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#49 - I have seen the secrets of the universe  [+] (1 reply) 09/15/2012 on Angel deserves it +2
#50 - arrisarrad (09/16/2012) [-]
Yes, in this finite existence brief epiphanies of profundity occur only so often. It is an incredible thing to contemplate the infinite majesty of the cosmos, and only so much of it is within our fragile level of mortal comprehension. But when one truly opens himself/herself to the beatific balance of nature, one sees that balance isn't a petty game between good and evil, but that balance is good and evil is the selfishness and wasteful desires of those who refuse to open their minds to the truth, a truth that is so easily revealed...that all that is good and righteous comes from selflessness. From Justice and Compassion, entwined together into a perfect balance of universal law. One, completely independent of the myths and credos, or lack there of, that humans create for themselves. It is within this merciful state of understanding and exaltation that one realizes that of all the supernatural forces, there is only one that can truly mirror the perfect wonderment one finds in the natural universe. Friendship. For friendship does not mean what it is oft understood to mean. Friendship is simply the extension of a balanced will from one person to another. When you offer to treat someone in accordance with the universal law of justice and compassion. Even if it's only once, only for a brief instant, with someone you'll never meet again. To treat someone with respect and love, no matter the person, no matter how one feels about them, this is the perfection we aspire to reach. Moral perfection. It may be unattainable in this mortal existence, but in striving for it we move a little bit closer to our goal, and some day, when science, morality, and belief reach a point of cosmic convergence, we may find that unattainable goal, to be within our reach...this at least, is my sincere belief in the capabilities of humanity. For truly, no past achievements of man, no sorceries or sciences nor any of man's past exploits of man can compete with friendship. For friendship, is magic.
#5 - love Daniel?  [+] (1 reply) 09/15/2012 on Confusing clones +15
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#12 - cablenibbler (09/15/2012) [-]
Is that you? what are you doing? Did you really drink the amnesia potion?
#29 - So what is the last two pizzas the world trade center orde…  [+] (1 reply) 09/13/2012 on What the fuck dolan +5
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#36 - kabizus (09/13/2012) [-]
Did it come in 30 minutes or less?
#10 - Clamps for your nipples 09/13/2012 on Reydel's profile 0