressed against my elders and seniors and speak **** them in their sleep as often as I can, but rarely does anyone enjoy it.

Wish me luck in America!