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#1343 - lol 09/04/2011 on Atheism 0
#1309 - agreed why do you think this?  [+] (1 reply) 09/04/2011 on Atheism -2
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#1479 - isaacturner (09/04/2011) [-]
how can there not be a god. i mean how can this life and everything just happen at random?
#1285 - im 15, and im in a family of religious freaks except my mom an…  [+] (5 replies) 09/04/2011 on Atheism +1
#1387 - anon (09/04/2011) [-]
i remembered when i grew up in a half religious half non religious family, i was brought to church and i was happy, it taught me alot of valuable lessons, when i was 14, i had plenty of religious and atheist friends but i began to question my religion alot after reading to many anti-religion threads on /b/, in the end i decided to to continue living my life as a religious person because i decided there wasnt any "evidence" on either side and because i found no reason not too and in general, religious people i knew were happy
#1588 - hnvgn (09/06/2011) [-]
if you are stating that atheist people aren't happy then your wrong some of them yes but not all and there are some religious people that aren't happy as well
#1317 - laughtolive (09/04/2011) [-]
I wasn't baptised, but I feel the same way about everything you said! And anywho, here are my 2 rules of the internet and conversations:
1. Steer clear of talking about religion and politics
2. If someone else brings it up, tell them you don't want to talk about it
:) I've done good so far
#1308 - emofunnyjunker (09/04/2011) [-]
cool story
#1319 - TorchYa (09/04/2011) [-]
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