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#100 - snowshark (08/20/2013) [-]
Actually wiki'd it (didn't think of it before... which is odd.)

The name is still stupid but it's not the fault of the game or anyone really since the game started as a merger of Rugby and Football where you weren't allowed to touch the ball and the game just sort of grew from there. It's now changed to the point where the name football really doesn't apply to it in comparrison to the original intention of the name but Rugby is called Rugby even when it's not played in Rugby so names have a way of sticking around even when they don't apply much.

I don't get uppity about it like others do and it's nice to know the roots of the game.
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#193 - The mind is truly an amazing thing. People typically compare … 08/17/2013 on Explaining Differences +1
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#193 - horribleperson (08/17/2013) [-]
The mind is truly an amazing thing. People typically compare the brain to a computer, usually with disappointment at the speed of our mathematical processing abilities. When told that our minds are far more advanced than any supercomputer, people are usually skeptical. The fact that the brain can do all of these incredibly complex sensory calculations at once, instantaneously, all subconsciously, whilst allowing us to make conscious decisions about how to react to all of the surrounding stimuli, now, 5 minutes from now, tomorrow, etc., is just breath-taking. Computers cannot even compare. I try not to take this stuff for granted.
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