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#5 - No joke. There is more to the story  [+] (2 replies) 02/13/2016 on pls no hate 0
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#6 - roannoke (02/13/2016) [-]
OP what the hell are you thinking? you left your gf for some other girl. What was wrong with the original girl? why are you going after this other girl? howd you meet her? basically dude, I'd recommend chilling out and living your life first and foremost. Give her an ultimatum and dont budge. You get one life. Dont end up with the wrong person who loves you for your money.
#8 - icezillah (02/13/2016) [-]
Well I had my gf for 5 years and she wanted to movie in with me great no problem. But she said after liv8by together for 6 months I had to marry her I'm 24 im,not ready for that. Well the girl,i met she worked for me that's how I met her and she came in between me in my gf when we had a really tough time,so yea im,going with the ultimatum route. Ty esse
#66 - so OP have you told the man you love? i think he deserves to h…  [+] (1 reply) 02/07/2016 on kill me +2
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#101 - lyandris (02/07/2016) [-]
He did. We talked about it, it's somewhat fixed.
#99 - **icezillah used "*roll picture*"** **icezillah rolled ima…  [+] (1 reply) 12/21/2015 on Friendly reminder 0
#100 - icezillah (12/21/2015) [-]
for not being a faggot that was a pretty gay roll. no homo