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#304 - $100 is the average price for a AAA title  [+] (2 replies) 06/07/2014 on WTF is wrong with gaming... 0
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#332 - tenfinnvo (06/07/2014) [-]
So is Australia, like, anti-russia? Why do you get prices like that?
AAA titles usually cost 20$-30$ here, in russia. The reason behind these prices is that piracy is so common here that people give you weird looks if you "pay for what you can get for free", thus the prices on PC games are much lower than in the rest of the world, so at least someone would buy them. This doesn't affect console games, though, they cost as much as in USA.
The low pricing is giving some troubles though, because more and more games are region blocked (not big of a problem, just makes it so no one can resell a game in steam overseas), and language blocked. (And this is a problem, at least for me, the translations are shit, so i would rather play in english. I have to fuck with language files and registry.)
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#323 - curtkobain (06/07/2014) [-]
Fuck. Do you just buy across seas then? That's ridiculous pricing.
#27 - Vikings originated from Denmark m8  [+] (6 replies) 04/22/2014 on RIP -8
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#31 - themalherbes (04/22/2014) [-]
Vikings originated from what is now Norway, Denmark and Sweden. the vikings who raided England were in fact Danish and set out from a small city called Struer in western Denmark. the vikings were never united by living in countries, the separated in tribes who had chieftains and waged war upon each other.
but yeah the truly awesome ones were from Denmark.
#50 - bifftastic (04/22/2014) [-]
The Vikings we call "Norwegian" came basically from the whole area between Gothenburg and Trondheim. Those we call "Danish" from the whole area between Gothenburg to Kalmar and Denmark. "Swedish" Vikings were mainly in mälardalen and Lake Vänern.
I hope you are not a teacher in history -.-
#28 - applescryatnight (04/22/2014) [-]
how do i know you arent lying to me?
i mean, you are loki.
#32 - dzimo (04/22/2014) [-]
yet he is right. most famous vikings are from denmark
#33 - applescryatnight (04/22/2014) [-]
really? i always thought that they were from all over scandinavia.
no finnish, swedish, or norwegians?
#34 - dzimo (04/22/2014) [-]
see coment 31.

he is just about right.
#18 - yes  [+] (1 reply) 01/30/2014 on good guy husband 0
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#21 - radtroll (01/30/2014) [-]
"getting laid a lot, please any girl, can you tell me if you'd fuck him or not?"
#15 - mate i'd **** him  [+] (3 replies) 01/30/2014 on good guy husband 0
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#16 - radtroll (01/30/2014) [-]
Are you a guy?
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#18 - iamloki (01/30/2014) [-]
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#21 - radtroll (01/30/2014) [-]
"getting laid a lot, please any girl, can you tell me if you'd fuck him or not?"