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#24 - You really have nothing to lose here. If she is that much of …  [+] (7 new replies) 03/16/2013 on HE DID IT! 0
User avatar #34 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
And I appreciate the shit out of this thread. I'm pretty close to the "of course she'll say yes" feeling. I feel pretty damn motivated.
User avatar #33 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
The thing is, I don't really want her to say yes because she feels she has to.
User avatar #41 - iheartfapping (03/16/2013) [-]
Don't make it seem too platonic either, if she doesn't know your true feelings and intentions, she might end up dancing with some other douche that sweeps her off her feet. Be agressive. Just don't be overbearing
User avatar #81 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
How exactly does one do that?
User avatar #82 - iheartfapping (03/16/2013) [-]
Make it clear that isn't just two friends going to prom. Tell her how beautiful she looks. Slow dance with her. And when its all about to end, and you're looking in her eyes and it feels right, make that first kiss. Oh, and I want to how it goes. If my advice gets someone laid, I feel like part of me got laid, too.
User avatar #84 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
Do I make it clear in asking her, or at the dance? And I probably won't be getting laid after this night, but maybe eventually. Maybe.
User avatar #83 - iheartfapping (03/16/2013) [-]
*I want to know how it goes
#21 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 03/16/2013 on HE DID IT! +1
User avatar #37 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
#48 - Comment deleted 03/16/2013 on I need 0
#2 - 0:05 " I don't wanna see ******* " 03/16/2013 on Booty Poppin Faceplant 0
#1 - That kitty stares into your soul 03/16/2013 on Pretty Pussy 0
#1 - That was pretty badass, though I think you could have worded t… 03/16/2013 on Business Machine Using... 0
#7 - Comment deleted  [+] (2 new replies) 03/16/2013 on I need 0
#22 - xjosequeervox Comment deleted by iheartfapping
#48 - iheartfapping Comment deleted by iheartfapping
#45 - Jesus dude...are you made out of balsa wood!? 03/15/2013 on Never, Ever Give Up 0
#57 - Im just now noticing that your username is hilarious and awesome. 03/15/2013 on What fresh hell is this?! 0
#46 - Why you asking me? I didn't thumb me up. 03/14/2013 on Holograms are the true Future +7
#419 - Picture 03/14/2013 on swaggity swag 0
#27 - Most overused joke of all time you say?  [+] (1 new reply) 03/14/2013 on What fresh hell is this?! +18
User avatar #31 - dagramcraka (03/15/2013) [-]
yeah, its more overused then arrow to the knee.
#22 - There's a difference between a hologram and four images being …  [+] (7 new replies) 03/14/2013 on Holograms are the true Future +152
#93 - newtotheinterwebz has deleted their comment.
User avatar #45 - PolarGhost (03/14/2013) [-]
You're useless.... how did you get +20 for this comment. I want to see you try to do that because I sure as hell don't know how.
User avatar #46 - iheartfapping (03/14/2013) [-]
Why you asking me? I didn't thumb me up.
#28 - jackalcureofprusia (03/14/2013) [-]
>Modern day technology enables us to create nonsolid images in mid-air
>OMG guise, it's just in a glass pyramid, its not dat impressive
21st century logic.
User avatar #29 - killingsin (03/14/2013) [-]
>solid glass pyramid
21st century logic.
#43 - anon (03/14/2013) [-]
He didn't even say the glass pyramid wasn't solid. You herped when you should have derped bro...
User avatar #25 - difference (03/14/2013) [-]
That's where I come in!
#34 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 03/14/2013 on Homer Simpson Feels +36
#89 - ihaveakeyboard (03/14/2013) [-]
this has been relevant a lot today
#71 - thebilliam (03/14/2013) [-]
#207 - What video is that gif from? I saw that once and I thought it…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/14/2013 on swaggity swag +1
User avatar #479 - thegunman (03/15/2013) [-]
I have no idea. I'm sorry
#175 - Haha yeah, thats true. Plus if there's a strong gust of wind … 03/14/2013 on I want to try this.. 0
#93 - Jawas?  [+] (2 new replies) 03/14/2013 on When you see it.. +4
User avatar #114 - sanguinesolitude (03/14/2013) [-]
User avatar #94 - insanemanoo (03/14/2013) [-]
THAT'S IT!!! Thank you, kind sir.
#169 - You can buy those beans by the bag? I've always wanted to fil…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/14/2013 on I want to try this.. 0
User avatar #172 - moonlitwolf (03/14/2013) [-]
They'd all stick to you when you get out u~u
User avatar #175 - iheartfapping (03/14/2013) [-]
Haha yeah, thats true. Plus if there's a strong gust of wind those things will go everywhere.
#79 - Picture 03/14/2013 on Richard Dawkins +8
#27 - Picture 03/12/2013 on That's not God's will +4
#236 - Look at this. See how much more urethra a stone has to pass t… 03/12/2013 on Ballsack 0
#228 - Uh...yeah... It iIS a gender thing. Your urethra is way short… 03/12/2013 on Ballsack 0
#191 - Yeah, but when it comes to passing a kidney stone...  [+] (20 new replies) 03/11/2013 on Ballsack 0
#213 - femalealert (03/12/2013) [-]
Because thats a gender thing
User avatar #228 - iheartfapping (03/12/2013) [-]
Uh...yeah... It iIS a gender thing. Your urethra is way shorter than ours, you don't have a whole penis for it to go through.
User avatar #218 - lolollo (03/12/2013) [-]
The point still being that guys go through it.
#230 - femalealert (03/12/2013) [-]
Oh I know guys go through it, but both males and females go through it so it shouldn't be an issue here
User avatar #245 - frankwest (03/12/2013) [-]
Then why aren't you picking apart half of this content?
#248 - femalealert (03/12/2013) [-]
because we all know that the content is dumb and has no real precedence in what really happens. Im not going to be the sixtieth person commenting on the content saying why its wrong or stupid.
User avatar #251 - frankwest (03/12/2013) [-]
#236 - iheartfapping (03/12/2013) [-]
Look at this. See how much more urethra a stone has to pass through for a male? That's my point.
User avatar #235 - lolollo (03/12/2013) [-]
Well considering the issue is "men don't know what childbirth is like" even though men do go through kidney stones, which are often compared to childbirth, I'd say it is relevent.

Or is the issue than men don't have something to suffer through that women don't? How altruistic.
#239 - femalealert (03/12/2013) [-]
No, I firmly believe that each gender suffers an equal amount in differing categories, but the issue with this specific comment is saying that men have to go through kidney stones. I am simply saying that both genders go through that so it shouldn't be relegated to one gender in a "well we go through this!!" fashion. that only makes this person the same as the obnoxious girl in the post
User avatar #270 - lolollo (03/12/2013) [-]
Except no one says "Well men have to go through this!" with the intention of proving childbirth a moot point. People say it to disprove the notion that women have this monopoly on extremely painful procedures.

So no, the irrelevance is in how you percoeve the argument.
#271 - femalealert (03/12/2013) [-]
where are you bringing childbirth into this from? Im merely talking about kidney stones in the persons comment. No where in any of his comments is childbirth involved. Nor am I saying that women have a monopoly on anything.
User avatar #274 - lolollo (03/12/2013) [-]
Then what exactly is your point?
#278 - femalealert (03/12/2013) [-]
That both males and females go through kidney stones. Therefore it shouldn't be a statement on it acting like only men go through it. that is all.
User avatar #280 - lolollo (03/12/2013) [-]
And I'm saying that's not why people bring up kidney stones. That point is completely self made. Literally no one is saying that.
#283 - femalealert (03/12/2013) [-]
and even if that WAS the comparison he was trying to make, its still not very effective because BOTH SEXES GO THROUGH IT. you are trying to say 'men go through kidney stones which is comparable to childbirth, so women don't have a monopoly on pain' when women go through both childbirth and kidney stones, making your point moot.
User avatar #284 - lolollo (03/12/2013) [-]
Oh, so you're saying that childbirth DOESN'T have a place in this conversation.

OK then. Let's just talk about how both men and women pass kidney stones, but men have it worse given the lengthier path the stone has to make throu our systems.
#286 - femalealert (03/13/2013) [-]
You have a good point there. Good show.

BOOM end of the real conversation
User avatar #287 - lolollo (03/13/2013) [-]
Thank you. I'm here till tuesday.
#282 - femalealert (03/12/2013) [-]
Did the guy from the original comment say anything about childbirth? no. Was that the point he was trying to make? Judging from his other responses, which had a good point in themselves, no. He was not trying to compare it to childbirth. You are the one that is making up that comparison.
#217 - Okay, this argument is going nowhere. Abandoning thread. 03/11/2013 on Irrelevant Title 0
#212 - Comment deleted 03/11/2013 on Irrelevant Title -2
What do you think? Give us your opinion. Anonymous comments allowed.
User avatar #9 - shayschamp (03/09/2012) [-]
You! where are you from?
User avatar #10 to #10 - iheartfapping (03/09/2012) [-]
Buffalo, NY, USA
User avatar #11 to #11 - shayschamp (03/09/2012) [-]
Oh, alright... I'm looking for people from livingston county, do you know anyone from around here?
User avatar #12 to #12 - iheartfapping (03/09/2012) [-]
I don't.
#8 - jaynecobb (11/15/2011) [-]
your content is amazing! thumbs for you!!
your content is amazing! thumbs for you!!
#4 - CallMeCrisco (05/05/2011) [-]
I can haz Metal Gear buddy? In honor of your name, I come bearing this gift...
#5 to #4 - iheartfapping (05/06/2011) [-]
Thank you, friend.
#1 - bobJML (03/15/2011) [-]
I herd u liek fapping?
I herd u liek fapping?
User avatar #2 to #1 - iheartfapping (03/17/2011) [-]
Love it...
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