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#4 - his response 05/05/2013 on Translation? +11
#5 - GORE IN MY NEXT POST ... ... ... GIVING TIME T…  [+] (15 new replies) 05/05/2013 on MFW +19
#6 - ihaveakeyboard (05/05/2013) [-]
Flagged Comment Picture
This image was flagged 1367842557
reminds me of this for some reason
#41 - swagbot (05/06/2013) [-]
Deep Thoughts Time....

This... doesn't bug me. I stare at it...and.....(...)....nope. nothing. Sadness? Horror at/empathy with the pain? Physical disgust?

Nope. Nothing.

Instead, this picture makes me feel two things:
1) Disappointment and a little fear in understanding that i am made out of the same squishy stuff. I like my whole, regular human form. I don't want to be turned into squishy bits like this.

2) A general feeling that EVERYTHING BAD IN THE WORLD IS ROLLED UP INTO THIS PICTURE: this guy must've either been 1) So fucking dumb or beta as to do this for attention, revenge-by-suicide, to 'escape a problem', etc 2) been completely psychologically crushed by assholes around him, never receiving the seed of strength to fight it off, that he actually thought that this desecration of his flesh was the only means to reprieve.

Idiots. Idiots with guns. Self-pitying betas. (or) people so evil as to drive a human being to do this... at least one of those is described in this picture.

Beware, for the Abyss peers also into you...
User avatar #59 - nebuchadnezzaurus (05/06/2013) [-]
Could also be a psychological or a biological disorder, kind of like what Hemingway had.
User avatar #14 - gobnick (05/06/2013) [-]
i'm not bitching, just to let you know
but i am slightly....disgusted...to put it. this was a person, someone who most likely felt like they no longer belonged or desired to be here, and chose to kill themselves....and /b/ chooses to say "OH HEY! HE LOOKS LIKE SID!".....sometimes i can't even with 4chan. if you can even just think about the mind processes behind killing yourself with a shotgun like that, you'd also think this is kinda disturbing. this isn't just a picture, this was a life, that someone decided to make a joke about. i will admit, yes, i did laugh at this picture the first few times i saw it, but now, honestly i feel kinda close to vomiting, and not because of the gore. ok, so to reiterate, i.am.not.bitching. just trying to see if i'm alone in thinking that maybe we should, idk, make a tribute or at least show sorrow or something for this person....(and i know at least some of you are gonna make a vagina or ovary joke at my expense, but idgaf, at least i see the big picture contained within this screenshot)
User avatar #52 - badmonkey (05/06/2013) [-]
Well if the person lost respect in him/herself enough as to the point of commiting suicide, I don't see the point for pitying
#46 - aerosol (05/06/2013) [-]
I agree with you on that. As they say: treat others as you wish to be treated.

After all, I've always enjoyed the fact that there are actually a few decent/empathetic people on this site, such as yourself. I'd hate to see that change. Thank you for speaking up in spite of all the people who are likely to call you a moralfag.
User avatar #32 - supervillanus (05/06/2013) [-]
I lol'd
#22 - jrondeau (05/06/2013) [-]
This guy decided he wasn't worth the dirt under his feet, so he offed himself. /b/ is just treating him how he truly thought he deserved to be treated.
User avatar #24 - gobnick (05/06/2013) [-]
you don't exactly know that....and it's kinda fucked up that you immediately rationalize the mocking of someone's life and death....he could have in fact been psychologically battered by people using words almost exactly like yours into taking his own life, perhaps it was not that he hated himself, but people who use that sort of wording to address him or use against him to make themselves feel better or worse, that they actually told him to kill himself, mocked him and mistreated him to the point of breaking. my point is, if his reality was as such, it would not be a self-reflection that caused this, but that living in a world where assholes like that exist was just too harsh a reality for him
#64 - jrondeau (05/06/2013) [-]
He spat in the face of the life endowed to him by offing himself. He did the most cowardly thing anyone could ever possibly do and deserves to be treated as such. He decided that his needs were more important than the needs of his family, friends, and others close to him who would be deeply hurt by his suicide, and so he took a shotgun to his face.

And how do you know he was battered by society? You're assuming a hell of a lot more than I am in your defense. All the picture shows is that the guy offed himself, which brings to attention what I reference in the previous paragraph (at least in most instances). Those who kill themselves because they can't deal with shit anymore only ever have the right to do so if literally no one will negatively impacted by it. Taking your own life is the most cowardly and selfish thing anyone can ever do, and you are entitled to any criticism you receive after doing so because of that.
#15 - thisotherdude (05/06/2013) [-]
Nigga calm yo tits, that shit it funny.
User avatar #17 - gobnick (05/06/2013) [-]
like i said, yes, i did laugh at this before....did you not read all of it or something?
and in fact, my tits are calm, i just wanted to know if anyone else felt similarly, and it's obvious you don't, i didn't exactly ask for you to tell me to calm down did i?
and also, if you didn't give a fuck, why did you feel the need to express this concern for my state of mind?
User avatar #19 - thisotherdude (05/06/2013) [-]
Concern? It was more mocking really, and it's pretty much an FJer's job to mock everyone who doesn't submit to the FJ hive mind regardless of how little they care. Such is how things work on this site.
User avatar #20 - gobnick (05/06/2013) [-]
i would more describe it as duty, seeing as thumbs aren't truly currency, unless you tend to think that way, in which case yes, it is your job. and i understand now, thank you for explaining
#8 - pocoyothegreat (05/05/2013) [-]
#10 - or is OP 05/05/2013 on Well I Guess It Could Japan +3
#9 - spotted the women 05/05/2013 on MFW piss shivers -2
#2 - two in the pink one in the stink imagine it, picture it  [+] (6 new replies) 05/05/2013 on But babyyyy +15
User avatar #13 - mango (05/05/2013) [-]
Lol I made that joke on a dugtrio post before and got #1 comment.
#8 - shishiko (05/05/2013) [-]
i liek
#9 - liek (05/05/2013) [-]
you're so fucking edgy.
#10 - shishiko (05/05/2013) [-]

well, this is awkward. Damn you people with prominent names.
User avatar #5 - heartlessrobot (05/05/2013) [-]
Three in the stink.
User avatar #4 - qosfortyone (05/05/2013) [-]
fuck you

in a nice way
#15 - marginally related  [+] (3 new replies) 05/05/2013 on LOOK I HAVE TAN LINES +33
User avatar #97 - padlochmcgee (05/06/2013) [-]
How would triangle?
User avatar #72 - krispybananaz (05/06/2013) [-]
how long has that been in your folder waiting for use
#47 - nightstar (05/06/2013) [-]
#10 - that is going to be hard as **** to program... da…  [+] (2 new replies) 05/05/2013 on yes...YES...YEEESSSS! +38
#48 - beerholder (05/06/2013) [-]
I've been looking for this gif for ages. Kind thanks good sir!
User avatar #11 - longbowgun (05/05/2013) [-]
Not if the only thing you're tracking is pulsars. There aren't that many that the model would have to track. Your pic relates: The system would not have to track all objects. But, it would be helpful so that you don't run into stuff. The speeds required for travel (even within the solar system) could make any collision deadly. zeenews.india.com/news/space/astronaut-finds-bullet-hole-in-iss-solar-panel_845683.html
#8 - the thing is, I wonder if they account for the pulsars moving?…  [+] (11 new replies) 05/05/2013 on yes...YES...YEEESSSS! +18
#98 - kingpongthedon (05/06/2013) [-]
As of now they don't. Currently, it's too difficult to precisely measure the speed of the pulsars. It's unnecessary too, they're just so far away that even though they're moving thousands of miles an hour, they're relatively fixed points in the sky. Anything we'll be doing anytime soon will most likely use a static model, as it's just too much work to accurately produce a dynamic model. Right now, they seem to have limited themselves to using pulsars that can be approximated as static. In the far distant future, they'll have to use a dynamic model, but the current "static" model is accurate up to 1 km anywhere in the solar system, which is more than sufficient for anything we'll ever use it for.

Here's a link to the paper if you're interested: microcosminc.com/analysis/AAS%2008-054%20XNAV.pdf
#67 - drshkidz (05/06/2013) [-]
"I wonder if they account for the pulsars moving?"
No, when dealing with relativity, scientists certainly don't consider things moving.
The GPS we have now is already heavily accounting for movement on a level too tiny for most people to comprehend, let alone work with.
I'm almost certain that not only are they accounting for it, it's a major factor as to why the pciture says "working on" and not "implemented already and I mean, it wasn't even that hard guys"
#99 - kingpongthedon (05/06/2013) [-]
Nope, they just found pulsars that are moving so slow, they can be approximated as static. You gotta remember, they're so far away, we can barely perceive their movement. It won't affect a triangulation system at all.
#103 - drshkidz (05/06/2013) [-]
I feel like that puts an operational limit on range, lifetime and accuracy and in no way recognize the validity of settling for a design that merely works "pretty damn well all things considered" in favor of "provably accurate to the nearest planck length."
Go figure. Lazy goddamn astrophysicists.
#104 - kingpongthedon (05/06/2013) [-]
It does, but you gotta think of it as an engineer and not a scientist. Engineers are all about taking the easy way out. And frankly, there's just no need to design a system that accurate. Once you're within a km of something, you're probably already using detection devices, like old-fashioned cameras, to do your navigating. And we've only produced one object that has left the solar system. It will be hundreds, if not thousands of years before that kind of system needs to be implemented. Right now, we just don't have the need or technology to implement a dynamic system.
#107 - drshkidz (05/06/2013) [-]
Well, no I got that, I pretty much cotton'd on to it once you pointed out they had just gone ahead and scraped by, then I put it together with the five klick maximum deviation that they had just settled for something workable in a first generation system.
But wonderful clarification anyways. It's kind of easy to forget we haven't really gotten much under our belt in the way of even system-wide travel, y'know? I'm just worried that my grandchildren's grandchildren's etc might end up in some gas giant from using bootleg 21st century positioning algorithms.
User avatar #9 - longbowgun (05/05/2013) [-]
This system depends on a working 3d model of the galaxy. Any model of this nature has to include movement.
#100 - kingpongthedon (05/06/2013) [-]
It doesn't account for motion, they just found pulsars that are moving so slow, they can be approximated as static. They're just so far away that any motion they may have has no practical effect on their apparent location.
#10 - ihaveakeyboard (05/05/2013) [-]
that is going to be hard as fuck to program... damn good of them then.
shit, hat is just that much more awesome

.gif random, but kinda related
#48 - beerholder (05/06/2013) [-]
I've been looking for this gif for ages. Kind thanks good sir!
User avatar #11 - longbowgun (05/05/2013) [-]
Not if the only thing you're tracking is pulsars. There aren't that many that the model would have to track. Your pic relates: The system would not have to track all objects. But, it would be helpful so that you don't run into stuff. The speeds required for travel (even within the solar system) could make any collision deadly. zeenews.india.com/news/space/astronaut-finds-bullet-hole-in-iss-solar-panel_845683.html
#2 - you can hear the .gif  [+] (5 new replies) 05/05/2013 on good thing there's subtitles +7
#14 - andnowducks (05/05/2013) [-]
#12 - nwn (05/05/2013) [-]
i can actually, i have a large fucking noisy clock right next to me.
#13 - nwn (05/05/2013) [-]
Your GIF is slightly too fast by the way
User avatar #8 - randomserb (05/05/2013) [-]
I hear toick.
User avatar #9 - thinegame (05/05/2013) [-]
toioioioioioioioioioi ... ck
#48 - which is the best part! (I have never actually had it, but… 05/05/2013 on Things I've learned from FJ 0
#533 - that's redundant 05/05/2013 on Super Villain Name 0
#13 - I'm being serious, male pornstar is my dream job. **** …  [+] (4 new replies) 05/05/2013 on Job of dreams 0
#41 - JordanGoonie (05/05/2013) [-]
You would probably have to fuck a bunch of fat chicks
#15 - anon (05/05/2013) [-]
good luck getting in, you'd have a better chance if you were fucking guys.
User avatar #19 - rangerofthesea (05/05/2013) [-]
or getting fucked BY guys
User avatar #22 - sepheroth (05/05/2013) [-]
Why not both?
#29 - pic related 05/05/2013 on Slayer +15
#23 - IM TELLING DJ 4DM1N I SAW BOOBIES 05/05/2013 on Human Art Illusions. Or... +19
#49 - my grandpa  [+] (1 new reply) 05/05/2013 on Expectations +5
#223 - haunterbrony (05/05/2013) [-]
I was not ready for this.
#33 - Freud just creamed himself 05/05/2013 on Discussing opinions on the... 0
#12 - Picture  [+] (5 new replies) 05/05/2013 on Dammit Travis +43
#23 - weefee (05/05/2013) [-]
#22 - Schillsifer (05/05/2013) [-]
#21 - godofthunder (05/05/2013) [-]
#19 - musclemarinade (05/05/2013) [-]
#17 - anon (05/05/2013) [-]
#68 - for being a comedic genius, that's why  [+] (1 new reply) 05/05/2013 on Swish and Flick +3
User avatar #92 - Shenanigins (05/05/2013) [-]
I didn't do it, officer. I swear it.
#43 - I have an ungodly number of these pictures (24)  [+] (1 new reply) 05/05/2013 on War...War Never Changes... +8
#45 - invincibleironman (05/05/2013) [-]
#42 - Picture 05/05/2013 on War...War Never Changes... +2
#81 - anon, I am dissapoint 05/05/2013 on jesus 0
#33 - your welcome 05/05/2013 on Listen to my GIF 0
#51 - number 20 got me so bad 05/04/2013 on First Graders +1
#26 - greatest crossover ever? greatest crossover ever. 05/04/2013 on Eddward Nigma 0
#152 - top should be "searching carrots on Wikipedia" 05/04/2013 on MFW 0
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