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#15 - i heard of this guy , he was a total bro if you aske… 01/25/2015 on In that moment of time XXI +1
#22 - people started masturbating over antiquity causing a lot of st… 01/20/2015 on No wonder they were called... 0
#4 - Belgian here i'm pretty sure scrubs is just scrubs he…  [+] (14 new replies) 01/18/2015 on What tv shows are called in... +40
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#62 - fristiprinses (01/18/2015) [-]
Dutchfag here, when you went two years without government and shit I was sure Vlaanderen would drop the frenchfags, maybe even join us. Kinda surprised to see you're still a country, congrats on that.
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#72 - dutchfag (01/18/2015) [-]
real dutchfag here
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#38 - carthos (01/18/2015) [-]
It's French (ofcourse)
I went to France, and the radio played normal music, except that almost every song was dubbed in French
Smells like teen spirit was dubbed in French... wtf
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#21 - lotengo (01/18/2015) [-]
They translate those live action disney shows now.
Its complete bullshit. Half the characters speak Dutch like they do in the Netherlands, and the other half with a Belgium accent.
It could be a brother and sister duo one speaking Dutch and the other Belgium

i watched a few with my niece
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#67 - fuzzyballs (01/18/2015) [-]
yeah, because having little kids reading subtitles seems like a smart thing to do
fuck off
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#73 - lotengo (01/19/2015) [-]
Ur american?
Imagine a show about a family where the Mother has a British accent, the father has a Canadian accent, the daughter has a Texan accept and the son has an Australian accent.
After a while it gets weird.

And reading subs worked great for me as a kid.
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#75 - fuzzyballs (01/19/2015) [-]
... I'm not American
and it's a show for little kids, they don't care, why the hell are you watching a show for little kids?
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#76 - lotengo (01/19/2015) [-]
I watched it with my niece, i had to babysit a few times. I hated it when my aunt used to babysit and put on the news or some show drama show i didnt care about.
Im not gonna do it to her
#29 - kinginthenorth (01/18/2015) [-]
It's damn annoying at times. Mostly because dutch accents are very noticeable for a belgian.
Movie can be perfectly belgian and then a new character talks in a dutch accent.
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#20 - salihzzz (01/18/2015) [-]
WOOOW Antwerpeu!
de rest is parking
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#26 - pumpkinseeds (01/18/2015) [-]
Belgium represent!
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#74 - salihzzz (01/19/2015) [-]
hell yeah nigguh
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#15 - Saito (01/18/2015) [-]
I don't think Scrubs have ever been aired in Belgium :-/
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#11 - iambartichello (01/18/2015) [-]
by the title they wrote i thing the walonians changed it
#124 - don't forget this movie would have been 40 minutes s…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/28/2014 on Just saw Fury - +1
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#241 - tkfourtwoone (12/29/2014) [-]
THAT is about the only flaw I'm willing to admit about the movie.

Not shooting the first vehicle in a column to stop the entire advance IS basic doctrine.
#12 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 12/12/2014 on Wimbledon Tennismatch... +26
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#23 - holololland (12/12/2014) [-]
tfw you randomize your character in oblivion
#2349 - **harasai rolls 083,379,574** 10/24/2014 on Free Steam 0
#44 - did you ever mention it to your mutual friend again? …  [+] (1 new reply) 09/15/2014 on damn... 0
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#45 - sonicsyndicate (09/15/2014) [-]
nope i pretty much got rid of any contact i had with him havent spoke in a year
#28 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 09/15/2014 on tfw no cyborg girlfriend +1
#52 - zetos Comment deleted by
#6 - he's clearly from denmark  [+] (4 new replies) 08/28/2014 on anon's friend asks a... +1
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#7 - psykobear (08/28/2014) [-]
I swear I saw Germany.
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#8 - nerdgasm (08/28/2014) [-]
Germany?! are you guys really that stupid? He´s clearly an orca whale and therefore he's from the ocean
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#14 - landartheconqueror (08/28/2014) [-]
no, the orca was the celebrity he met. he's just a fisherman from Greenland
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#17 - clechyl (08/28/2014) [-]
Greenland? This guy is from Cuba, retard
#43 - people are responsible for the state they put themselves in …  [+] (1 new reply) 08/25/2014 on Feminist Hate Dump +2
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#50 - littleliz (08/25/2014) [-]
they are both responsible. the man shoulve never went to court. thats not fair. its fair that he got off. this all really depends on what happened. the picture says the man says he went with it. so im assuming the girl provoked the situation. but if it wasnt consensual then its still rape.
and if you were drunk and some guy decided hey that guys drunk lets fuck with him and provoked a fight of course it would be his fault.