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#11 - why 04/29/2016 on maccies 0
#42 - anal shredding? She won 7 to 4 and only like 2 that mattered. …  [+] (13 replies) 03/03/2016 on reddit right now +20
#61 - donatelo (03/03/2016) [-]
honestly it was an ass shredding of significant proportions.
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#121 - questionableferret (03/03/2016) [-]
I'm not gonna say Bernie came out of Super Tuesday without a bloody nose, but he won three out of the four contested states, the the fourth one, Massachusetts had a 1% point difference so he got basically the same number of delegates as Clinton.

Clinton's strong states are almost all gone (and let's be fair, with Vermont gone Sanders has also passed his strongest state) so now most of the states left are a toss-up, and as we've seen before when it comes down to a toss-up Sanders and Clinton either get neck and neck, or Sanders wins outright.

He's still not the favourite by any stretch of the imagination, but he is definitely not out of the race and to an informed voter those results demonstrate that whilst he took more hits, he hit Clinton in the vital spots.
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#123 - donatelo (03/03/2016) [-]
I definalty see that perspective. Bernie took a clean shot to the face but from what ive seen from him he doesnt get shaken up easily. Its also still relatively early so cant predict the end yet. I feel like at the moment though Hillary is going to beat sanders by a decent margin...Sanders may not lose hope and fight till the end, but his supporters will be giving up in the end (nothing against his supporters either).
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#125 - questionableferret (03/03/2016) [-]
Here's the weird thing. This election cycle is mirroring the same cycle that took place in 2008 and people that remember the 2008 cycle should recognise it, but a lot of the people on Funnyjunk weren't super-aware of politics back then (and I'd reckon many of the ones who claim to be super-aware now are just swimming in the cool aid). Obama was a nobody and Clinton was a giant. Obama came out of nowhere with a message that resonated with the voters and then slowly but surely came to beat Clinton.

Now, Obama was championing a much easier message to swallow with his 'Change' (yeah, right...) slogan, but right now the American people are overwhelmingly in favour of the sort of reform that Sanders is suggesting. All sorts of polls have been taken over the last eight years and the vast majority cite that the people want to hold the banks accountable for their actions, and want to see reform to a lot of the systems within the country.

I'll say this though, Sanders' grumpy grandpa approach is a lot less catchy than Obama's suave one, and the establishment is doing it's damnedest to stifle him, but at the same time the internet has become far more political in the last eight years and activists all over the US have been pushing hard against establishment bias (which is another thing most people in the US are sick of.)

So don't count Sanders out. He is the blue version of Trump, an outsider with a record of behaviour that resonates strongly with the core demographics of the voter-base. Most of the states that are yet to come have no strong bias towards Sanders OR Clinton, and her early showing has come almost exclusively from typically red states (where even the dems are kinda conservative).

For the sake of keeping this interesting I'd say don't count Sanders out and don't foresee his win either. There's so much crazy going on in this election cycle that it's easy to lose sight of the critical wins, and easy to over-play how critical those wins were. Both sides are still roughly neck and neck.
User avatar
#126 - donatelo (03/03/2016) [-]
I see your point. I completely agree with the comparison between Sanders and Trump, ive said before that they are opposites yet incredibly similar.

I want to say that im not counting Sanders out, but part of me already is. Its the inevitable. If he does win than would be a pretty big win for the people (also Trump) since it would essentially be a demonstration to the voters that their votes have a significant impact.

But in the end truly anything can happen on both ends, even Trump can be stumped as has been shown in other election cycles.

But yep, i wasnt super aware politics wise in 2008, moreso in 2012. The reason why alot of users are engaging in this cycle to the levels that they have is probably because it is meme-able.
User avatar
#128 - questionableferret (03/03/2016) [-]
Opposites yet similar = Mirror Images. They're the same, but the other way around.

It's more than it being meme-able. It's that the internet has finally grown up enough for the people on sites like this to actually give a damn and make noise and feel the effects that modern economic/social policies are causing on the country. It's evident more than anything else in the word 'Liberal', because if any word didn't deserve to be a dirty word it was that one, and the ignorance of the people that use it typifies the current attitudes on the internet.

You get the uninformed right who treat 'Liberal' as an insult, attributing it to the SJWs when they're about as far from Liberal as the left can conceivably get. Then you get the SJWs that call themselves liberal but again, they ain't. Then you've got the people in the middle. Half of them don't know much about the word and end up drawn into one of the two extremes and of the other half not many of them actually care, and the ones that do care know what the word ACTUALLY means.

Liberal social policies revolve around equality of opportunity and fairness. SJWs don't represent that ideal at all, and focus on equality of outcome, believing the two to be one in the same. Instead of focussing on how the opportunity isn't equal, and trying to fix the factors that make it un-equal, they instead see how the outcome isn't equal, and try to alter the results to be more inclusive, negating the point of having results in the first place.

So yeah, right now the Internet has the average political discourse of a misinformed teenager, however it is through these cycles and the passing of time and (we can only hope) these people encountering the actual truth of the matter that the Internet will eventually grow up. We see it happen all the time. The early internet was YTMNDs and Trogdor, low-quality works with very little effort put into them. The first memes, the rageface comics, the trollface, these are all very basic and adolescent memes, and their humour is childish and lacking in nuance, but most places on the net have moved past them now, seeing them as a sign of a more innocent (and embarrassing) age.

Not all that was the early net is lost. Red vs Blue is still around, and The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny is a bonafide classic. But the net has undeniably grown up a lot since FJ was first started, and even the age of 4Chan has come and gone (but we're still here! Wooh!).

So I reckon we're headed in a good direction up here. It's not about it being more meme-able at all, that's just how the internet converts things into its own language of in-jokes and rhetoric. The passion that people are holding is very real and is symbolic of how far the net has come, whilst also being demonstrative of how far it has yet to go.

Born too late to explore the earth.
Born too early to explore the stars.
Born in time to browse the dank memes.
#115 - anon (03/03/2016) [-]
You guys don't realize though that most states where Hillary has advantage are gone (south states with a high number of blacks). Yes, she has been winning so far, and you see the number of delegates and she has a great advantage, only that those count the Superdelegates as well, which may change their mind if Sanders were to get enough votes. Now what does this mean? It means that the true election starts NOW. Hillary has started with advantage because she has been campaigning for far more time and has the support of big companies who fund her. Who even knew Sanders 10 months ago? No one, and yet he's now matching Hillary. He's overturned her when no one could even imagine he would. Even in Super Tuesday he won in places no one thought he would. It was a race against time, the primaries are far from over and thinking it's all finished with Super Tuesday is retarded.

The media will go "oh this is over for Sanders" but that's because the media is corrupt as fuck. Just go inform yourself a bit on google. Go search how Hillary gets softballs while they try to pummel Sanders. "But Hillary aims for achievable goals!" - yeah no. What she's doing is lowering the bar before even trying. If you propose to change the minimum wage to 12 dollars, you're gonna end up compromising for 9. If you don't start asking for more than you want, you will end up getting less anytime. It's like bargaining, you try to lower the price as much as you can first then you go to the middle.

Seriously, it bothers me so much that people here act like retards and can't be bothered to do more than eat what the media feeds them. It's no wonder then that someone who wouldn't be voted anywhere else like Trump has such a lead and can be even thought as the next president.

User avatar
#89 - sephirothpwnz (03/03/2016) [-]
lol, CA hasn't decided yet don't count out the bern
User avatar
#83 - reaperriley (03/03/2016) [-]
Well shit.... time for trump to be president. Its the 2012 elections all over again.
User avatar
#48 - admiralen (03/03/2016) [-]
Bernie lost, "nuh uh, he was expected to lose even harder! he can win this!"
User avatar
#100 - youregaylol (03/03/2016) [-]
this SJW meme cult wont disappear until Sanders dies, which luckily may not be that far off.
#90 - anon (03/03/2016) [-]
He didn't lose, tho? Like >>#42 said, he won two.

Idk if you're aware, but the primaries/caucuses stages aren't the presidential election. So I'm really not sure where you're pulling this "Bernie lost" thing, but if I have to tell you that politics isn't that black and white, then you clearly know nothing about politics.

You only "lose" Super Tuesday by losing across the board. Which Sanders didn't do, even though FJ ASSURED ME he would.

Almost like you guys are full of your own shit, huh.
#91 - anon (03/03/2016) [-]
Edit: Four, not two.