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#124 - Ubisoft launched one buggy-ass game and everyone is up in arms…  [+] (2 replies) 06/24/2015 on The definition of Pre-orders +2
#293 - anon (06/24/2015) [-]
Ubisoft has published quite a few buggy games, but that one was over-the-top riddle with bugs. Bethesda's an actual respected company, and had a game that was pretty buggy as well - it's not SH, it's respect for an actual good company who tries
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#306 - hydraetis (06/25/2015) [-]
"Bethesda's an actual respected company"

My point is why are they respected other than because of bandwagon and modding reasons? (and I don't see how players making a game better = company being super awesome).

"and had a game that was pretty buggy as well "

Nigga, Bethesda's shtick is that their games are always buggy as shit on release.

Going to another comment,

-Quests not being able to be completed
-AI that makes no sense and has poor pathfinding
-Models that fall apart or stretch past their joints
-Items that have a problem in their scripts that makes them worthless
-PAID DLC before the actual game is fixed.

^Why the fuck is Bethesda allowed to pull that shit without upsetting anyone, but any other developer that does so gets burned at the stake?

#123 - Ignoring the fact that Bethesda's shtick is having a ******** …  [+] (5 replies) 06/24/2015 on The definition of Pre-orders +7
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#287 - oharo (06/24/2015) [-]
Yeah, that's fine if you want to say they're poorly coded, no one cares. Because the fact of the matter is the Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout 3 are all amazing games and Fallout 4 will almost surely be amazing as well.

That's really all preordering comes down to: do you trust the game company to not make this one shitty? For Bethesda (specifically Bethesda Game Studios), many, many people would say yes.
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#322 - hydraetis (06/25/2015) [-]
Nah. Skyrim was full of lorebits, yes, but almost everything else about it is sub-par at best.

- Combat is as shallow as a puddle
- Majority of quests consist of going into dungeon X and killing draugr
- Lame animation
- Hellish optimization area with lush, long grass in Far Cry 3 = 50fps. area modded (because none exist in vanilla) to have lush, long grass in Skyrim = 15fps
- While exteriors can be made to look great, the engine really fucks up what you can do with interiors thanks to the lighting limitations max. 4 lighting sources on an object = strobe lights when inside of an inn using modded lighting, due to flickering
- Further on the engine problems, having Vsync disabled and going too far over 60fps causes the physics to go absolutely haywire though they're already shady, considering you can kill yourself by jumping on a wooden cart or the remains of a skeleton

Since it is a Fallout, I can accept that the game will probably be decent. But if you ask me, Bethesda is getting far too comfortable and is being hailed far too much by the community.
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#323 - oharo (06/25/2015) [-]
I guess we'll just agree to disagree.
#276 - iguanasandicecream (06/24/2015) [-]
well if no one buys the game then how will we know there is bugs or it is incomplete if no one is there to lay the games and find out?
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#260 - slayzo (06/24/2015) [-]
Take notice of how no one will debate you on that point, because they know they're just as bad for preordering fallout 4, when every fucking Bethesda game is released with either a ton of bugs, or a few bugs that make the game unplayable day 1.

But it's OK when they do it, because it's fallout 4, not an indie game, and the label makes the difference, right?
#121 - "Plenty of good history like from Bethesda" …  [+] (3 replies) 06/24/2015 on The definition of Pre-orders +22
#278 - iguanasandicecream (06/24/2015) [-]
Goes what? I didn't give a fuck that skyrim was buggy because its a huge game and was tons of fun even with bugs
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#141 - unikornking (06/24/2015) [-]
Was skyrim ever on GFW? I bought the physical copy and it wasn't on there
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#142 - hydraetis (06/24/2015) [-]
I have no idea. That was just the first game case picture I found on google.