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#4 - Thanks man. As of now ive been advised to consult a network se…  [+] (1 reply) 09/19/2016 on Please Help 0
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#6 - tonybmagic (09/19/2016) [-]
I would recommend leaving that decision to your IT department. If you have none and your boss trusted you with this issue I would disconnect the cat5 internet cable to the computer itself.
#37 - so monster hunter generations.... worth buying? i havent playe…  [+] (11 replies) 07/13/2016 on Bokebon Bo +1
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#60 - lastweek (07/13/2016) [-]
I definitely say it's worth it, the game has greatly improved and doesn't feel as stale anymore.

Well, first off there are obviously new weapons. Monsters both disappear and some reappear in different titles so it's never just the same but there's always monsters left from old titles. They seem to try one big change every gen.

MHFU: great game, just the right amount of challenge, lovely nargacuga, plesioth hip check best shit ever. Game: Good qualities, sarcastic remark about bad quality

MH3U: general improvements to pretty much everything, Lucent nargacuga, underwater combat flows great.

MH4U: Really nice mechanic improvements and new attacks, no notably bad hitboxes, a bit awkward 3D implemented but makes for more interesting hunts, I've done nothing but spam mount for two years .

MHG: not sure yet but seems pretty good, from what I've heard they nerfed the mounting, added hunter skills (actual use, not passive armor skills), certain visual changes (flashy stuff when striking) which will be a nice change. The hunting looks more natural from what I've seen. I have nothing bad to say yet because I haven't played it. Release where I live in 2 days, soon the wait is over!
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#40 - renegademimi (07/13/2016) [-]
Also there's an FJ monhun group so you're welcome to come by.
#46 - skorchy (07/13/2016) [-]
Can I pls be added to this group.
However the fuck you do that.
I played MHFU as a kid, but I had no friends.
tl;dr soloing a g rank white fatalis was rough as hell.
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#47 - renegademimi (07/13/2016) [-]

This is the discord invite
You'll probably figure it out but I'm the moderator "Mimi"
Not much activity going on right now but you can join
Since mhgen is coming out in a couple days people are pretty hype about it and just kinda waiting
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#53 - bewailedbadger (07/13/2016) [-]
I probably won't have it for a while (because money), but I'm wanting to get into MH. Could I join the discord now for when I get it?
#48 - skorchy (07/13/2016) [-]
I have discord and am familiar with using it.
Will have gen on release. Can it be played over wifi?
Also I will probably suck for a good week or so, haven't played the game much as of late.
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#49 - renegademimi (07/13/2016) [-]
Yeah you can play over wifi
and we all suck from the beginning
#66 - skorchy (07/19/2016) [-]
Is there still a discord for this? link is invalid and I waited until I got the game to join
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#68 - renegademimi (07/19/2016) [-]
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#67 - renegademimi (07/19/2016) [-]
Yeah gimme a few to get onto my laptop and i'll send you one
#50 - skorchy (07/13/2016) [-]
Not always true.
Back when I was actually good at the game I picked up 3U and went through all of the normal rank quests in leather armor because I couldn't be arsed to farm the low level monsters. Now I just have 4U and touch it here and there but I suck horribly haha

I'm excited to have people to play with though

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