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#43 - Peace can come and go while virginity can not. 12/14/2014 on George Carlin 0
#73 - **** austin  [+] (1 new reply) 12/14/2014 on Shoppin' 0
#104 - cdroid (12/15/2014) [-]
#47 - **hockeynerd rolled image ** what he fought for 12/10/2014 on The adventures of George... +14
#69 - I have both a Mac and a windows computer. Most windows users h…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/06/2014 on Ah yes the good old time -6
User avatar #82 - yonyon (12/06/2014) [-]
I'm quite sure you're missing the point here.
#374 - idk why i got thumbed down i did say i was no expert lol 12/02/2014 on Citation needed 0
#91 - I'm no crime scene expert but the left guy did this in times s…  [+] (31 new replies) 12/01/2014 on Citation needed -7
#374 - hockeynerd (12/02/2014) [-]
idk why i got thumbed down i did say i was no expert lol
User avatar #95 - byobgraffpro (12/01/2014) [-]
yeah but a shot in the leg would put anyone out of the game regardless of the setting
User avatar #282 - nigeltheoutlaw (12/01/2014) [-]
>all these ignorant eurofags thinking shooting in the leg is easy or less lethal

User avatar #332 - byobgraffpro (12/01/2014) [-]
yeah its less lethal than 11 shots to the chest. im not even european you fat sack of shit
#96 - onyxleigion (12/01/2014) [-]
Not when they have firearms.
User avatar #97 - byobgraffpro (12/01/2014) [-]
the guy had a knife
#98 - onyxleigion (12/01/2014) [-]
"a shot in the leg would put anyone out of the game"

I simply proved you wrong by stating that someone with a leg wound can still shoot a gun.
#103 - goonzooz (12/01/2014) [-]
He did not have a gun he had a knife. no gun, only one knife. Stop being dumb
User avatar #199 - Faz (12/01/2014) [-]
Actually you're being dumb there by not understanding what onyx said, byob said that a shot to the leg would put ANYONE out of the game and onyx pointed out that it wouldn't stop someone with a gun, he didn't say the person in the content had a good he just said a shot in the leg wouldn't stop someone with a gun.
#139 - anonymous (12/01/2014) [-]
If it were someone else with a gun the leg would would not terminate the threat
I know it hurts you to be wrong but just lay back and accept it. I'll be gentle.
#140 - goonzooz (12/01/2014) [-]
now shut up
#143 - anonymous (12/01/2014) [-]
lmao mad as fuck
#147 - goonzooz (12/01/2014) [-]
That is so cute. You think that your nonsensical post had any effect on my emotions. Only thing you are doing is giving me a reason to procrastinate.
#105 - onyxleigion (12/01/2014) [-]
You can shove your judging hat up your ass.
#106 - goonzooz (12/01/2014) [-]
#107 - onyxleigion (12/01/2014) [-]
That wasn't an opinion. The fact that you are physically able to shove a hat up your ass is a fact.
#109 - goonzooz (12/01/2014) [-]
But its is an opinion that i should. I like my judging hat shit free
#111 - onyxleigion (12/01/2014) [-]
I said you can. Not that you should.
#112 - goonzooz (12/01/2014) [-]
got me on that one
User avatar #101 - byobgraffpro (12/01/2014) [-]
ok dude, if you're going to act like a dick, fine. You proved me wrong hurr durr. clearly i was just referring to people that did not have projectile weapons. Ya know since im commenting on a picture about two people not using projectile weapons, i figured that would be obvious, but i forgot dip shits like you on the internet have to "prove" me wrong. yeah no shit, if someone had a gun a kill shot would be necessary, but a knife, no. Unless youre a fucking master at throwing knives i doubt there is much they could do with out a leg. Dumbass.
#104 - onyxleigion (12/01/2014) [-]
And even at that point you're wrong. A single gunshot does not always take someone down. It's called adrenaline. And second, this guy was special needs. "Tard Strength", while often a joke, is a real thing. So no, you're the dumbass for assuming every single person on earth will be taken down by a single shot in the leg.
User avatar #108 - byobgraffpro (12/01/2014) [-]
oh hey, heres a fucking thought. Shoot them in the leg, they stop. if they get back up, oh i dont know, shoot them in the other leg. God youre so fucking dumb. 11 shots in the chest because of "adrenaline" is overboard. who would have thought, that I didnt mean one and done, theres always more bullets in the clip. But to just jump to "fire as many kill shots as we can at this guy because he has tard strength and a knife" is dumb and youre wrong so get over it dumbass
#144 - anonymous (12/01/2014) [-]
>Shoot them in the leg, they stop.

Assuming a LOT there, and still not listening to a damn thing he said about adrenaline or tard strength.

Just give it up faggot, you're wrong. Stop crying and own up to it like a fucking man.
#110 - onyxleigion (12/01/2014) [-]
Also, there is are major blood vessels in your leg that can cause you to bleed out in less than two minutes. One shot there is risky as far as rupturing those blood vessels, but then another shot only increases the risk. Learn something about human anatomy before claiming that shooting someone in the leg is such a non-lethal thing to do to a person.
User avatar #113 - byobgraffpro (12/01/2014) [-]
first off its an artery. I never said it wasnt lethal. why are you so dead set on trying to prove me wrong? youre being childish. if a policeman chooses to use a fire arm, they should try to pick the least lethal spot to shoot i.e. the leg in most cases. it potentially incapacitates the target, without killing them, most of the time. this is the case with knives and other weapons of that sort. 11 shots to the chest has a 100% chance of death, while a shot in the leg can be recoverable. Can your smart brain wrap itself around that logic? or do i need to spell it out in simpler terms for you?
#116 - onyxleigion (12/01/2014) [-]
First, an artery is a blood vessel. Second, arm, hand, shoulder, foot. Just a few places that are less lethal than a leg. And because you are wrong. I don't have to prove anything.
User avatar #119 - byobgraffpro (12/01/2014) [-]
Im not arguing that the leg is the best place to shoot, its better than 11 shots in the chest. I was simply stating that there are better solutions than instant kills shots. and because you are dumb, i dont have to prove anything because none of your comments align with your previous comment. way to change what you were saying. First it was kill everyone, now its dont shoot them in the leg shoot them in the hand. Youre so dumb
#120 - onyxleigion (12/01/2014) [-]
I never said don't kill people. I said a shot in the hand is less lethal than a shot in the leg. Actually read before you type.
User avatar #124 - byobgraffpro (12/01/2014) [-]
your original argument was that a shot in the leg would not take someone out, now you start saying that it would kill people. Its just confusing when you start contradicting yourself. Now youre telling me you were just saying a shot in the hand is less lethal than a shot in the leg. Well no fucking duh, i never said it wasnt less lethal. I was talking about in the case of a policeman firing on a subject, the leg is the best target to take someone out. Not arguing that it isnt fatal, but a solid alternative to the chest. Why are you so dumb. I would ask you to think before you type but you do not possess the ability to think
#386 - onyxleigion (12/03/2014) [-]
I said that a single shot in the leg won't take every single person on the earth down. Yet again, actually read before you type.
User avatar #387 - byobgraffpro (12/03/2014) [-]
which I would agree with. i never disagreed with that fact
#112 - hardcore porn star  [+] (2 new replies) 10/23/2014 on Anna Kendrick +8
User avatar #212 - neokun (10/24/2014) [-]
I bet you ruined his day when he found out.
User avatar #154 - dorfdorfdorf (10/23/2014) [-]
i'd pay to see that
#86 - Comment deleted 10/22/2014 on True love 0
#12 - Not sure the credibility, but I found a study on Vocativ of ar… 10/22/2014 on NFL material +1
#42 - Bc they have all the As 09/25/2014 on smart move +2
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