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#16 - Golden retrievers are the happiest of all dogs. Fact.  [+] (2 replies) 04/06/2016 on Pupper learns about gravity +42
#65 - hpcghia (04/07/2016) [-]
Belgian malinois.
#25 - anon (04/06/2016) [-]
#84 - We should make Hilary president. After all, statistically spea…  [+] (12 replies) 03/06/2016 on Hilary Clinton cringe tweet +16
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#133 - leonhardt (03/06/2016) [-]
I mean I get the joke

But paying her 30% less is not worth her fucking starting World War 3.
#136 - pridefulmatthew (03/06/2016) [-]
That would be Trump who would start WW3.
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#137 - leonhardt (03/06/2016) [-]
Not really. But thanks for proving that you're uneducated.
#138 - pridefulmatthew (03/06/2016) [-]
Pretty much yea, since hes an idiot, a racist, and a over all piece of garbage. I hate Hillary, but Trump would def be the president to ruin the entire country and start a global war.
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#139 - leonhardt (03/06/2016) [-]
Well at least you're not old enough to vote anyways.
#140 - pridefulmatthew (03/06/2016) [-]
Where did you get that from?
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#141 - leonhardt (03/06/2016) [-]
Well you know literally nothing about politics and blindly believe everything the media tells you without doing your own research.

So you're either a child or, a complete retard.

Can retards even vote in this country?
I mean they must be able to, if they elected Obama twice simply because he was black.
#143 - pridefulmatthew (03/06/2016) [-]
I don't blindly believe actually, unlike anyone that supports Trump, I actually have researched a lot about Trump, besides not actually having a single plan for literally anything besides "we will make america great again" and screaming at people that call him out on everything idiotic he does. Like flipflopping so hard that he does from one extreme to another in the space of a single sentence. If you actually support Trump then you are the complete retard, since he is in fact a fucking idiotic racist moron.
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#156 - containlettersonly (03/06/2016) [-]
>done research
>no plans

Really guy?
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#145 - leonhardt (03/06/2016) [-]
>I have researched a lot about Trump
Oh this will be good.

>He has no plan
Factually incorrect. You have done no research.

>He is an idiotic racist moron
Keep blindly sucking the media cock.

So I was wrong.
You're both retarded AND a child.
#151 - oxeos (03/06/2016) [-]
Explain some Donald Trumps policies to me.
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#154 - leonhardt (03/06/2016) [-]
In this day and age most candidates have websites explaining their policies and plans.
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