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#8 - I would but I don't feel like putting you on the front page … 10/26/2014 on Get this sheep to front page 0
#5 - The air we breath is 78% nitrogen though... 10/26/2014 on Air +1
#7 - Could someone explain anxiety is in a scientific way like what…  [+] (3 new replies) 10/26/2014 on Just Do It 0
#11 - alkamer (10/26/2014) [-]
Not every response by brain has to be chemical colonel. It might as well be a static or electrical response, you know, impulses. humans, meh
User avatar #9 - huehuehuepster (10/26/2014) [-]
also can't help you with the scientific side but it's mainly psychological as i understand it.
the mind panics when confronted with a certain situation; anxiety is found in every human, think of how you feel when you walk on a dark lonely road and you feel like someones whatching you. anxiety attacks are the same but at moments and situations that usually don't get people to feel anxious.
User avatar #8 - subaqueousreach (10/26/2014) [-]
I'm not sure what the chemical science is, but my brother gets anxiety attacks all the time.

It's more or less just a general feeling of panic when approached by a situation you may not be comfortable or familiar with.
#18 - >Has time to raise her phone and put it down >doesn'… 10/26/2014 on Cell Phone or Eye? Only one... -1
#42 - No I just corner someone with a knife a stick my penis out  [+] (1 new reply) 10/26/2014 on Phanact 0
#45 - aximil (10/26/2014) [-]
#40 - I plan to lose mine on Halloween I got the whole plan ready to go  [+] (3 new replies) 10/26/2014 on Phanact 0
User avatar #41 - silverzepher (10/26/2014) [-]
it isn't rape if you yell surprise

that the idea you going for?
User avatar #42 - iamthethree (10/26/2014) [-]
No I just corner someone with a knife a stick my penis out
#45 - aximil (10/26/2014) [-]
#29 - < This is whole wheat bread not that white garbage you call bread 10/25/2014 on syfygeek's profile 0
#34 - It better be whole wheat 10/25/2014 on Comment for HD bread 0
#11 - 760mmhg=1 atmosphere= 101.325 kPa 10/25/2014 on how things breathe 0
#62 - Boxing is what I do it's pretty fun to hit things  [+] (1 new reply) 10/24/2014 on Any FJ'ers doing martial arts? +1
#107 - hrx (10/24/2014) [-]
agreed. i tried many different martial arts and defense systems, but boxing is where it's at. cheers
#1839 - **iamthethree rolls 250,340,284** 10/24/2014 on Free Steam 0
#55 - "Stoopid humans!" 10/24/2014 on Why do you not comment on OC? 0
#341 - Babyphanact or juniorjoshlol 10/20/2014 on 9 ways anonymous will steal... 0
#27 - I have to break the rule and use 4 words "steel … 10/15/2014 on Brotherhood +7
#194 - My friend went to the US to play hockey and he was doing grade… 10/14/2014 on American arrogance 0
#35 - I didn't read this but I gave a thumb for how much you wrote 10/14/2014 on F*ck the poor? 0
#24 - The one thing that really pisses me off is that they keep drop… 10/13/2014 on Farming Loyce souls 0
#90 - *with a sword 10/11/2014 on aside from her ass shes hot +5
#54 - When I run I don't listen to music when I run I just run and t… 10/11/2014 on Running 0
#125 - I would never hit a women I but I would take the bitch the ground  [+] (1 new reply) 10/11/2014 on more on the war on men +1
User avatar #131 - forsakensaint (10/11/2014) [-]
I would, well... Depending on case... If some huge ass land whale attacked me, i would punch the shit out of it (Only if she threw the first punch tho). If it was some obviously weak and or fragile person that could likely not take even 1 hit or do much damage then ye, would probably just keep her pinned down and or just push out of the way.
#23 - Put luck to 9 laugh when you get kicked out of all casinos wit…  [+] (7 new replies) 09/30/2014 on (untitled) +53
User avatar #31 - lostxprophit (09/30/2014) [-]
also if u have a high enough sneak u can get outta the Sierra Madre will all the Gold Bars... u just wanna grab em all, hide behind a support beam on the right of the vault (while sneaking) & when Elijah's in the Vault u lock him in then escape but it might take a few tries in case he spots u (haven't tried it myself yet but it seems like the best way)
User avatar #100 - baditch (09/30/2014) [-]
Dead money was some of the best DLC I can remember playing. The difficulty of sneaking past monsters in a mist that kills you made it intense and rewarding.
User avatar #118 - lostxprophit (10/10/2014) [-]
ugh... yea I fucking hated those zombie things.... pissed me right off... mainly cuz they just swarm over u.... made getting in and out of the Sierra Madre a complete bitch
User avatar #66 - priestoftheoldones (09/30/2014) [-]
Why sneak when you can just shoot everyone in the face?
User avatar #26 - Sperit (09/30/2014) [-]
DLC casinos then
User avatar #29 - ReikoTheGreat (09/30/2014) [-]
>DLC Casinos
>Forgets Dead Money
You had one job.
User avatar #106 - Sperit (09/30/2014) [-]
im lazy ok
#205 - Comment deleted 09/29/2014 on My psychic power 0
#41 - Alberta mentioned swell with oil 09/29/2014 on That's mine 0
#85 - MY LAST NAME IS WISNIEWSKI 09/29/2014 on Morbid pictures comp part 2 0
#121 - There's people who don't want to be named Butterbean?  [+] (1 new reply) 09/28/2014 on DYK Comp #74 +2
#122 - bleeduntildeath (09/28/2014) [-]
funny I just mentioned him today, thanks baader-meinhof!


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