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I eat, I bike, I sleep, I go on crusades through the internet, all there is to it.

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#257 - I just realized.... the previous generation had the vietna…  [+] (1 new reply) 09/23/2014 on SJWs. +1
User avatar #263 - kafudamapla (09/23/2014) [-]
The problem is our generation's lack of a war. People are forgetting what real pain and/or oppression is. Getting too self righteous and self deserving
#127 - **** you, i just finished Avatar, the sky's the l… 09/22/2014 on Too close to home 0
#372 - i'm still waiting for my personalized moose picture from that … 09/21/2014 on gamergate bullshit whatever +1
#306 - feels kinda relevant... 09/20/2014 on Users banned for being... 0
#41 - I like mountain biking 09/17/2014 on extreme mountain biking +4
#179 - Half Life 3 ain't exist ***** 09/16/2014 on Your Sex Life +1
#94 - forgot one  [+] (2 new replies) 09/16/2014 on putin things into perspective +24
User avatar #145 - enemyoftrn (09/16/2014) [-]
In my head, he was whistling the intro to xfiles.
#113 - lordfuckerslives (09/16/2014) [-]
have this one.
#23 - falling off before you hit the water that sandburn 09/14/2014 on what a ride! +3
#77 - -utiful 09/14/2014 on Incesto 0
#76 - Bea-  [+] (1 new reply) 09/14/2014 on Incesto 0
#77 - hypocritical (09/14/2014) [-]
#347 - Lord of the Rings 09/13/2014 on 6 word stories +3
#38 - President Brock Obama 09/09/2014 on No-brainer +2
#301 - i desire to see more and a comparison to a hand/penny/something 09/09/2014 on ARARGARHRAGRRHARAGRHAG 0
#879 - best thing i could find for it  [+] (1 new reply) 09/05/2014 on I wish admin would party... 0
#882 - killemusen (09/05/2014) [-]
thanks anyway.
#196 - college freshman and still no cellphone i don't see w… 09/05/2014 on Fuck 'em 0
#94 - >coming up...Po-Po 09/05/2014 on Taco Describes The N word +6
#8 - relevent because lex 09/05/2014 on Welcome to the Justice... +1
#8 - Picture 09/04/2014 on Mario Kart +10
#12 - really, i have those thoughts too. even if i go deep into deta…  [+] (4 new replies) 09/04/2014 on inner thoughts +19
User avatar #27 - Tusura (09/04/2014) [-]
The worst part for me is not being able to brush them off. They sit and fester inside my head whether I want them to or not. I can actively be thinking about something else, and as soon as that thought is done, it's back to morbid suicide thoughts.

They literally do not end for me.
Since I started taking Zoloft, things have been a little better, but not 100%.

User avatar #48 - lunarmage (09/04/2014) [-]
I imagine your thought pattern is like this:
>in head: "Well, now that that's done, let's play som-"
User avatar #62 - Tusura (09/04/2014) [-]
Not quite, but close.

Refer to www.funnyjunk.com/inner+thoughts/funny-pictures/5282893/60#60 for a better insight into my head.

#52 - ihateemo (09/04/2014) [-]
no, for me anyway it is more like "i wonder if killing myself would end this feeling".

That is the one recurring thought I have had going through my head for years and it never stops being scary.
#105 - made me stretch and yawn 10/10 09/03/2014 on Inner Evil? 0
#73 - The time to strike is at hand. Ready the pitchforks.… 09/02/2014 on Sickening +1
#15 - was pretty good 09/01/2014 on ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO... +5
#160 - what if you're asian?  [+] (1 new reply) 08/31/2014 on People who quote memes in... 0
User avatar #175 - hanyouvale (08/31/2014) [-]
well, since Asian was never mentioned, i feel it is safe to say they can quote memes and OP cant do shit about it.
#40 - false, if this content is recent, which it probably isn'…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/29/2014 on Faith In Humanity: Restored -7
User avatar #49 - Ashtaroth (08/29/2014) [-]
This had the exact opposite effect of mind blowing. It's like my brain collapsed under its own weight and is now a microscopic black dot drawing knowledge inexorably to its destruction.
#45 - anonymous (08/29/2014) [-]
wait.. what?
#107 - send him a message, don't just let him fade.  [+] (11 new replies) 08/28/2014 on Dark souls +4
User avatar #148 - baltaismelnais (08/28/2014) [-]
Last time I did that, the phantom started sexting me (Can post pics once I get to my LIVE account)
User avatar #150 - infedel (08/28/2014) [-]
fucking do it and i'll give you a blowie
#153 - baltaismelnais (08/28/2014) [-]
Only question is... Are you a boy, or a girl?
User avatar #154 - infedel (08/28/2014) [-]
fool, there are no girls on the internet overused joke is overused.
User avatar #155 - baltaismelnais (08/28/2014) [-]
You're forgetting of the FJ counting, where it was proven that a little over 1/4th of FJ community are girls
User avatar #156 - infedel (08/28/2014) [-]
yeah, i know its been proven girls use funnyjunk. was mostly for comedic effect. but seriously, post that shit.
#157 - baltaismelnais (08/28/2014) [-]
You'll have to wait until I get to my gaming laptop so I can access my account (The only way I know it works (I'm a stupid retard)).
And you didn't answer to Oak.
How one drummer of a band I know explained, gay isn't the one who gives, but the one who takes it in
#158 - infedel (08/28/2014) [-]
the concept of giving and taking in a situation like this can vary though. one can perceive it as giving and taking of oral, were as another can perceive it as the giving and taking of the D
User avatar #159 - baltaismelnais (08/28/2014) [-]
Well, true, it depends on the perspective. Still, I'll be needing some motivation, there still is a long way to go 'till the end of the day, I'm guessing I'll forget somehow. Same how I forgot about my birth day... for 5 years... like the rest of my family... and friends... that I don't have...
User avatar #160 - infedel (08/28/2014) [-]
User avatar #161 - baltaismelnais (08/28/2014) [-]
I think I'll manage to post it.
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